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#Hezbollah member Ali Chebli was killed during a wedding in Jiyeh, south of Beirut, on Saturday evening, with initial reports indicating that the assassination was carried out as revenge for a murder which took place last year.…
Initial reports linked the murder to violent clashes between Sunni and Shi'ite residents of the town of Khaldeh, #Lebanon last year in which Hassan Zaher Ghosn, a teenage Sunni Arab, was killed.
The #Hamas-affiliated Al-Akhbar newspaper has gone as far as to blame the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE for "manufacturing" the violence in #Khaldeh in order to bring down #Hezbollah, saying "no investigation is needed" to find the evidence.
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#HRW's predictably anti-Israel report on #Gaza quotes the UN that Israel killed "260 Palestinians, including at least 129 civilians."
Uh, Who were the other 131?

HRW doesn't say it: they were combatants & commanders - legit military targets.
Some of those civilians...
#HRW continued...2/
Tragically, some civilians were #Hamas' human shields.
As I pored over lists of Gaza dead compiled in #Israel, I found a case that would repeat itself: a senior Hamas commander, his wife, & 15 y.o. daughter.
Legit in laws of war, but listed as 2 civilians.
#HRW 3/
It came as no surprise that .@evanhill, producer of the @nytimes hatchet job on #israel for the buildings that collapsed on Wehda St, is a former HRW employee. Wehda St is a major HRW report topic.
It becomes clear #NYT & HRW shared research, fixers, & cinematographer.
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In response to the earlier incendiary balloon fires the #IDF are reportedly conducting airstrikes targeting militant affiliated locations near Khan Younis and #Gaza City.
So far at least four different locations have reportedly been struck by a single missile from a UAV, no jets used in the airstrikes at this moment in time.
Jet airstrikes now being conducted. Single missiles earlier appear to have been roof knock warnings.
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An explosion was heard in the #Gaza Strip a short time ago.

Possible IDF airstrikes following a wave of incendiary balloon launches throughout the day. Israel lowered fishing zone from 12 nautical miles to 6 nautical miles earlier as an initial response.
IDF airstrikes underway in the #Gaza Strip.
Light machine gun fire towards #Israel|i aircraft over northern #Gaza.
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#terrorists - #cryptocurrency

@DHSgov Office of Intelligence & Analysis has observing " growing & concerning trend" per Deputy Undersecretary Stephanie Dobitsch

"Most of this activity has occurred by terrorist groups and associates overseas spanning the ideological spectrum"
"For example, supporters of #ISIS & #alQaida have solicited cryptocurrency donations" per Dobitsch "Earlier this year a pro al-Qaida media group offered a reward of one bitcoin worth about $60,000 at the time to the first person to kill a police officer in a Western country"
"We've also seen foreign racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists claim that their activities were supported by the use of crypto currencies" @DHSgov's Dobitsch tells lawmakers
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🔴 #EEUU 🇺🇸
Los republicanos le buscan poner un freno a Nancy #Pelosi 🆚 Donald #Trump
Según la agencia de noticias @Reuters el líder republicano de la Cámara de Representantes, Kevin McCarthy, con sacar a los republicanos del comité que investiga el ataque al Capitolio del #6E
"A menos que la presidenta Pelosi cambie de rumbo y asiente a los cinco candidatos republicanos, los republicanos no participarán en su proceso falso y, en cambio, continuarán con nuestra propia investigación de los hechos", dijo McCarthy en un comunicado”, @Reuters
Análisis personal:
Se evidencia que Donald #Trump mantiene un peso preponderante dentro de los republicanos.
Quizás algunos quieren “borrar a Trump”, pero caen en sus encuestas.
La animosidad de la líder #Pelosi (81 años) por borrar del mapa político de #Trump suena a persecución
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Heel Europa moet een voorbeeld nemen aan #Oostenrijk, dat de terroristische #Moslimbroederschap verboden heeft.
Zij zijn gevaarlijker dan IS en Al Qaeda, omdat ze de maatschappij infiltreren in maatpak en stropdas. Het zijn jihadistische fundamentalisten in een Trojaans paard.
De #Moslimbroederschap heeft toegang tot de media, academische wereld en politiek. Zij oefent daar invloed op uit en wordt gesponsord door machtige entiteiten. Maar de MB oefent ook invloed uit op #IS, #AlQaeda, #Hamas, ... Het is de moederbuik van deze jihadistische groepen.
De #Moslimbroederschap opereert in het Westen ‘extremely undercover’ met organisaties die een andere naam dragen en die geen zichtbare banden met het moederhuis hebben. Hun operatoren infiltreren buiten groepsverband ook individueel in overheidsdiensten, organisaties, ...
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Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza (pictured), was interviewed at length by @AlJazeera yesterday. "During the fighting, we received information that there were children in areas in Israel which we wanted to attack. Because of this, we ended up aborting these missions."
Iranian-backed terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad indiscriminately launch rockets at Israeli civilian centers.

