France has a libertarian ethos.

So liberty is central to the French identity.

Macron is making those who refuse vaccinations stay home, instead of punishing those who are protecting themselves and their neighbours.
How novel!

Forcing the fringe resistor to suffer exclusion instead of the most vulnerable who rely on their neighbours to help protect them.

Why can’t we do that here? View liberty from the perspective of the most vulnerable, not the most deluded.
Liberty isn’t the issue. Irresponsibility and abandonment of the social contract is.

Canadian libertarians have twisted the meaning of liberty to connote approval for tyrannical attitudes to dominate the most vulnerable.
Wouldn’t it be nice if liberty meant the maximization of everyone’s liberty, instead of justification to be an anti vaccine nitwit?

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22 Jul
If you analyze the situation presented by Kacey Madu, UCP focuses on the victims of violence vs the perpetrators of violence.

Shifting the locus of responsibility for addressing behaviour of violent attackers from law enforcement to victims.

UCP is wiping their hands.
UCP has ignored the increasing violence towards women in hijabs. Cursory disapproval of these acts of violence is all UCP has offered to date.

Virtuous thoughts and prayers. Not action to reduce the escalating violence.

Until suggesting pepper spray.
In an effort to appear to be responding to calls for greater action from the Muslim community and the public, Madu writes a letter to the federal government requesting laws be removed banning pepper spray.

Again avoiding responsibility for provision of a safe community.
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21 Jul
Predictably, CBC permits public vilification of Carolyn Bennett by an organized and purpose driven mob.

It’s tiring, anticipated and obvious to those who are informed. Not so much for the sheep who prefer virtue to truth.
Is that insulting to those propagating this disinformation? Probably. But I’m sick of being insulted everyday by white “allies” who don’t know anything about identity politics, indigenous competition for acknowledgement and truth.

Insult gains attention to an important issue.
Minister Bennett has been a tireless advocate for indigenous people for 24 years. Not just since 2012.

Bennett’s advocacy has been consistent and vocalized since she was first elected to parliament in 1997. So minimizing her contribution is a flag this article is BS.
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20 Jul
To compliment Adam’s excellent arguments, I want to start a conversation about value.

How is this UCP government getting it so wrong about the value of nurses and other traditionally female roles in the workforce?
While we are all fatigued with covid “this” & covid “that,” at one point in the pandemic, the public’s perception of value shifted to recognize essential workers as heroes and possessing high value to society at large.

UCP is aiming to remove any memory of that paradigm shift.
The pandemic taught civilization, and the individuals who inhabit it, that essential workers make society function. But it’s also these workers who are treated with the least value in economic terms.

Many of them make crappy wages and get few benefits beyond their rate of pay.
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19 Jul
This video is a must watch for the informed citizen who is feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

There is always hope. There have been situations that were decidedly much worse that progressives have overcome. Slavery & robber barons were both much worse than current circumstances.
Knowing history provides you with perspective and the information that overwhelming circumstances can be overcome. History is hope.

But many focus on the difficulties of our immediate circumstances without the benefit of the historical context. Few of us are “big picture” focus.
This creates despair and demoralization.

But if you have a familiarity with human history and the eternal struggle for political agency, it’s easy to discern that this is a setback, but it doesn’t have to define perpetuity. We are in control of that dynamic.
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16 Jul
There’s a lot of conservative speculation about Mark Carney running for a seat in parliament in Canada.

What a load of horse pucky and twisted criticism of PMJT!

Carney has partnered with Mariana Mazzucato. He’s not running for MP federal office in Canada.
A quick scan of events they have both attended demonstrates clearly Carney has his eyes on a much bigger prize than being an MP in Canada. He’s helping reform global sustainability efforts of several nations.
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15 Jul
Hellooo! People!

What happened Monday? Carpay got caught spying on a Manitoba Chief Justice presiding over a case Carpay was involved in representing.

Harper is telling AB UCP caucus to shut their damn mouths about anything remotely connecting them to Carpay and JCCF.
Except it’s a direct link between Harper and Ted Morton and between Kenney and Carpay.

Long long history between the four men. Going back decades.

Meaning Harper and Kenney and therefore UCP are implicated in this behaviour.
Were the UCP directly involved? Have they received surveillance reports about other public figures who have been followed?

We don’t know.

But we do know it’s doubtful that the tension between Kenney and Carpay was ever real.
Read 26 tweets

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