[LIVE] #LOONA Vivi: "Orbit TTTTTT"


"Daebak it finally turned on..!"
@loonatheworld You were waiting right? You can hear me right? Emotional tears... You're all coming in right? Sorry for being late!

Actually I was waiting this time with the title and image set, and waiting on vlive. And at :59... I pressed start, but it didn't work!
@loonatheworld So I was wondering why it didn't work, tried logging out, logging in, changed devices.. It didn't work! But the staff helped me figure out how to turn it on. What a relief.
@loonatheworld I was so nervous and looked forward to this, but the moment it didn't work I teared up, it was just like "encountered an error" and everyone said even if you didn't know how to use it it would just work.
@loonatheworld It was because of the phone's language. My phone's language is set to Chinese so vlive wouldn't turn on!
@loonatheworld Do you see the baby pic? Other members used baby pics too I saw, so I picked one too.

Jinsoul in chat: Cute... I thought you disappeared unnie
@loonatheworld I've prepared a littttle something. For now I'll just read chat.

Q: How were you as a baby?
Vivi: when I was a baby? I don't think I remember that. I don't think I listened to directions that much.

There's two people in my picture, right? Guess which one's me?
@loonatheworld Yeah I'm the one with the short cut. Whoa! Lippie got it, and Orbits too. Do we look alike?
@loonatheworld My mom cut my hair really short until kindergarten. Grew it out in grade school, but before that, it was short.
@loonatheworld Yeah, so I was young back then so I didn't think much of it. But looking now, all the pics of me are that short.

(reading chat)"it looks like you took it yesterday"
Go Won, does that even make sense?
@loonatheworld I was hearing my heart racing at :59 pressing start... But now that the situation's passed it feels alright.

(reading chat) Unnie's aegyo has improved?
Ah, I didn't want to do aegyo... But talking to people I love, I think I end up talking like this. hehe.
@loonatheworld Q: What did she do today?
I just waited for the vlive. I picked a photo, set a title, thought about what I would talk about, would I do well? Thinking about the vlive while eating... As soon as I woke up I was thinking about it.
@loonatheworld It's our first time doing vlives like this right? So when other members were doing it, I was listening and they were really happy doing it, I could feel that. So I think it's really nice that we're getting to do vlives like this.
@loonatheworld Oh and while thinking about today's vlive, there's one thing I knew I had to do.
Other than Korean, I felt like I had to talk in my mother tongue. I'll do that later.

New words/shortenings I learned?
I wanted to talk about this one with Orbits. 짬바
@loonatheworld (which means like vibe)
I looked up what it means. jjam.

I think I heard it a lot before, but I learned what it meant pretty recently. Of course I learned it from the members.
@loonatheworld Teacher Kim taught me, (Kim Lip). She teaches me Korean well.

I want to tell you about another thing, but I want to show you that in a vlog. So pass for today!
@loonatheworld (signal loss)
Did I lose signal for a bit? How about now?
@loonatheworld (oh and jjamba means: a vibe that comes from someone who knows what they're doing from having a lot of experience)
@loonatheworld Learning about those things is fun, I'll show you a vlog. Actually, before I talked with the ceo about it. He suggested that I record myself learning Korean. But I don't read books made to learn Korean anymore. And there's a name for this too. SejongVivi
@loonatheworld I was like Sejongvivi..? But isn't he too great of a person...? And he was like "no just go with it!"
(Sejong the Great brought about the Korean alphabet)
@loonatheworld She still thinks the name's a bit too grand
@loonatheworld What should I name it? Give me recommendations please.
@loonatheworld Wow there's Chinese chat too! Fascinating. Ah! While reading the Chinese here I could talk like in Hong Kong, I guess.

Cooking? Rather than being good at it, I think I just make things I want to eat.
@loonatheworld And as Orbits know, I lean towards healthy cooking. So my cooking's pretty simple.

