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Democratic CA State Assemblywoman from the beautiful East Bay! Alum of @ObamaWhiteHouse @BarackObama, mom of 2 fierce little girls, wife of @PeterMAmbler
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9 Jan
Today, Governor @GavinNewsom released his proposed 2021-22 budget. As California begins its recovery in the wake of the #COVID19 pandemic, I’m encouraged by the Governor’s priorities & proposed investments to support Californians hardest hit by its impacts.a15.asmdc.org/press-releases…
This year’s budget, necessarily, looks very different from last year’s — and helping working families recover from the pandemic must be the lens through which all decisions are made.gov.ca.gov/2021/01/08/gov…
Above all, I’m heartened by the proposed $4.4B aimed directly at Californians’ needs in this moment — funding to get all Californians vaccinated, direct stimulus payments, and grants and fee waivers for small businesses across the state.
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6 Jan
.@angela_rye speaking truth on CNN:

“Here is the real unfortunate reality, to quote fmr Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid on Donald Trump: He is the Frankenstein of the Republican Party. I’m not going to take the onus off the Republican Party for the monster *they* built & created—
“Let’s not put all the responsibility at the feet of Trump. Let’s instead put some responsibility on those who worked *diligently* to suppress votes—then wanted to call John Lewis the conscience of the Congress when he died—but *still* won’t pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act—
“Let’s not take the responsibility away from the people who still have the power — and the *votes* — to do the right thing in the United States Senate. Whether it’s on voting rights, election security, or COVID relief—
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25 Nov 20
2020 was a year of historic significance. A global pandemic. Economic hardship. Racial reckoning.

But it’s in these moments of consequence that we’re reminded govt *does* have a role to play. We need good public policy that actually *helps* people.

So what comes next? (Thread—)
First and foremost in my mind: we need policies that support our working families — who are struggling to keep their heads above water just trying to make it work. Particularly working parents.
And being hit the hardest right now? Working moms—who are having to take on so much all at once. So much that too many are finding it impossible to keep their balance, much less “lean in.” That’s why many are dropping out of the workforce. We must fix this.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/bus…
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21 Nov 20
Every day in CA, nearly 550,000 fast food workers serve more than 10M customers. Yet, at the height of a pandemic, fast food workers face pressure to work while sick, are fired for calling in sick, get denied sick pay & a living wage — & lack access to PPE.mercurynews.com/2020/05/26/all…
Fast food workers are treated as expendable — and yet, time and again, they prove to be critically essential.

It’s long past time we hold these billion-dollar fast food companies accountable for any unsafe — and unfair — working conditions at their restaurants.
Together, we must all do more to protect our fast food workers from unsafe and dangerous working conditions.

Fast food workers are fighters.

Fast food workers are resilient.

They ARE essential workers.

And they deserve safe work places.
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19 Nov 20
Yesterday brought w/it sobering pandemic news: A record number of #COVID cases. A record number of hospitalizations. And almost 2,000 lives lost. It’s especially disheartening when you consider this is all coming *before* people congregate to celebrate the holiday season. Thread— Image
In light of this news I wanted to take a moment to share w/you the most up-to-date moves by our state and county to limit the spread of the virus here at home — as well as tips from @CAPublicHealth @CoCoHealth & @Dare2BWell for how we can all celebrate the holiday season safely. Image
First and foremost, our county health officers are always reminding us that the most simple—most effective—way that we can prevent the spread is to always wear face coverings when going out. If we all did just that, we’d make incredible progress combating this pandemic.

If only. Image
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1 Sep 20
It’s been a busy last few days in the California Legislature as we come up against our end-of-session deadlines.

I’m so proud & excited to share that, in addition to #AB725, we’ve been able to move six more of my bills to Governor @GavinNewsom’s desk!


#AB2037 — with the Governor’s signature, our communities will have more time to respond to, or plan around, the closure of a hospital or the loss of healthcare services.

With the #COVID19 pandemic, this is as vital as ever.

#AB3092 will give more than 200 women who were sexually assaulted by ex-UCLA physician Dr. Heaps one additional year to seek justice (after years of having their cases time-barred by the statute of limitations).

They deserve this pathway to justice.
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19 Jul 20
I know this goes w/out saying: but this man should not be leading our nation's efforts against #COVID19.

