Hi @Mittaloak,

It seems we have a common interest: Indigenous rights. At least, that's per your bio on the @BenAndJerrys website.

It seems we have another thing in common: Indian roots.

Let me introduce you to my grandfather, Saba Joe.

Like you, my Saba grew up in India.
Unlike you, he wasn't born there. His family came from Baghdad, Iraq.

At the age of two, he was taken by his mother to India because Iraq was increasingly unsafe for Jews. They were far from alone. Their story was shared by many thousands of Jews in Iraq alone.
At one point, roughly 100 years ago, there were roughly 130,000-150,000 Jews in Baghdad. Fewer than five remain. A 2,600 year-old community was utterly decimated over the last century.


Because those uppity Jews stopped being so timid, had enough of endless attacks by their Christian and Muslim neighbours, and decided they wanted to go home, to the Jewish ancestral homeland, and establish a state where Jews could live without being discriminated against.
Thankfully, my grandfather left before a pogrom in 1941 in which possibly hundreds of Jews in Baghdad were murdered by their neighbours over a bloody two-day frenzy. Women were raped, victims' limbs were cut off. There were rivers of blood.

This episode may be more dramatic than most, but the experience of coming under unprovoked attack was shared by Jews throughout the Middle East. Roughly 850k-1M Jews fled from Muslim lands over the twentieth century.
Many went to America, others to Israel. Some, like my grandfather, came to India. But while he grew up in Kolkata, he yearned to move to the historic homeland of the Jewish people. After centuries of persecution, many Jews around the world made the same decision.
The news that your company, @BenAndJerrys, sought to boycott all of Israel is a terrible disappointment. You of all people should know that Jews have a strong claim to live in this land. We have never forgotten Jerusalem, we have never forgotten our bond to this place.
That is because we are indigenous.

To see you attempt to undermine our presence here, just two months after Israeli civilians were the targets of literally thousands of rocket attacks by Hamas, each one a war crime, is the very opposite of supporting indigenous rights.
You want to support the Palestinians? By all means. Millions of Israelis will join you.

But if you aim to delegitimise Jews' very existence in our ancestral homeland, don't think for a second you're a human rights defender.

You're not.

You're a human rights denier.

• • •

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19 Jul

I love @BenAndJerrys ice cream. I'm sure many Palestinians do too. Wouldn't it make more sense to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy ice cream?
It's this kind of stupid, all-or-nothing thinking that led the Palestinians to protest the Argentina national football playing in Jerusalem in 2018.
So Lionel Messi and his teammates didn't come to play in Jerusalem, the game was rescheduled, and a year later they played at a stadium in Tel Aviv.

I remember thinking how idiotic this all was.
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19 Jul
FACT CHECK: Did the "Palestinian flag" actually feature a Star of David?

As someone who works in the field of Hasbara, I regularly debunk claims made in the media that just aren't factually accurate. But the truth is that misinformation isn't the preserve of one side alone.
All of us are susceptible to spreading misinformation, and we need to take steps to prevent taking part in sharing falsehoods.
Last week, a popular video-maker filmed a clip featuring a blue and white flag, and claimed "Here's the Palestinian flag... this is what it looked like 1939."

Only that's not quite the case.
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14 Jul
Hi Tala,

I'm the writer whose work exposed your antisemitism to a global audience.

I can understand anger when your people are under attack.

When I was a student, I was near the site of an IED that detonated in Jerusalem in 2010. A student at my university was killed.
But I did not respond with hatred.

I remember when my brother was sent to fight against Hamas in 2009 and was saved from almost-certain death, I was shocked.

But I did not respond with racism.
And I remember when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists in 2014.

But I did not suggest the genocide of Palestinians is the answer.

That you did is to your eternal shame.
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7 Jul
While many of those attending were civilians, they were sent — against their will — by #Hamas to locations such as this one adjacent to a Hamas military facility, to act as human shields.
"Some of us distracted the Israelis with stones and Molotov cocktails."

Women and children are, understandably, automatically presumed to be innocent by Western observers. But in the course of the demonstrations, women and children frequently participated in the violence.
And see here one youth saying he wanted to "Rip a Jew's head off."

(Note that the @BBC documentary incorrectly rendered "Yahud" as "Israeli" when it actually means "Jew.")
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1 Jun
On this day in 1941, during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, Jews were violently attacked in Baghdad, Iraq.

Shavuot is supposed to be a happy time, with families gathering and eating cheesecakes. But in Iraq in 1941, it was anything but as a massacre befell the Jewish community.
As someone with a Jewish Baghdadi grandfather who fortunately escaped Iraq a few years earlier, I am compelled to tell the story that decimated the community he left behind.
This murderous attack marked the beginning of the end of the oldest Jewish community outside of the Land of Israel. 78 years on, many details of this bloody massacre remain unknown.

For 2,600 years, Jews lived in Iraq.
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19 May
Let's stop for a moment and analyse this frankly irresponsible reporting from @SheeraF of the @NYTimes.

The Times didn't post any such article about the Arab mobs that attacked Jews in Israeli cities, pelting vehicles and cars with rocks.
Nor did it document the wave of Palestinian attacks on Jews for viral TikTok videos that presaged the current violence.
To post this kind of one-sided nonsense while it is a well-documented fact that both Arab and Jewish extremists formed groups of this type is irresponsible, and is not going to help any kind of effort to calm the streets.
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