These rockets are notorious for their inaccuracy. Islamic Jihad and Hamas simply don’t know where they will land.
For example, one such rocket fired during the fighting in May killed a Muslim father and his teenage daughter in Lod.…
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While many of those attending were civilians, they were sent — against their will — by #Hamas to locations such as this one adjacent to a Hamas military facility, to act as human shields.
"Some of us distracted the Israelis with stones and Molotov cocktails."

Women and children are, understandably, automatically presumed to be innocent by Western observers. But in the course of the demonstrations, women and children frequently participated in the violence.
And see here one youth saying he wanted to "Rip a Jew's head off."

(Note that the @BBC documentary incorrectly rendered "Yahud" as "Israeli" when it actually means "Jew.")
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1/ Remember NYT front-page photo gallery of 67 #Gazan kids killed by Israel? Some weren't kids, some pics were of live kids, and maybe 2 were killed by #Hamas rockets. Ceasefire was on 5.21. Published on 5.26.
Strange. So fast? How'd they get pics? NYT Staffers who wrote ...
The NYT staffers who wrote the story based in Cairo, Jerusalem, & photo ed in London. Article mentioned 2 freelance photogs in Gaza.

Who did the massive legwork? Needed big team. NYT admits Palest officials (Hamas?), NGOs.
Who were they?

Who coordinated, collected, scanned?
3/ At least 8 of the Gaza kids were killed by #Hamas rockets falling on them.
680 Hamas rockets fell ON GAZA. so the toll can be higher.
Did the Hamas-run Health Ministry provide pics?

BTW. Note the background used by Hamas boss Yahya Sinwar.
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The #IDF are reportedly responding to the 4 fires caused earlier today by incendiary balloons. Airstrikes are being reported south of #Gaza City at a compound belonging to #Hamas.
#Hamas Quraish site was targeted by 3 missiles according to reports. This site was targeted multiple times in the last couple of weeks in response to the incendiary balloons.
#Hamas Nisarem site targeted with 2 missiles per local reports. Site located in central Gaza Strip.

#Gaza #Israel
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#BREAKING Proof of @nytimes fraud in its #Gaza Hit Job against #Israel.

The NYT shows only 10 seconds of #Hamas narrow tunnels.
The video WAS TAKEN IN 2014!

Pic 1. 2021 vid. Min. 7:00. Man red Kaffiya.
Pic 2. Same man in 2014.
He's wearing PIJ emblem…
2/ NYT: There were no videos of the Hamas tunnels in May 2021?
Were NYT local fixers & photographers working for or scared of Hamas?
Was the 2014 clip added in the NY office?
Here's a trustworthy video from Qatari source.
3/ After the @nytimes journalistic jihad vs Israel with the front page gallery of kids supposedly killed by Israel, & now using 7 y.o. footage to misrepresent the threat of #Hamas tunnels, the #Israel government probably has only one choice.
Persona non grata status for #NYTimes
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.@evanhill, @herbertnyt @PatrickKingsley your hatchet job on #Israel gets worse w every layer of research.
Thread 1/

NYT minimized #IDF intel on the tunnels, showing only 10 secs of a skinny non-threatening #Hamas tunnel.