She likes cooking dishes with eggs
@loonatheworld Today's TMI:
Today, Hyeju gave me a game chip. I played that for the first time today and it was neat. What was it called again? It was Mario Odyssey. But playing it, it was so pretty. It felt like there was another world in the screen. So I was just amazed while playing.
@loonatheworld You can be a dinosaur, be in a frog.. It was neat, and fun.
@loonatheworld (I won't be translating the in-Chinese parts where she responds to chat)

Hobby lately: reading books
Her reading speed's improved. So excitedly she got through 50-60 pages today.
@loonatheworld I didn't prepare a ton for my playlist, but I have some songs I like, that I wanted to play during the vlive. I'll get started now.

Seori - Running through the night
@loonatheworld Latest book you read? It's a book where you look at yourself. How should I say it? Oh I'll read from books later.
I have more books than I thought, and there's lots of books in the dorm. I haven't read them all yet, but I can read faster than before, so it's more fun I think
@loonatheworld I have some songs in English as well as Chinese. For each language, the songs have a different vibe, and they're all good in different ways too.
@loonatheworld Someone concerned asked Vivi to check for copyright issues with the members before reading from the book - she says that it's just short bits, not too long, so it should be fine
@loonatheworld It's fascinating hearing me talk in cantonese, right? Using cantonese since I've been in Korea... It's just been between me, family, and friends, so sometimes I get languages confused. Since I use Korean more often here, sometimes I mix up the languages.
@loonatheworld chat: "if you don't use it, sometimes you can get confused with your native tongue too"
Yeah, so sometimes I feel not-fluent in either language!

Aeong in chat: I wondered if you'd be able to start the stream within the day
Oh aeong's here. Yeah I wondered too
@loonatheworld Aeong in chat: Bbiheng doesn't know anyone but me lol

I was wondering why the song was still the same, but it was on repeat one! I forgot to change it. What should the next song be..?
@loonatheworld (Aeong meant: as in she only cares about me)
@loonatheworld Doing a vlive alone and having to talk all alone, it's so... It feels strange. Because maybe it's I'm one of the quieter members in the group, so talking all alone feels kinda weird.
@loonatheworld Lately it's raining all the time, right? and the weather's getting really hot... So I hope Orbits stay cool.

Vivi really likes malatang, she got into it thanks to Hyeju
@loonatheworld Malatang's chinese but I think I had it for the first time in Korea. And I think the malatang's different here compared to back at home. There's too much of things I put in (she lists some stuff too)

Oh and the guo bao rou we get with it is so good too.
@loonatheworld Now playing: Giriboy - Divorce Papers
@loonatheworld Aeong in chat: sorry lol since I've never had malatang lol
Aeong in chat: I'll apologize lol
(she's been adding "lol" at the end of everything, she's happy because she ate and she's full)
I think Hyunjin can eat almost anything too, though.

Q: Biggest shock when moving to Korea?
I think I told this before, I was surprised how much people ate, maybe it's because we were all trainees. When we went to a bakery they'd get like 5 things. I'd get like 1-2.
And there were seats in the bakery too. That was new to me too. In Hong Kong they didn't have seats. And the trainees would sit and eat all five things they got. And later they'd go get 5 other things to go! I was like daebak, they really love bread/pastries!
chat: so you went with Hyunjin huh?
Vivi: i don't think Hyunjin was there at the time!
Now playing:
Anne-Marie - Birthday
Chat: You're all korean now
Vivi: yeah, even when I think, I think that I think in Korean a little more often now.
Now playing:
Anne-marie - Perfect To Me

