#SeditionHunters - Liz Cheney: "The attack on this building on January 6 ... was an attack on our Constitution." "The American people deserve to know what happened; the people who did this must be held accountable." "This investigation must go forward.." 1/
Liz Cheney is a pivotal figure who knows exactly how bad Jan 6 could have been. In the days before, it was Cheney who secretly arranged for all 10 living former defense secretaries to write an op-ed warning against the military intervening in elections. 2/
Here is the WaPo op-ed written by the 10 former defense secretaries, including Liz Cheney's father, Dick Cheney. The op-ed explicitly calls on acting Sec. of Defense Chris Miller to "refrain from any political actions." Screenshots to follow. 3/
"American elections and the peaceful transfers of power that result are hallmarks of our democracy." 4/
The op-ed is oddly personal, speaking conversationally to someone: "Transitions, which all of us have experienced, are a crucial part of the successful transfer of power." Who is the "us" here being convinced? 5/
"Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller and his subordinates.. are each bound by oath, law, and precedent to facilitate the entry into office of the incoming administration." It was Miller who had the authority to call out the National Guard to defend the Capitol. 6/
The op-ed on Jan 3rd caused panic in many who read it. Why was it needed? What was it trying to forestall, written so personally to Miller? And how did so many people know something was coming? Miller's dodged questions so far - this time must answer. 7/

• • •

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21 Jul
#SeditionHunters - events in DC required planning. Cindy Chafian organized the fiery Jan 5 rally where Ali Alexander led the crowd in “Victory or Death!” On Jan 6 she marched up the West Capitol steps with bullhorn & entourage and cheered during the assault on Officer Fanone. 1/
Cindy’s been organizing rightwing rallies since the Nov. 2020 election, with speaker lists full of extremist voices: Alex Jones (InfoWars), Michael Flynn, Roger Stone. Security always provided by the shadowy Flynn-connected 1st Amendment Praetorian group. 2/
Husband Scott Chafian, USN Surface Warfare & Anti-Terrorism Officer, held commands providing combat readiness training to foreign countries. Ret. at Lt. Cmdr. 2012 & launched a private firm (ETC Intl) offering similar “training engagements in support of security assistance.’’ 3/
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16 Jul
#SeditionHunters - a big arrest today! #BulgePB, who hung with the Proud Boys elite on Jan 6, is Nathaniel Tuck, a former cop from Florida, IDd by the great @ne0ndistraction. He's at R here, escorting #FashProShop to the E. side of the Capitol to meet up with Joe Biggs. 1/
#BulgePB was arrested along with his dad, also a Florida police officer, or was one til he resigned today. Weirdly for a cop, apparently texted his family “We stormed the Capitol, fought the police.” See ne0n's thread for more.. 2/
Interestingly the wives of both #BulgePB and #FashProShop aka Arthur Jackman are ALSO police officers in Florida. Sarah Jackman just cleared for duty, says she thought Proud Boys were a nice group where "men spend time together & attend Bible studies.” 3/
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15 Jul
What motivated #SeditionHunters? For many, a sense that democracy itself was & is under attack. The Joint Chiefs' letter of Jan 11 suggested the chain of command was fraying. A new book validates this sense - Gen. Milley feared a 'Reichstag moment' 1/
Many of us asked ourselves - what if we were Germans in 1933, watching events unfold? When do you know that it's time to drop everything, put your life on hold and go to work? Turns out Milley made the same analogy... 2/
There've been over 4 news articles about the #SeditionHunters community; all use words like "motley", "amateurs", "sleuths" playing detective. But whenever the U.S. was attacked, citizens have stepped up, always, to do their part. In uniforms they don't look so "motley"... 3/
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7 Jul
#SeditionHunters - the FBI prosecution of assault on media has reached one of the nastiest: Alan Byerly of PA aka #GreyBeanieMeanie, who viciously attacked AP photographer John Minchillo. He's the one in the grey beanie...PA journalists, do your thing! 1/
His PA affiliation wasn't hard to find; his beanie says "Kutztown". The attack was shocking for his visible rage, also Minchillo was pushed over a wall & could have been seriously hurt. (Btw don't credit those who helped Minchillo; they may be org. folks trying to de-escalate) 2/
The video crucial to Byerly's arrest was shot by his AP colleague Julio Cortez (julythephotoguy) from helmet-mounted cam. So reporting itself defends reporters! As in the #MediaSmash, the mob called any journalist "CNN".. 3/
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6 Jul
#SeditionHunters - newly unsealed court docs for unhashtagged perp Fi Duong, VA extremist. Interestingly reveal that DC police were well aware of Jan 6 threats - they had undercover operatives out that morning chatting with suspicious-looking people. 1/
s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2098… ImageImage
The friendly DC MPD undercover operative got Duong's name and contact information, apparently then went to the Capitol and chatted with him again there. And then passed his name to the FBI.... 2/ Image
By Jan 13 an FBI undercover agent ("UCE") had infiltrated Duong's extremist friend-group (not quite an organized militia), which mixed "Bible study" with firearms training and making homemade bombs. 3/ Image
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4 Jul
#SeditionHunters - let’s revisit the 1st Amendment Praetorian “security force”, now working July 4th rallies! We called this guy #ShadowFlynn because he’s always at Michael Flynn’s side; his 1AP nickname may be “Yoda”. Below is Dec. 12. On Jan 6, he was at the Capitol alone... 1/
...roaming widely & seeming to coordinate action. Will show 3 sightings that are pretty suspicious. First: around 1:15 PM on the East Plaza, #ShadowFlynn texts intently while the crowd talks about Congressional action: “Arizona is up for play!” (AZ challenge was at 1:12) 2/
#ShadowFlynn's sighting at 1:15 PM is also right as fighting stalled on the West Plaza. As #ShadowFlynn passes by, the inciter #CountResisto shouts on his bullhorn: “reinforcements around back!... They need some support around back!” For full context: 3/
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