@GeorgeMonbiot More drivel George, that doesn't stand up to inspection.
The greater land use means less impact biodiversity and less reliance on imported feed, the essence of pastoralism is moving the livestock hence large land coverage, Shared with FAR greater biodiversity than crops, over
@GeorgeMonbiot millenia some cases which ALSO produces co -produce such as tallow wool leather &horn without which you need EXTRA land & resources AND HUGE EMISSIONS for non durables such as synthetic textiles/hide none of your Gates/Wellcome/Grantham lackeys have taken in to account because
@GeorgeMonbiot the construct of 'Food Systems' ignores all this: 10% of emissions caused by constant replacement needed of non durable cling that FEEDS NOBODY & entirely driven by synthetics & poor quality cotton, together with FAR greater need for washing & cleaning synthetics with eco cost
@GeorgeMonbiot of shed plastic microfibres & landfill problem colossal. WHERE IS ALL THIS IN THE ACCOUNTANCY? This shift toward mass produced synthetic tat is DRIVING the massive increase in China's emissions AND destroying their grasslands for all the infrastucture mining etc required during
@GeorgeMonbiot their 30 yr transition form agricultural nation to industrial powerhourse for mass production of stuff we did perfectly well without until not so long ago, inbuilt obsoletion tech consumerism also a major factor, & feed from soya for their high rise pigs resulting in 1.5 million
@GeorgeMonbiot lost hectares a yr to produce all that crap for global corporates, who are FUNDING the fraudulent narrative as diversion & scapegoat while they continue to cause the problems. This thread explains Gates Wellcome Grantham etc funding behind the con, across
@GeorgeMonbiot academic media & NGO organs. Then of course you have belief based idiots like vegans Poore Springmann and your mate ripple who you helped spew crap about wolves and rivers George, Ripple: a Loma Linda Adventist vegetarian advocating Uni. Start thinking about the compromised by
@GeorgeMonbiot ideology & WEF money sources you cite, and start thinking about the clothing you wear as that shows its evident you do not understand you are a walking soon to be landfill. BY contrast eg my still sturdy as hell warm beeswax waterproofed 76 year old LEATHER coat.
@GeorgeMonbiot Because you either THINK about this, or, we will put you down as a Gates & OPP elite money shill like the whore rag you write for
@GeorgeMonbiot So now look at my area, one most biodiverse UK, much little changed re sheep etc to Wordworths described (except where urban pressure), compared to plant based ag area which my youth setting spaghetti westerns lynx in foothills & eagles overhead all gone
@GeorgeMonbiot Then consider some these vast expanses of land used by ag, MARGINAL ie desert, tundra, mountain, steppe savannah UNUSUITABLE for crops, but providing surprisingly large amount food & valuable durable co produce to millions, lessening reliance fossil fuel alongside biodiversity
@GeorgeMonbiot As for your rivers....read your own paper to see problem more likely pesticides for your salad than the 30 million sheep at same level as were in UK in 1870, and eve 100 yrs later you could still drink from & swim in rural Welsh rivers & canals which were teeming with newts.

• • •

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15 Jul
If you don't know what is going on in world, here's Rockerfeller telling you. They say world domination conspiracy unfounded then tell us how they are going to reset world, doing EXACTLY that, even down to food we eat. Evil bastards.
One thing we know from history, is every time some authoritarian creeps decide to PLAN agriculture, with tech revolution, it ends in people starving, people being evicted from land, & unthinkable horrors.
They MUST BE CONFRONTED & STOPPED: humanity needs to be free of
such diabolical social engineers. Solutions to problems must be NUANCED according to specific local factors be they environmental, cultural, or even re Covid different nations have different issues re borders, movement of people re conurbations etc. Any elites advocating
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14 Jul
@ElliottWins @Evsthetractor @JoannaBlythman @1GarethWynJones @fleroy1974 @GHGGuru @CotswoldLadyB @LouiseStephen9 @Culturalmistake @RhianepFW @NFUCymru @SKurtzCWSP Huge difference between these, as soon as you LOOK at the nature of the use, so he's NOT lying, POORE IS. Hardly surprising since he's a vegan, and was senior associate of Marakon who specialize in 'pre emptive activism' for corporates.
So first, water. Obviously
@ElliottWins @Evsthetractor @JoannaBlythman @1GarethWynJones @fleroy1974 @GHGGuru @CotswoldLadyB @LouiseStephen9 @Culturalmistake @RhianepFW @NFUCymru @SKurtzCWSP the girls didn't warn ya, that rainfall is low, Wales by contrast, it rains most days of the year, x8 more rain. SO the nature of water makes a difference.
Secondly, land. Again, these two things are not the same.
Livestock co habit land with biodiversity much more robustly than
@ElliottWins @Evsthetractor @JoannaBlythman @1GarethWynJones @fleroy1974 @GHGGuru @CotswoldLadyB @LouiseStephen9 @Culturalmistake @RhianepFW @NFUCymru @SKurtzCWSP on arable land. And, other land sharing eg tourism and even mixed crop growing. Here's my area compared with Almeria.

