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20 Jul, 5 tweets, 2 min read
Apparently, this random list of numbers is what makes for an investigation! This includes the IT minister of India, Mr. Ashwini Vaishnaw who just rebutted this story in the Indian parliament that India doesn’t / can’t conduct holistic surveillance due to specific Indian laws.
It is possible that there is spying operations being conducted internationally. Whether by India’s friends or enemies. Who knows for what ends! Blaming this on India’s elected government with no evidence whatsoever is simply calumny and external interference in Indian democracy.
My opinion on this whole Pegasus bullshit is,

1) Surveillance tech is getting cheaper. Smaller states and even non state actors can do this.
2) States with open legal and democratic processes cannot do this as widely as other states.
3) Imperial spylords now have competition.
If there is one take home message from this crap story, it is that there is no alternative to building systems of trust. Democratic processes and rule of law are the greatest means for trust we have. You cannot antagonize the world’s largest democracy, Oh imperial Espionocrats!
By Imperial Espionocrats, I mean the large moneyed media houses who are pushing this story, who are all nothing but offshoots of the most powerful espionage apparatus in history of mankind: NSA and CIA. It is funny when such behemoths face competition from decentralized startups.

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21 Jul
This is stupid activism, stemming entirely from the horribly wrong and racist Dravidian theory of languages. Telugu has been mutilated and crippled by centuries of this dumb linguistic activism, and the results are now very clearly seen in the pathetic state of the language.
In this thread, I discussed the nature of Telugu language and hike the racist Dravidian theory disjointed the very heart of the language: Tatsama and Tadbhava words. A language without a beating heart is dead, which is what they seek to achieve for Telugu.
In this thread, I discussed the putrid racist theories of Bishop Robert Caldwell, and how they informed the bone-headed Dravidian theory of languages.
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20 Jul
Nice thread that punctures another dumbass theory from the denatured Anglophone class of India. I used to think we must #decolonize our languages. But looking at stupidity of this order, I think we must #demlecchify our languages.

Demlecchification: निर्म्लेच्छीकरण
Mlecchification: म्लेच्छीकरण : the continuous process of turning braindead about Indian culture and identity, through thinking in foreign Mleccha idiom and vocabulary. This is the natural consequence of colonial history in India.
It seems nobody was sneezing in India before the Mleccha occupation. This is the level of Mlecchification in some people's heads.

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11 Jul
Honestly, I don’t see any problem with this. In contrast, this is the best way to learn Sanskrit.

I actually have an even more drastic suggestion. Let’s intentionally create a Prākrit language in the mold of सरलसंस्कृतम्. It gives even more flexibility for the learners.
Even today, learning Sanskrit by starting from other Indian languages is the easiest way. There are so many commonalities and bridges between the languages, that learners can quickly latch onto. What is the best Prākrit from which to learn Sanskrit? Why not create it? 😀
There are already so many beautiful Prākrits प्राकृतम् in Bhāratadēśa. Why create one new?

Because Prākrits keep evolving over time, that is their nature. Let’s create a Pan Indian प्राकृतम्, I suggest the name Bhāratī भारती, modeled as the best language to bridge to Sanskrit.😀
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11 Jul
Interesting that people are complaining against this natural simplification of Sanskrit. In Telugu, the British Philologist C.P. Brown explicitly severed Sandhi. He said it is useless. He was conferred the title of The Savior of Telugu, which changed drastically in his aftermath.
None of the European languages recognize or represent Sandhi anyways. English, which is the European language most known to Indians, has a pathetic orthography to even speak of Sandhi. It doesn’t stop Indians from learning them. Why not allow the same flexibility in Sanskrit?
When one achieves a basic fluency in the language, the aspects of Sanskrit that make it extraordinarily powerful (like Sandhi, Vibhakti, Dhātu etc.) can all be picked up. Unlike Brown, who in his idiocy called Sandhi useless, nobody is calling it so for Sarala Samskrtam, right?
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9 Jul
Siggraph is notoriously hard to break in, due to single blind review. China managed to do this by investing heavily in a parallel conference Siggraph Asia, and ultimately conquering also Siggraph.

Intellectual culture must be nurtured like a garden, early stages are critical.
India must invest majorly first in *Indian* conferences. Ideally they must be in Indian languages. At least, they must publish parallel proceedings of abstracts in Indian languages. Once an adequate intellectual pool is established with steady output, it will conquer the outside.
China has done extraordinarily well in targeting specific research areas, investing world class competitive money in those areas, tracking the progress of researchers meticulously, and ultimately achieving world #1 position in them.

India has no such strategic investment.
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7 Jul
In this thread, I will discuss the civilizational identity of India and its traditional understanding of the separation between the civilized (insiders) and the uncivilized (outsiders). Every civilization makes such a distinction to protect its internal norms and values.
The Greeks called outsiders as "barbarians". This word refers to the unintelligible speech of outsider tribes (whether Phoenicians, Persians or other non-Greek tribes). The barbarian not only didn't speak Greek, he also didn't have Greek ethical norms. Hence, he is uncivilized.
The Christian civilization of Europe and its descendant nation states similarly identify as the "western civilization", which has a specific set of ethical norms. Parallel to this civilizational identity is the notion of the outsider, who do not follow or accept western norms.
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