Holding hostage fed funding for schools—which largely go to vulnerable students & those w/disabilities—unless they fully reopen b/c @realDonaldTrump "says so," is a disgrace.
ADDENDUM: It's pretty incredible that we're ~ 6 months since our 1st #COVID19 case—& @realDonaldTrump is *still* incapable of understanding that the most important thing we must get right w/kids in schools, is minimizing how they spread the virus to adults.usatoday.com/story/news/hea…
Kids are also more likely to be asymptomatic—which heightens the potential for spread—ESPECIALLY when tests aren't avail for those w/no symptoms.

We must be safe & deliberate.

The "just do it" approach is *precisely* why the pandemic is raging once again.waff.com/2020/07/08/chi…
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23 Jun 20
In recognition of #Pride month, I want to share & celebrate the story of the trailblazing Black woman in these photos: Ernestine Eckstein.

These photos of her picketing w/a sign reading
"Denial of Equality of Opportunity is Immoral" were taken in Oct of 1965 in front of the WH.
These picket lines were organized by Frank Kameny to protest the ban on #LGBTQ people from serving in the federal govt. These were early gay rights demonstrations — at a time when being gay was still considered a "mental illness.”

They were risking their jobs.

They were BRAVE.
Ernestine Eckstein was just 24 at the time — serving as VP of the NY chapter of the Daughter of Billitis, a lesbian rights organization.

In 1966, Ernestine posed for the cover of the DOB magazine, The Ladder. She posed in profile, so as to make identifying her more difficult.
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17 Apr 20
CA's #nonprofits⁠—our clinics, shelters, food banks, senior centers & more⁠—are on the #COVID19 frontlines. Their services are needed now more than ever.

But they're struggling to raise what they need to serve.

Thread on why #DAFs must step up to help —nytimes.com/reuters/2020/0…
What's a donor-advised fund (#DAF)?

As @hasanminhaj explains—they're one of the fastest growing vehicles for charitable giving in the US.

They're appealing bc when you give to a DAF, you take the tax break now—w/out any legal requirement of $ to go to nonprofits. Indefinitely.
DAFs are exploding in popularity—almost *tripling* in total assets since 07.

A *huge* sum of donations go to DAFs. But unlike donations to private foundations, DAFs are *not* legally required to donate a min amount to charities—they get a tax break, w/out having to spend a dime.
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26 Mar 20
We’re just over a wk into our #COVID19 #StayAtHome order—& my, what a wk it’s been.

Like most, I’m locked down @ home—relying on teleconferences for much-needed facetime w/family, friends & staff. And like many of you, I have a restless toddler on my lap through it all—[thread]
I understand the challenge of our situation. But I hope you—like myself—find power in information & action.

Along w/my colleagues in local & state gov't, I'm working hard to bring you the latest—as quickly as possible. We're approaching this situation w/the urgency it deserves.
To that end, I wanted to provide you w/a list of all the add'l resources avail. during this time of uncertainty & need. My staff & I did our best to incl. resources in response to many of the most freq. questions we've received.

Info & links to these resources follow in thread—
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15 Mar 20
I know many are feeling a little overwhelmed & powerless right now in the face of this #COVID19 public health crisis — so I wanted to share some ways you can take action to help our neighbors & communities during this time of need.

Feel free to share your ideas, too! Thread👇🏻
1) Volunteer at your local food bank!

Our food banks are facing severe shortages of vols due to #coronavirus — so if you're healthy & able, find your local food bank & help!👉🏻feedingamerica.org/find-your-loca…

If unable to vol, consider making a donation online. mercurynews.com/2020/03/13/cor…
2) Donate blood to your local blood center!

Blood banks are also facing severe shortages due to #COVID19. But they need it now, more than ever. If you are healthy & able, find your local blood center to make a donation —> aabb.org/tm/donation/Pa… abc7news.com/health/bay-are…
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14 Mar 20
During this #COVID19 public health emergency, access to food is a challenge for many of our neighbors—esp. kids who rely on free & reduced lunches at school, seniors, & our food-insecure neighbors.

Thread w/information on food access in #AD15, & ways you can help (if able)—(1/9)
School districts throughout #AD15 are taking steps to provide meals to students who rely on free & reduced lunches during #COVID19 closures.