This is repeated wherever you have land use by livestock v crops. So take for eg
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26 May
@Evsthetractor @thisfarmlife @Rob_Percival_ Percival misleading again.
The bulk of soya meal is exported to China, and this is driven by China's industrialization over the last 25 years for mass produced ta & inbuilt obsoletion tech destroying their pastures at rate of 1.5 million hectares every YEAR. So at rate of 3 tonne
@Evsthetractor @thisfarmlife @Rob_Percival_ per hectare, this= 1 mill hectares needed to produce UK's imports less than HALF size Wales. BUT deforestation rate DOWN as soya production risen, & this NOT new deforestation, but largely from existing crops. Then 63% of it is for human use as shown by Sustainable Food Trust. So
@Evsthetractor @thisfarmlife @Rob_Percival_ once again the Soil Association is allowing Rob Percival to use its platform to spread misinformation. Indeed as our beef & sheep consume little, China would be better off importing our beef eg to reduce their imports of soya for eg. Not even Brazilian beef
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24 May
@cvfarming Until 40 yrs ago, most coats & suiting were made wool in UK. Most shoes belts etc = leather. A high % of which are still in use. Shift to casual clothing mostly synthetic has seen massive rise in synthetics expense wool; esp last 20 yrs now produced mostly China, and along with
@cvfarming inbuilt obsoletion technology, & things like disposable furnishings this is driving China's massive fossil fuel use as all are non durable business model of mass consumption. Synthetic clothing lasts not even a yr. The companies driving this are all part of the WEF, whose members
@cvfarming have brought this about, and yet, have managed to fund science and media narratives to blame livestock in a bizarre doublethink. It beggars belief frankly, the very people who broke models of sustainability like H&M & IKEA and also of course damaging western manufacturing jobs
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21 May
@JRanganathanWRI @WorldResources @venoir Rubbish based fraudulent pseudoscience construct (livestock long part multi produce holistic systems even producing veg/crops same land AND CO PRODUCE LIKE WOOL) nuanced environmentally. All favours global corps driving problems, & bonkers ethics in play
@JRanganathanWRI @WorldResources @venoir So take palm oil for eg: all cooking/baked products even all cosmetics used tallow butter etc when I was growing up palm oil didn't exist as such. Livestock produced all the fats needed for same land & resources & its palm oil etc driving deforestation. Then you have the massive
@JRanganathanWRI @WorldResources @venoir 10% global emissions caused by shift from wool leather etc to synthetics, need CONSTANTLY replacing because not durable, & leave us reliant fossil fuel heating as not insulating. Add carpets soft furnishings etc all useless not durable that can be provided once again by LIVESTOCK
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15 May
Public health & doctors, can have a tendency to authoritarianism

Frustration they feel not being able to impose their (arrogant elitist) beliefs on others, attracts them to authoritarianism. Ironic Horton's praise Marxism, & ironic quotes from him how science can be corrupt, oblivious to fact those with ideological & WEF money corrupting it
Would you have 'followed the science' when Nazi Germany put their corrupted version of it at centre of their policies? Eugenics was consensus.
You let scientists & doctors off the leash many will be delighted to work with authoritarianism, as the idea of them being leashed by
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