Clients are experts at coming up with excuses to not hire you.

Here’s the most shameless one:
"I need more information. Can you send me an email with everything you can do for me?"

Want the secret sauce to crush the most audacious objection of them all?

\ thread
First, why would a client ask for more information?

Sorry to break it to you, but…

it’s your fault.

Let me explain
When prospects ask for "more info” it’s because of one of the following reasons:

1. You failed to convey the value of your offer

2. The client doesn't need what you offer

3. The client is broke

Either way is your fault.

But you can still get the sale!

Let me show you how
But first, follow me (@joserosado) because you love sales and persuasion content.

When the client asks for “more info”

I understand, Pablo.

I want this to be great for you.

So let me ask you, what would you like to see in this email?

Did you notice what I did there?
The answer to this question holds the REAL objections your prospects have.

What’s next, though?

Read on
Once they reply, say this:

Ok, Pablo, I can certainly send you the email with all of this.

But we are here right now.

So how about I provide you all the answers you need so you don’t have to debate with an email?

Sounds good?
And just like that you:

→ Uncovered the real objections
→ Answered to all of them

Now you can safely proceed to pitch your services.
Just make sure to use what they tell you to perfect your pitch for the next sales call.

Because when clients ask you for more information, it’s usually because you failed to convey the value of your offer.

Perfect your pitch and you’ll be fine.
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21 Jul
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5 secrets to close more deals on the phone.

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A friend told me to raise my prices.

This is how the conversation went:

– Raise your prices, Jose.
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Get the experience of working for others.

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Imagine this.

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You have a 6-month old kid to feed.

You're lost and taken aback because a month prior you had been given a salary raise.

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I was born and raised lower-middle class in the Dominican Republic.

I live here. And I'm planning to raise my 2 kids here too with my wife Brenda.

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