The following is all the info we have right now. We must be aggressive & proactive — to ensure access to all families. (2)
In Oakland, @OUSDNews will have 12 sites open for “Grab & Go” breakfast & lunch meals. Students can pick up multiple days worth of meals on Mon & Thurs from 8:00-12:00.

Food avail to all kids under 18. Be sure to bring a grocery bag/cooler to bring food home.

Info on sites👇🏻(3)
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12 Mar 20
I wanted to provide you all w/an update on actions the State of CA is taking to contain the spread of #COVID19

Gov. @GavinNewsom has issued an executive order requiring the cancellation any gatherings of 250+ statewide. This supersedes local measures allowing larger gatherings.
In addition, @GavinNewsom’s executive order:

- Waives the one-week waiting period for people who are unemployed and/or disabled as a result of #COVID19.

- Delays the deadline for state tax filing by 60 days for individuals & businesses unable to file on time due to COVID-19.
The executive order also:

- Allows local or state legislative bodies to hold meetings via teleconference and to make meetings accessible electronically

- Allows local and state emergency administrators to act quickly to protect public health

Full order👇🏻gov.ca.gov/2020/03/12/gov…
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20 Jan 20
Last yr, the Violence Against Women Act expired—& the House passed its reauthorization *290* days ago. Sen Republicans have blocked it.

In those 290 days, an estimated:
- 496 women were shot & killed by partners
- 5.3M kids exposed to domestic violence
- 22 trans people murdered
During the 290 days Sen Republicans have blocked #VAWA—100s of Native American women & girls were murdered or went missing—but we don't know just how many.

That's why Congress must also pass Savanna's Act—to gather this data & address our #MMIWG epidemic. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/j…
Can you tell @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell & Sen Republicans to stop stalling & pass the Violence Against Women Act *and* Savanna's Act?

Help save lives—call (202) 224-3121 & tell them to pass #HR1585 & #S227.

Or find who to email/Tweet @ here👉🏻senate.gov/general/contac… #VAWA4All
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29 Nov 19
This is frightening & insane—“A bill to ban abortion introduced in the Ohio legislature requires doctors to ‘reimplant an ectopic pregnancy’ into a woman’s uterus – a procedure that does not exist in medical science – or face charges of ‘abortion murder.’—theguardian.com/us-news/2019/n…
“An ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition — where an embryo implants on the mother’s fallopian tube rather than the uterus— rendering the pregnancy unviable. It can kill a woman if the embryonic tissue grows unchecked. Ohio’s—is one of the most extreme bills to date.”
While Ohio & other states pass illegal & inhumane abortion bans—attempting to control our bodies & force us to carry all pregancies to term—California welcomes *all* women w/open arms & this message of hope:

Abortion is legal here, and you *will* be safe.
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29 Jun 19
Here’s our sorry excuse of a president—the President of the United States of America—on Russian state TV calling Vladimir Putin “a great guy.” He’s a dictator who rules w/impunity, oversees terror campaigns against LGBTQ+ ppl, & attacked our democracy.
It comes just a day after the son of our president — accidentally gave away the game, when he posted this vile tweet about Senator @KamalaHarris during the Democratic Debate. He then deleted it, but not before observant watchdogs figured out it was an aggressive bot campaign—
.@RVAwonk did yeomans work uncovering just how quickly the message @DonaldJTrumpJr shared ab @KamalaHarris had spread. It spread through a network of fake @Twitter accounts. The same vile, hateful msg.
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27 Jun 19
These images from the #HandmaidsTale have stayed w/me all week. They've stayed w/me b/c it wasn't too long ago, that we'd see images like these in a movie & just view them as fictional portraits of an unrealistically dystopian future.

Now I can't help but view them as a warning—
These images warn us of what's to come if we don't change course.

Exaggeration? Wed in AL, a woman was arrested for miscarrying after being shot.

“The only true victim was the unborn baby."

A woman was shot, miscarried & SHE was arrested. America, 2019.al.com/news/birmingha…
We've lost our way. Women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, minority rights—they're being chipped away right before our eyes.

We're separating families & locking kids in cages. We're denying soap, sleep & toothpaste to refugees fleeing violence— nytimes.com/2019/06/25/us/…
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