I, too, recognize these diabolical manipulators meeting to plan their diabolical manipulations, and not a bunch of herbs and nerds with far too much money and power for their own good.
If you think the problem is that there's too much high quality coordination by central planners, and not that they're genuinely bad at ruling, good luck with what's coming.
Even Yarvin fails at this, because he's too modest to see Google flagging him as a risk for what it is (Google being formally run by weak wristed nihilists, but actually run by its lower level theocrats).
@WokeCapital was a multi-year real-time documentary following capital as it succumbed to cordyception by a hyperliberal sect. Every explanation to the contrary relies on special pleading.
What is religious authority good at? Spinning the masses up for holy war. The info-ops trying to squeeze "the narrative" back into the toothpaste tube are going to fail because they cannot sate the Zealots' thirst for blood.
There is no perfect historical analogy for today, but if you don't have holy war on your bingo card, you're not going to like where this goes.
If the regime were actually smart, the covid vaccines would actually be what the edge setters have declared them to be.

• • •

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21 Jul
OP blocked me over this, after slinging insults (read the books) and positing an extreme false binary. This is a natural position to take, and I see it all the time at work, but when it's pushed with undue alacrity it is a tell.
As far as I can tell, there is an effort to funnel "radicals" into an artificial Overton Window, or out into trouble (where they can be enticed into foolishness that helps the least useful departments of the federal enforcement arm look good).
The problem with this, as anyone of you who lives in flyover country must know, is that the normie conservative is already well outside this Overton Window, and is only moving farther right.
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28 Jun
Progressivism is deterritorialized idolatry. It instinctively attacks any firm ground. We see its limitations lately in two attack vectors that seem to lack purchase.
Firstly, progressive zeal is attempting to attack family formation (traditional, pre-1945 family formation) by doing what it does and attempting to iterate the locus into something untenable.
We see this very clearly in what could be described as "moving goalposts." These arguments occur every time one engages a progressive actor on age of consent or marriage.
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23 Jun
Transhumanism is like Libertarianism.
Identifying these as "things," much less identities, is a massive L.
"The invisible hand can teach us things" lol
Read 7 tweets
21 Jun
This is correct, and why "conservatives" lose. If you can't stop the tells from redefining "racism" every decade or two to its advantage, what can you possibly win by defeating CRT?
"oh, you're just being postmodernist because you're a leftist" or something - the IDW
If you can't say, "we need to purge our educational system of anyone and everyone to the left of Andrew Jackson" you don't really understand what's going on and will only "win" a fleeting respite at best.
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
This absolutely horrific take brought to us by another "on the right." Computer, please bring up information on government - private partnerships.
I do consider myself fairly economically populist (left economically ideologically if you need that frame), but this sort of nauseous midwittery is making me reconsider.
I wonder, what came first, progressivism taking over the bureaucracy, or progressivism taking over capital?
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11 Jun
This is the tell that the whole "debate" is a total MacGuffin. Owning is obviously better than renting *for people who are capable,* but a lot of the people buying homes are not naturally inclined.
As with all our b*llsh*t "debates" on here, this is easy downstream of anything that matters. If you're upset about this stuff and you're reading any of my tweets, you're misguided. You absolutely can buy a nice/decent house on a middle class income right now*
This might be changing with inflation, immigration, etc, and there are some markets where it's impossible, but *right now* you can do this.
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