These days she's into horror movies. Back then I always talked about zombies. They're good too, but I like horror more now.
I watched The Conjuring 1&2. I watched a bit of it way back but never finished it. But with the time I have now I watched them. It was fun. The tension was really fun.
But I haven't seen The Conjuring 3, I'm thinking about watching it though.
But of all the horror movies I've seen, though I haven't seen a lot, the scariest one was Gonjiam. That one was really scary. I watched it alone at the dorm.
But suddenly the scariest moment, you know, right? When the eyes go fully black and get right in your face and starts whispering, that was scary. My heart was shaking and I blocked the eyes in front of the screen.
Typically when the ghosts come out it lasts 2-3 seconds then it's gone. But that wasn't the case here. I was like ah it's scary but if I wait, it'll go away right? But it didn't. It just stayed onscreen! So I covered the eyes while watching. Not my eyes, the ghost's eyes.
So I couldn't see the screen that well, so I thought that was a shame that I couldn't watch properly so I watched the ending part again later. It was scary but it was fun.
After seeing it I went to the bathroom to wash my face and got scared because of the movie.
I don't have much time alone at the dorm. But sometimes I'm at the practice room alone late or night or at dawn. Once I was alone there when it was late, but there was a noise in from one of the practice rooms. So I got scared and called the manager to leave.
I don't think of ghosts like they're shown in films, but rather just as souls, I guess they are out there, the world's so big. But I don't think they're the nasty scary ghosts that scare people aggressively.
She finds Yeojin in chat
Yeojin in chat: I wanted to tune into unnie's but I was late TT I'm the dummy TT
She said she video-called Yeojin earlier, it was nice to see her, she was cute

Vivi thinks Lip's feeling bored too
She thinks Lip's feeling bored+lonely*
I asked Haseul what I should talk about in the vlive, and she told me to call her. So later I'll try calling her.
Alright. I'll call her now. First I'll turn off the music... Then should I call Yeojin first?
Yeojin: Bbiheng! Whatcha doing?
Vivi: what do you think? i'm on vlive!
Yeojin ordered a pipo painting set after they talked about it yesterday and so she's working on it now that it has arrived
Yeojin said she got a difficult one and it feels like her eyes are gonna pop out trying to figure it out. She got the one at the top of the results on the site
Yeojin: I'll be able to do it right?
vivi: sure, if you put your mind to it
yeojin: i stayed up all night yesterday
Vivi: when do you not?
yeojin: i mean yeah but
Vivi: going to sleep early is weirder for you
yeojin tried yesterday but couldn't

yeojin mentions working on editing her vlog
Vivi tells Yeojin about what happened so far, struggling getting vlive on, interacting with Orbits, speaking her native tongue in chat
Yeojin: impressive, it's something only you can do. While talking to Haseul we debated on what you'd talk about, and we thought of that too.
Vivi: but sometimes it feels like I'm just bringing it out of the blue
Yeojin: its ok korean orbits can just run translators and there are orbits that speak chinese too, and it's a global era after all
Vivi: ok I'll call someone else now
(bye / bye)
Oh a difference between HK and Korea. In Korea we're like "ok hang up now~" but in HK we say things like "bye bye" so that was something I and the members noticed when taking calls, like when I'm talking to family.
She's calling Hyunjin now who's upset that Yeojin was called
(Hyunjin insists that he's not angry)
Vivi: Hey Hyunjin did you ask to be called?
Hyunjin: No, I never said that
Vivi: ok then bye~
Hyunjin: unnie what are you doing?
Vivi: Oh I was about to call Haseul too.
Hyunjin: If you called Haseul then me I wouldn't have picked up

Hyunjin: being first is important but I've been pushed aside by Im Mature.
Vivi: you should've asked first!
Hyunjin: I did

Vivi: Let's meet at the dorm later? Not in dreams
Hyunjin: ... Ok
Calling Haseul now
Vivi: I'm really not bad with devices.
(calls Haseul)
Haseul: unnie. While watching vlive, I turned it off and turned it on, and she was talking about me all of a sudden! And I was like what the! She'd be mad if I was called first?
I said how I'd call you but those two wanted to be called too. And I called Yeojin first. And seeing chat they were like Hyunjin's mad! And she was like "no i'm cool i'm good"
Haseul: she's lying then!
Haseul: unnie I have to do mine later too...
Vivi: I'll look forward to it
Haseul: What should I do?
vivi: won't you do fine? Aren't you the MC? Always on LTV...
Haseul: I'll leave it up to Orbits. (to orbits) You've all thought of questions and things right?
Vivi: they'll just like it if you breathe
Haseul: so funny, ok unnie. Love you
Vivi: love you
(bye / bye)

Now I've called all three of them. Oh I haven't read any book passages yet.
I read this yesterday, which I wanted to share.

