1/ Before my critical case of Covid-19, I had a resolution to walk or run at least 25 miles a week, which averages out to around 3.5 miles a day. And I generally adhered to it.
2/ From 2015-2019, I basically managed to keep this resolution. Here are the years and my average daily walking/running totals (per the handy Health app in my iPhone).

2015: 4.2
2016: 3.7
2017: 4.3
2018: 3.8
2019: 3.9
3/ In 2020, thanks to Covid, I averaged just 2.4 miles a day. I did hardly any walking in March, much of which I spent in the hospital, and April, the first month of my recovery (when I could barely walk across the house or up a single flight of stairs).
4/ But in 2021, I’m doing much better. Year to date, I’m averaging 3.1 miles/day, and as you can see, the trend is upward.
5/ So I have now officially reinstated my 25 miles/week resolution. I’ve met that goal each week for the past 5 weeks; here is last week (3.9 miles):
6/ I still can’t go very fast when I try to run; my best speed is 10 minutes/mile, more of a jog. But I hope to gradually get faster, and I’m glad to be increasing my distance. Walking or jogging are good forms of exercise for me, even if they’re not running.
7/ My breathing and heart rate issues have gotten much, much better. I feel comfortable now with all the forms of exercise I used to do (jogging/running, group fitness classes, solo workouts); I just do them less intensely, modify a lot, take breaks, etc.
8/ I’m not back to my pre-Covid baseline, and it’s possible I’ll never quite return to it. But that’s okay.

I’m just glad that I can walk and (kinda) run again. And I’ll keep putting in my 25+ miles a week.
9/ For everyone out there who is still struggling with #LongCovid, I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope you feel stronger soon.

I feel much better these days—but it took me more than a year to get here.
10/ We might never be the same. But we are still here.

I can’t run very fast. But I can once again run with my son on the beach.

And that is no small blessing.

• • •

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Is anyone aware of research on the susceptibility to the Delta variant of people who had a natural infection of #COVID19 (seropositive) and then got fully vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine on top of that?

Asking for a friend.
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1/ An important update regarding the hiring as a #SCOTUS clerk of Jessica (Jessie) Garland, daughter of Attorney General Merrick Garland, by Justice Kagan.

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3/ Justice Breyer seems active and healthy, and he's still making meaningful contributions at #SCOTUS.

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1/ THREAD. Today marks the seventh anniversary of the murder of law professor Dan Markel.

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