What you DIDN'T show would have killed your narrative.
On June 5, 2021 - BEFORE @evanhill tweeted his search for tech bomb expert to help him on NYT project - Iran's Mehr & Qatar's Al Jazeera broadcast a vid of #Hamas' tunnels w Command, Control, Plan & Operation chambers!
Can't deny a legit target.…
3/ NYT apparently had NO U.S. staff in #Gaza & relied on Gaza photographers & "fixers" who are owned or threatened by #Hamas.
Of course they took no pics/videos of Wahda St tunnel.
BUT, Al Jazeera had no problem, as these screenshots show - large chambers, stockpiles of weapons.
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Regrettably, once again, @nytimes issued a high-profile story -- this time, on video -- that is woefully under-sourced, with the effect of being a one-sided attack on #Israel operations in #Gaza last month. 1/7
At the outset, it is important to underscore the human tragedy of what happened in #Gaza. At its core, this is the tragedy of a terrorist organization - #Hamas - using hundreds of thousands of innocent people as pawns and shields in its war against #Israel. 2/7
Furthermore, it is a tragedy that about half of those killed in #Gaza were such innocent civilians, a proportion that is about the same as the proportion of civilians killed in US bombing against ISIS in Mosul and against Taliban throughout Afghanistan. 3/7
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Thread. 1/ More questions for @nytimes @herbertnyt @evanhill
Hill amassed a massive team for his hit job on #Israel. What did the NYT spend?
$2 million for the intensive month-long operation?
No one could get into #Gaza. How'd you pull that off? Who interviewed, film, research?
2/ More Qs for @nytimes @herbertnyt @evanhill

At end of his list of staff, Hill thanks UNRWA & a Palestinian human rights group.
Were they his foot soldiers on the ground (ON, not UNDER to investigate #Hamas tunnels.)
Another essential group was necessary, but not credited.
3/ More Qs for @nytimes @herbertnyt

The Times case rests on bomb fragments showing size & US origins.
Who collected & presented the "evidence?"

THE GAZA POLICE, an integral part of #Hamas' forces. Some cops are officers in Qassam Brigade (& wrapped in Hamas flags at funerals).
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.@nytimes produced its war film vs #Israel that it's been working on for wks. The storyline: Israel used US weapons to bomb Gaza apt buildings & kill civilians.
I saw this coming. See thread.
Gaza’s Deadly Night: How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People.…
2/ The NYT ignored proof of tunnels & command center that CREATED A SINKHOLE.
3 wks ago NYT advertised for a tekkie who could help produce this video.
NYT ignored Hamas' reax to question about a command post, but bored in on IDF response.
Film's producer has HRW & AJ "history."
3/ .@herbertnyt How come WSJ asks #Hamas but you can't? "When asked if a tunnel was under Wahda St or if Hamas has tunnels under residential 'hoods, Basem Naim, Hamas office of intern'l rel:“How to defend ourselves, w tunnels or w/out, where to have the tunnels, is our choice.”
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L’#EI diffuse un audio de son porte parole Abou Hamza al-Qourachi
Félicite en particulier « les moudjahidin d’Afrique de l’Ouest et d’Afrique centrale … soyez humbles … aux communs musulmans soyez les soutiens des moudjahidin et apprenez des leçons d’#Irak et du Levant … les portes de la dawla sont ouvertes »
Félicite les moudjahidin d’avoir fini avec les khawarij [les extrémistes déviants] » donc #Shekau et ses hommes sans les nommer
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#IDF have reportedly conducted a drone strike against a #Hamas position in northern #Gaza in the last few minutes.
Single missile strike against #Hamas Military Wing Al-Qassem Falistine site.
Initial reports of a roof knock being conducted on a Hamas position in Beit Lahia, #Gaza
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#IDF has begun retaliation strikes in #Gaza in response to the 20 fires caused in the Gaza Envelope today by militant groups launching IED balloons. #Hamas "Al Khayl" site has been targeted by a UAV.
2nd UAV strike against Hamas "Al Khayl" site, appears this is an observation post on the border.
A UAV strike was reportedly conducted on Hamas Quraish site, Zeitoun neighbourhood, #Gaza
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1/4 OTD: Hamas took over Gaza by brutal force 14 years ago today. Has #Hamas served #Palestinians? Here are a few resources for the media and policy community. @Jtruzmah…
2/4 The Truth about Gaza by @jschanzer and @DavidSamuelMay…
3/4 How Congress Can Fight Hamas' Human Shields by @Ordefk and @MatthewZweig1…
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The #Islamic Resistance Movement (#Hamas) has on Sunday condemned remarks of the United Arab #Emirates’ Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan against Hamas and the Lebanese #Hezbollah Resistance Movement.

