This is alarming: CA's new COVID surge would have put many counties back into the most restrictive tier under our reopening blueprint.

It's time we do something uncomfortable: make vaccination mandatory—at schools, gyms, hospitals, workplaces, etc. Thread—…
Universities across the US are making the responsible choice by requiring that students & staff get vaccinated. A federal appeals court just upheld their right to require vaccination. Many more schools, hospitals, businesses & workplaces should do the…
In upholding Indiana University’s vaccination requirement, the court wrote: "Progress has been made b/c of the vaccine, not despite it—IU acted reasonably here in pursuing public health & safety for its campus communities.”

Of course this is 100%…
Vaccines allowed us to vanquish smallpox, polio, mumps, tetanus, measles (just to name a few) — and in the process saved millions of lives, and prevented incalculable loss & suffering. That’s why we *still* require school-age children to be vaccinated.

Because vaccines *work*.
We’re so fortunate to have developed such an effective vaccine for #COVID19 so fast. It’s free. It’s widely available. And it’s our path to a fully open society—but COVID is again surging in many cities & states. That we find ourselves here is…
Good governance is all a/b finding the right balance. And balancing individual liberties w/public health & safety? That’s one of our most fundamental, ongoing, projects. It’s why we have representative democracy⁠—to find the right balance⁠—& correct things when we lose balance.
And when it comes to vaccinations, those pushing the narrative that vaccines are some diabolical form of “coercive gov’t control”—rather than what they are: common-sense, responsible public policy, *they* are the radicals. *Theirs* is the extreme view…
What of the freedoms of those w/legitimate health reasons for not getting vaccinated? What of the liberties of those of us who are vaccinated, but don't want to have to roll the dice—however low the odds—every time we go to work, school, the gym, the store?…
Because *we all* deserve to live our daily lives free from the fear of contracting COVID — regardless of the irresponsible choices of others.

Those choosing not to vaccinate *do not* have the right to endanger the lives & health of others. That choice comes w/ real consequences.
This was recently made very real to those of us working in Sacramento. A disconcerting level of staff remains unvaccinated—putting all of us at increased risk. This story will be repeated at workplaces across the country. But it doesn't have to be this…
Workplaces, gyms, hospitals—they can do the right thing: require vaccination. And, while other states passed reckless laws against vaccine requirements—CA has not. In fact, we now have a convenient system that provides digital copies of vaccination…
This tool can verify a person's vaccination status. It’s free. And it's time for more businesses, workplaces, hospitals, gyms, & public venues — who care about public health — to step up & use it. To do the right and responsible thing: require…

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28 May
Proud to share that #AB1041, the Chosen Family Act, passed the Assembly!

AB 1041 would expand the definition of family to allow workers to take time off to care for their "designated person"—more accurately reflecting today's diverse families, esp. in the LGBTQI community. (1/4)
As my colleague, & proud co-author of #AB1041, @BauerKahan pointed out: CA is home to so many diverse, multi-generational families—it isn't always biological family who is there to care for children in a time of need.

She shared her beautiful, personal story of "My Diane." (2/4)
And as my other colleague @AsmChrisWard so eloquently put it, #AB1041 reflects California’s values: accepting & appreciating people for who they are, as well as who they love as family — and ensuring that our workplace policies take our beautiful diversity into account. (3/4)
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9 Jan
Today, Governor @GavinNewsom released his proposed 2021-22 budget. As California begins its recovery in the wake of the #COVID19 pandemic, I’m encouraged by the Governor’s priorities & proposed investments to support Californians hardest hit by its…
This year’s budget, necessarily, looks very different from last year’s — and helping working families recover from the pandemic must be the lens through which all decisions are…
Above all, I’m heartened by the proposed $4.4B aimed directly at Californians’ needs in this moment — funding to get all Californians vaccinated, direct stimulus payments, and grants and fee waivers for small businesses across the state.
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6 Jan
.@angela_rye speaking truth on CNN:

“Here is the real unfortunate reality, to quote fmr Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid on Donald Trump: He is the Frankenstein of the Republican Party. I’m not going to take the onus off the Republican Party for the monster *they* built & created—
“Let’s not put all the responsibility at the feet of Trump. Let’s instead put some responsibility on those who worked *diligently* to suppress votes—then wanted to call John Lewis the conscience of the Congress when he died—but *still* won’t pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act—
“Let’s not take the responsibility away from the people who still have the power — and the *votes* — to do the right thing in the United States Senate. Whether it’s on voting rights, election security, or COVID relief—
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25 Nov 20
2020 was a year of historic significance. A global pandemic. Economic hardship. Racial reckoning.

But it’s in these moments of consequence that we’re reminded govt *does* have a role to play. We need good public policy that actually *helps* people.

So what comes next? (Thread—)
First and foremost in my mind: we need policies that support our working families — who are struggling to keep their heads above water just trying to make it work. Particularly working parents.
And being hit the hardest right now? Working moms—who are having to take on so much all at once. So much that too many are finding it impossible to keep their balance, much less “lean in.” That’s why many are dropping out of the workforce. We must fix…
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21 Nov 20
Every day in CA, nearly 550,000 fast food workers serve more than 10M customers. Yet, at the height of a pandemic, fast food workers face pressure to work while sick, are fired for calling in sick, get denied sick pay & a living wage — & lack access to…
Fast food workers are treated as expendable — and yet, time and again, they prove to be critically essential.

It’s long past time we hold these billion-dollar fast food companies accountable for any unsafe — and unfair — working conditions at their restaurants.
Together, we must all do more to protect our fast food workers from unsafe and dangerous working conditions.

Fast food workers are fighters.

Fast food workers are resilient.

They ARE essential workers.

And they deserve safe work places.
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19 Nov 20
Yesterday brought w/it sobering pandemic news: A record number of #COVID cases. A record number of hospitalizations. And almost 2,000 lives lost. It’s especially disheartening when you consider this is all coming *before* people congregate to celebrate the holiday season. Thread— Image
In light of this news I wanted to take a moment to share w/you the most up-to-date moves by our state and county to limit the spread of the virus here at home — as well as tips from @CAPublicHealth @CoCoHealth & @Dare2BWell for how we can all celebrate the holiday season safely. Image
First and foremost, our county health officers are always reminding us that the most simple—most effective—way that we can prevent the spread is to always wear face coverings when going out. If we all did just that, we’d make incredible progress combating this pandemic.

If only. Image
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