(Reads a passage about living live once and being decisive in the moment, doing what the heart tells oneself)
Reads a passage about not quickly giving up because if you gave up on everything you'd lose out on so many experiences/opportunities. At some point in your life one should to be called out of your mind by other(s), otherwise it's not living to the fullest
She says how books are like new worlds, there's so many things she doesn't know - all the things that she'd never think of if she hadn't read it. So she plans to read more.
Another thing she'll read, a poem. She says poems are harder to read. However, poems feel different, it ends with a phrase but the ending leaves you thinking more, which is neat.
And the book she read 60 pages in a day, she finds it fun. She finds it difficult to read, but it's fascinatingly fun. It's a related to philosophy and psychology. (Specifically, she mentions teleology and causality)
She'll play more music now
f(x) - All Night
Yeah I like songs in Chinese too, but here things only show up in Korean by default, right. So I don't think I know many new Chinese songs now. Sometimes I ask friends to recommend me songs in Chinese.
It's such a shame, about the activities this time around. It's been so long since we were a full group, and we got a music show win, and we were so thankful, but ending after just one week of activities, it was pretty unfortunate.
We had waited a while for that, but the activites got suspended, unfortunate. Orbits waited so long too, so I hope we can go back to working hard on activities.
Oh this is a song in Chinese that I like.
It's kind of sad song, but I get into sad songs like this easily, so it's nice.
This is a Taiwanese song, the MV is like a movie. It's so fun and the song's good too. I enjoyed it.
Jolin Tsai - Romance
You probably haven't heard it right? But she's a very famous singer.
(she sings along on-and-off)
The language is different, right? I'm curious how it sounds to Koreans. Compared to when I didn't know Korean, to after I started learning, I think there's a difference in how it sounds/feels.
The lyrics, after learning, make it feel different. A song would sound the same but with the lyrics it feels new.
Now playing
Taeyeon - Weekend

This song's really good, she recently came back. We saw her perform and she was so pretty.
Vivi: The song's seriously so good...
(she sings along on and off)
While watching her performance I was amazed. So pretty and such a good song, and the dance is good too. So I'd like to cover it later.
Oh it's already :44... The next member... Do you know who the next member is?

Now the next member has to start, so it looks like I have to wrap things up.
Then after this song, I'll play one more song I like.
I have so many songs I like, but... I'll show them to you later. But just one more for today.
Because I started the vlive so late today, it feels kind of rushed.
For the next song, I played it from an app but it's not on there, so I'll find it on Youtube. I don't know why it's not in the app, but...

This song's really good.
I wish this song would come out on digital platforms here. I want to keep listening to it but it's not on there, so I've had to look it up on Youtube every time.

Yeah I really like 2NE1 sunbaenims so much, I listened to them since when I was in HK.
They performed at the HK MAMA, right? That was the first and last time I saw them, so good thing I at least got to see them once there.
It's :50! Thank you so much for today. Now the next member will start soon to interact and stuff. I'll be watching later too.
Orbits, stay healthy and take care to eat your meals. Hope we can meet soon.
Communicating with Orbits like this was really fun.
We'll turn on vlives more. I don't know when next time is though, but.

Thank you! I'll be going now. Bye bye

• • •

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On tuning in everyday: Jinsoul thought other members would feel bad if she only tuned into a few members so she had to tune into everyone's.
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