To put the 8-month (240 day) sentence for the MAGA terrorist who pleaded guilty to storming the Capitol on January 6th in proper perspective, here’s a list of 23 offenses that have landed people in America LIFE SENTENCES WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE (Thread)
1.) Possessing a crack pipe
2.) Possessing a bottle capful of heroine
3.) Having traces of cocaine in pockets of clothing
4.) Possessing 32 grams of marijuana
5.) Passing out multiple grams of LSD
6.) Assisting in the purchase of $10 worth of marijuana
7.) Selling a single crack rock
8.) Having a stash of over-the-counter decongestant pills
9.) Attempting to cash a stolen check
10.) Possessing stolen scrap metal
11.) Siphoning gas from a truck
12.) Possessing stolen wrenches
13.) Stealing tools from a shed
14.) Shoplifting several digital cameras
15.) Shoplifting 2 jerseys from a clothing store
16.) Taking a TV, saw, and power converter from a vacant house
17.) Breaking into a closed liquor store
18.) Verbally threatening a cop while intoxicated
19.) Possessing a firearm after a felony conviction
20.) Taking an abusive stepfather’s gun from their shared home
21.) Having a single crack rock at home
22.) Verbally negotiating a drug sale of fake crack
23.) Shoplifting three belts from a department store
Our criminal justice system is completely broken and needs more reforms than I can count. But getting rid of mandatory life sentences for petty crimes like these and issuing harsher ones for things like participating in deadly terrorist insurrections is a great place to start.

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21 Jul
Just how profoundly insane and breathtakingly dumb is @RepMTG? Let’s start with breaking down this entire absolutely astoundingly INSANE statement re: her being sued by @MeidasTouch and “censorship” (Thread).
“Imagine this,” she begins—as if she’s about to segue into another Q fairytale about Jewish space lasers or lizard people—then proceeds to tell an actual true story about how she got sued by @MeidasTouch, but packs it full of lies, false accusations, and absolute lunacy on crack
.@RepMTG: “Not too long ago, I was sued by a communist PAC for banning them from my page because of the horrible nasty things they were saying to me on my twitter page, and they sued me!”
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20 Jul
Just in case you guys were wondering what Trump has been telling his supporters since his embarrassing loss after being the 1st POTUS in history to be impeached twice AND lose the popular vote twice; here you go. He’s learned nothing. He needs to be indicted.
Let’s fact check this email.

1.) I am not your friend, Donald. I only subscribe to your emails to monitor what lies you’re feeding your base

2.) No, the left is not radical & I haven’t noticed anyone “admitting you were right” about anything, much less “everything.” You weren’t
3.) COVID is not “The China virus.” This racist scapegoating does nothing but cause hate crimes against Asian-Americans to reach unprecedented levels.

4.) Hydroxychloroquine can work in treating and preventing malaria and treating lupus & arthritis. IT DOES NOT TREAT COVID-19.
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16 Jul
You cannot be pro-life & pro gun/war/death penalty

You cannot be pro “fiscal responsibility” and pro $2 trillion tax cuts for the richest Americans

You cannot be pro-equality and pro-filibuster

You cannot be pro-🇺🇸 and pro-insurrection

You cannot be pro-democracy and pro-@GOP
You cannot be pro-women’s Rights and anti-choice

You cannot be pro-racial justice and anti-police reform

You cannot be pro-Constitution and anti-press/free speech/upholding your oath

You cannot be pro-science and anti-vaccine

You cannot be pro-America and Republican
You cannot be pro-worker and anti-union/livable wages

You cannot be pro-education/anti-censorship and pro-banning actual American history/CRT

You cannot be pro-health and anti-COVID relief/treatment

You cannot be pro-Climate action and anti-clean energy/emissions standards
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5 Jul
Let’s talk about the right wing boogeyman “antifa.” It’s right up there with “Marxism,” “Socialism,” and every other buzzword that these people have no understanding of and use solely as a method of fearmongering and scapegoating left-wing groups for their own right-wing violence
First of all, antifa as an organization does not exist. It has absolutely no central structure, hierarchy, or base of operations. It is mereley an ideology shared by individuals who are anti-racism, anti-extremism, and anti-authoritarianism. Image
Second of all, it’s name literally means “ANTI-FASCIST.” So while these groups might be more likely to confront right wing extremist groups like the proud boys, they’re still the ones who resort to almost exclusively nonviolent methods and are AGAINST hate, bigotry & violence.
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1 Jul
.@JoeBiden stated in his SOTU speech that the biggest threat facing America today was from within. He’s right. And he needs to stop mincing words and call out the @GOP for what is is: the party of domestic terrorism, sedition, violence, fascism, bigotry, and the end of democracy.
—He must use every lever at his disposal to pass the FTPA
—He must call out Republicans for betraying their oaths and enabling a sociopathic demogague whose actions killed over half a million Americans
—We march, donate & campaign to keep the house and expand our senate majority
—There is no value nor purpose in seeking bipartisanship with traitors, liars, insurrectionists, racists & conspiracy theorists
—We need grassroots campaigns to combat GOP voter suppression laws in every state
—We need to register every single American who turned 18 since 2020
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21 Jun
“Russia hoax” = The Kremlin waging cyberwarfare against the U.S. to install a puppet into the WH in 2017 and having a completely compromised @GOP to enable his endless crimes & dismemberment of federal agencies. Anyone still pushing this as a hoax IS SPREADING RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA
“Origins and Treatment of COVID-19”
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