Materialism is killing your happiness.

The 4 psychological reasons why you can’t stop buying meaningless stuff.

First off, we've got to know why people are pulled into consumerism

1. Seductive marketing genius
2. Emotional triggers
3. Social media pulling power
4. Societies expectations

Let's get into it
1. Seductive branding

People do their best to avoid the pain of missing a pleasure.

In life, all our actions are associated with pleasure:

- Smokers love picking up a cigarette as it lowers stress
- Eager shoppers enjoy picking up new clothes as it gives them fulfilment
In 2013, Coca Cola introduced the Share a Coke Campaign

Why did this work?

Because people wanted to find that bottle that included their name.

It gives you a personal connection with the brand

The marketing genius was so good because they INVOLVED THE CUSTOMER making it fun.
2. When we think of emotional triggers, we include:


Most of your decisions are swayed by emotional triggers

We just don't know it

In the advertisement below, your opinions on climate change switched once the surprising emotion kicked in.
3. Social media

The age of technology has changed brands approach to advertisements

Where your emotions used to be fixed for a longer amount of time, they now change by the second when viewing posts

Dakota wrote a great thread about persuasion:
Think about when you're scrolling through Twitter

You see content that brings you:


Just from reading a single post, your entire mindset can shift from good or bad

Our emotions will lead to irrational decision making.
If you don't want to fall into the materialistic mindset, you have to be very selective with what you consume.
4. Social acceptance

Trying to fit in with each other's lifestyle is draining your wallet and energy.

Every choice you make is affected by “Keeping up with the Joneses”
Posting on social media: “How will people perceive my life?”

Buying a car: “Is this a good enough standard for my neighbourhood?”

Wearing cheaper clothes: “What if they think I’m struggling financially?
Your life becomes controlled by other people’s thoughts.

Instead of asking: “Is this bringing me long term fulfilment?”

You ask: “Do other people approve of this?”

This becomes a downwards spiral of buying meaningless stuff and seeking validation.

1. Learn marketing and copywriting so you can understand the strategies used on you.

@wrongstowrite @prosperityonly @loftedlearning are must follow for these topics

2. Follow only meaningful content to you

3. Create content so you can start consuming less in life
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