"Lar o bar yao Afghan"
Toxic, racist; but is it authentic..?
Let's see...
Of all the major Pashtun tribes, only two live in Afghanistan Durranis south of Kabul and the Ghilzai  east of it.
Pashtun Tribes in Pakistan are :
~ Kākaṛ, Shērāni, and Ustarāna south of the Gumal River; Balochistan
~ Maḥsūd, Darwēsh Khēl, Wazīrī, and Biṭanī between the Gumal River and Thal; KPK
~ Tūrī, Bangash, Ōrakzay, Afrīdī, and Shinwārī from Thal to the Khyber Pass; KPK
~ Mohmand, Utmān Khēl, Tarklānī, and Yūsufzai north and northeast of the Khyber Pass and Swat valley.
~ Banūchī and Khaṭak, from the Kurram River to Nowshera, KPK
~ Khalīl and Mandāṇ Peshawar KPK

Of all the Pashtun tribes of Pak, only the Yousafzais are on record to have migrated from Afghanistan in the sixteenth century.

11 million pashtuns in Afg; 25 million in Pakistan.

How are; lar o bar Yao "Afghan"...?
Why not; lar o bar Yao "Pakistan"...?

• • •

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20 Jul
Tehmina Durrani in her book 'My Feudal Lord' states an incident when in late 80s, GM Khar (her husband then) was in Adiala Jail on charges of high treason on his contacts with RAW while his exile in London.
She met CJCSC Gen Akhtar A Rehman who was her father's
..friend and requested him to ask some senior officer to talk directly to Khar so that he can clarify his position.
She states that she did this on her belief that Khar was a master in convincing people and she thought that given a chance of a pvt meeting, he could influence
...almost anyone with his articulated talk.
The CJCSC directed Lt Gen Hameed Gul the DGISI to give Khar a hearing.
On the given time, Gen Gul arrived at Adiala and a one on one meeting ensued with Khar. The third person present been Tehmina.
She says that it shocked her
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13 Jul
TTA, TTP, ISIS / ISKP...a Thread.
Every time there is an attack on Pak SFs, a segment suddenly pops up incriminating TTA.
A lot of confusion exists wrt the term "taliban" in our public.

In this thread, I'll make an effort to explain it in Pak's NS perspective.

TTA, is a continuation of Tbn regime of late 90s Afg. It's sole purpose is to rid Afg of foreign invaders. It has never been a part of any T attack against Pak.
Haqqani NW. A couple of dozen groups, who support TTA, coord their ops; never operated against Pak just as TTA.
TTP. It was formed by Abdullah Mehsud, who was captured by US forces in Afg in Dec 2001 but mysteriously released from Guantanamo Bay prison by US in 2004.
Starting in SWA, org quickly spread into ex FATA and certain dists. Its primary course was to target Pak and it's SFs.
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3 Jun
Global Demographic Trends & Muslims; A Thread.
In order to be focused, we'd take EU as base of argument.
Capitalism induced individualism has caused a breakup of family unit. Marriage is avoided, couples prefer "living together" extramaritally, avoiding kids.
Resultantly; Europe is ageing, and this phenomenon is worrying all western Demographic experts.
A quarter of Europe's population is over 60; while a low fertility rate has caused standard "replacement level" (2.1 children / couple) to fall to below 2 (varying cty to cty).
This is likely to cause serious socio-economic challenges in future.
For instance; EU would face a 14% reduction in workforce and a 7% reduction in consumers by 2030.
This is likely to effect all facets of society.
That is one angle; there is another side of this equation
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30 May
We have all heard that S Korea sent a delegation to analyze Pak's Five Year Plan in 60s.
However what we have not heard is:
In the same period, S Korea also sent delegation to US, USSR, Japan, Germany, France and a number of other States to gather info on
..Global best practices.
Five year plan only contributed to infra development. What made S Korea is a unique synergy created by HRD + R&D + Export led Industry; centrally controlled by President Park Chung-hee, Korea's Military Leader from 1964 to 1979.
As a first step;
~ Promising students were despatched to foreign Universities who attained PhDs in respective fields
~ 18 State of the art R&D institutions were created and integrated with various Universities.
~ State funded these institutions (S Korea spend 4.1% of its GDP on research,...
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22 May
Antisemitism; a Thread....
Antisemitism is millennia old. It's factual, yet the contemporary use of the term is twisted to almost 180 degrees.
Jews were persecuted historically. By the powerful Egyptian and Greek empires from 6th to 3rd centuries BCE, to Roman
Empire from 2nd century BCE to 400 CE. From 400 CE onwards, this persecution took a religious angle from an ethnic one.
It is important to understand that Jews were stateless and scattered in Europe, ME and Levant.
The Christian Europe subjected them to a series of ...
..pogroms, expulsions, ghettoisations and all sorts of discriminatory and punitive actions. Every major European nation is guilty of these heinous, inhuman atrocities. In last two millennia prior to 1949, Jews as a community only flourished in two zones; the Moorish Spain..
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21 May
Comfort Women of Japan and Chaklas of British Raj in India.
A thread.
In early 20th century, Japan employed women from occupied territories like Korea, China and Philippines etc as sex slaves to entertain its soldiers.
This ended with Japan's defeat in WW2.
Countries of the
..origin of these women, particularly Korea, took this matter up diplomatically later, resulting into an official apology by Japan in 1993.
In roughly the same era, Indian women were being used in the same manner by the British Indian Army. 12 to 14 women were stationed
..with each Regiment for the purpose. This was even legalized under The Cantonment Act of 1864. This contributed to adding a "British flavour" an existing 'Anglo Indian' community in India; a latent reference to it is also there in the John Masters classic - Bhowani Junction.
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