Can critical thinking ruin you?

10 Psychology-Backed Ways to Defeat Overthinking

If critical thinking is a high-powered laser cannon

Overthinking is using it to kill a mosquito.

It flies away.

But you lose your limb.
Overthinking acts as an emotional magnifying glass

It magnifies your anxiety, grief, anger, and guilt.

The good news?

It's nothing but a bad habit.

And like any bad habit, it can be overcome.

So how to deal with overthinking?
Before getting into that, here's how overthinking shows up:

- Losing sleep over problems or dangers in the future.
- Replaying your own mistakes and failures.
- Replaying other's mistakes and how they have hurt you.
- Going to "handyman" mode to fix other's problems
But, if overthinking is so bad, why do people even do it?

- It feels good in the short term
- It gives you an illusion of control
- It brings sympathy and pity from others

Tricky right?

So here are 10 psychology-backed ways to defeat overthinking:
- Figure out the drivers
- Make a thinking appointment
- Worry on paper
- Be more assertive
- Spot your faulty scripts
- Practice mindfulness
- Use the 5-5-5 drill
- Take micro-decisions
- Journal and take notes
- Stop running away
1. Figure Out the Drivers

All bad habits are fueled by a need.

Find out what's yours.

Finding that driver is better than just running away from it.

That's how you attack overthinking at its root.
2. Make a Thinking Appointment

Overthinking convinces you to indulge NOW.

Decline that invitation.

Instead, schedule a slot in your calendar to think about it later.

You are still validating your concern.

But you are not allowing it to paralyze you.
3. Worry on Paper

When you catch yourself overthinking, grab a pen and paper.

Your pen cannot outrun your mind.

So it forces your mind to slow down.

Seeing your worries on paper also gives you perspective.

It ridiculous ones become more obvious.
4. Be More Assertive

Overthinking makes you feel in control.

Control that you are not otherwise able to exert in life.

But sooner or later you will have your back against the wall.

Better learn to be assertive instead.

Here's how:

5. Spot Your Faulty Scripts

Otherwise known as cognitive distortions.

"I'll never be a good dad" - you can't see future

"She must have thought I am an idiot" - you can't read minds

You get the drift.

Learn to spot them and get rid of them early.
6. Practice Mindfulness

Staying mindful during daily activities is not rocket science.

While walking, focus on the scenic beauty.

While eating, focus on the texture and taste of the food.

Downshift your brain from thinking mode to awareness mode.

It's as simple as that.
7. Use the 5-5-5 Drill

1. Get a pen and paper.
2. Write down the emotion and its intensity on a scale of 1-10
3. Set a 5-minute timer.
4. If you feel an urge to react, tell yourself you'll do it after 5 minutes.
5. Once the timer's up, repeat 2-3.

Overthinking will fade away.
8. Take Micro Decisions

Decisiveness is a muscle that develops with practice.

Start small with decisions that have negligible impacts.

Then slowly move up to the tougher decisions.

Once you become more decisive, the need for overthinking goes away.
9. Journal and Take Notes

Your mind remembers important things by rehearsing them.

A note-taking system and a journal eliminate this.

Your brain now knows that the important things and tasks are taken care of.

Steal my journalling method here:
10. Stop Running Away

Overthinking comes from avoiding difficult things.

Problems start to grow and fester.

But at some point, you have to stop running away.

You have to take a stand.

When you do that overthinking won't find a leg to stand upon.
Overthinking is a bad habit.

And it's messy when you try to get rid of one.

It will not happen overnight.

But stay kind to yourself when you slip up.

And gently guide yourself back on course.

And soon you will start to see results.

Overthinking will lose its grip on you.
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