Abdullah bin Zayed’s incitement of Western countries
to call the #Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, as terrorist is contrary to Arabism and all nationalist concepts. These statements are in line with the failed #Zionist propaganda and are in opposition to the protectionist approaches of the Arab nations to the
#Palestinian resistance, Hamas Spokesman Hazem Qassem tweeted.

In an interview with the #American Jewish Committee’s website, #UAE’s foreign minister had said, “It is a matter of regret that some countries do not act more clearly in classifying some organizations, such
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A lesson here for Americans on politicizing intel.

Dems spent 4 years lying about #RussiaGate. They said Trump was their intel asset, the Hunter scandal was #Russia disinfo, and turned an international villain into a folk hero for too many on the right.…
In the zero-sum politics of lies promoted by corporate media, defending Trump from hourly absurdities soon soon turned to an embrace of the various boogieman.

For example, Republicans adopted "Deplorable" after Hillary's rant.
There used to be agreement on the obvious: Russia and the US have very different interests and work at cross-purposes. And Dems were always weaker on this.

Despite the stupid Dem/Media rhetoric, Trump was far tougher on #Russia than Obama and Biden is a wet napkin by comparison.
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➡️ ⚠️ Un nouveau candidat sur une liste en lien avec #EELV et au profil problématique :
➡️ focus sur Ali #Besli, représentant d’une liste de gauche et écologiste à #Gien (Loiret), et aux prises de position complotistes et antisémites. Un #Thread ⤵️.
2/ Ali #Besli est candidat remplaçant aux #départementales dans le canton de #Gien, sur 1 liste #LoiretEnCommun, fruit d’1 initiative pour rassembler la gauche et de l’écologie. Elle regroupe différents partis (dont le #PS et le #PCF), même si sa liste est sans étiquette.
3/ Cette liste conduite par Philippe Le Dem et Marie-Line Houdou est présentée comme étant #EELV dans la presse (Philippe Le Dem appartient à ce parti. Ali Besli a lui été secrétaire de la section du #PCF de #Gien et, aux dernières nouvelles, il était membre d’EELV).
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Chi è #NaftaliBennett? Iª parte

"Bennett non crede in una soluzione alla crisi israelo-palestinese. Il suo scopo è “gestire” la questione in perpetuo e sempre da una posizione di controllo israeliano assoluto sui palestinesi. ⬇1/11

Nazionalista religioso intransigente, un tempo capo di un importante gruppo di coloni ebrei, destinato a diventare il prossimo primo ministro di Israele, è chiaro sui suoi piani per milioni di persone che vivono sotto occupazione. ⬇2
Un video pubblicato sulla sua pagina ufficiale YouTube presenta un resoconto vivacemente animato del piano del politico di estrema destra, con un tono spensierato che contrasta il suo messaggio profondamente serio.
"Ci sono alcune cose che sappiamo tutti non accadranno mai", ⬇3
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