Up until the last day or so, the market has been stuck in a fairly consistent "zone" for a bit now. It's honestly been sorta ... boring?

A thread about X.
Why did the market fall yesterday? I don't have the most compelling answer for you, but I can tell you how Alameda is thinking about things.

There's been a decent build-up of negative news, I guess -> Elon chilled on BTC, China cracked down for the nth time, GBTC unlock is maybe negative to many? And then a few other things.
The market *definitely* reacted to all this in aggregate -- I think typically the market *does* over-react and tend to revert, on both short and long timescales, but it's net gone down, so possibly there's still more impact to revert? Possibly the paradigm has shifted? IDK.
But it's definitely true that there have been fewer buyers for the past few days (duh), and maybe that's partially a reflection of the people who *are* reacting to news (at least short-term!) finally out-numbering those who are not, or who are betting on reversion.

This is kinda a sub-category of news -- the stock market did react negatively yesterday to various pieces of news about the new Delta variant of COVID. And as we learned last year, when the stock market moves off of big (esp. COVID) news, crypto follows.
... But the stock market partially recovered today, why didn't crypto recover too? Either this wasn't a big effect, or it's still going to, or, IDK, crypto is weird or something.

Won't bore you all here -- yesterday was *partially* driven by liquidations, but not a TON. Way less than I'd have guessed, really -- and the moves from those liquidations didn't really revert all the way, like I'd have thought.
In my view, all these point a similar (if vague) direction. News impact tends to revert? I'd expect crypto to rally more. Stock market *did* revert? I'd expect crypto to have reverted more, too. Liquidation moves usually revert? Same story.
So everything is pointing (weakly!) in the direction of wanting to get longer here. Futures premia are low, too, and OIs have shifted in a way where, if there IS a recovery, it could definitely trigger liquidation-driven momentum (admittedly, we're not *that* close to this).
And all these led to Alameda doing what we do best -- buying a LOT more over the past day or so. This isn't quite "sell us all you want below $30k and fuck off" territory, but we're continuing to buy down here, because it really just seems like too much points that way.
We'll see if we're right! For a quant team we do put on fairly big delta positions longish-term, and I've been glad that it's been this direction so frequently -- bull markets are way more fun.
LOL I meant to change "X" to something after I wrote the thread but forgot.

• • •

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