Hey #SMBtwitter why don’t I ever see y’all talking about private utilities?

There seems to be some way to get a monopoly on providing water (only alternative is a well) to many locations in rural Texas.

Seems like a good gig. Maybe even better than…self storage.
I’ll give a little more info:

I’m building something and here are the costs from the private water company:

1. $555 investigation fee
2. $5000 per lue (Lue is determined by use and square footage, has nothing to do with actual use) which will total $100k for 80k sqf
3. 1% inspection fee for cost of conneftion
4. 1% construction fee based on actual cost. How this will be computed I don’t know
5. Deposit per meter
6. Then they get to charge for water

Alternative is build a well. No other water provider.

Common in Texas.

• • •

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19 Jul
Just opened our Amazon account to learn that our account is once again at risk of deactivation.

Apparently, it's "Misuse of product ratings, feedback, and reviews".

Check out the thread 🧵 below showing what it's like to call Amazon after this happens. ImageImage
How would you feel if @JeffBezos used a faulty algorithm to determine who to hire and fire and if you opened your Amazon employee back-end and there was a message that said "You are at risk of being fired and losing everything"?

@dharmeshmehta @davehclark
@JeffBezos @dharmeshmehta @davehclark How do you think this makes my team feel, when they open Amazon and see that?

Would you want to work for a company that can have 90% of its revenue go to zero at the drop of a hat?

With the contract between us so stacked in your favor that we have no legal recourse?
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18 Jul
Short 🧵on how to navigate the explosion in the price of international container shipping.

The thread starts with what I learned from my mentor who survived and thrived through the inflationary 1970s and then goes into my plan as an e-commerce seller in 2021.

1. Avoid long payment terms from your customers. By the time you get paid, the money will be worth less.

2. The best way to tame inflation is to raise interest rates, so get ready for interest rates to rise.
3. Inflation is not spread evenly. Some things get in short supply, while others remain unchanged.

4. Carry a little bit more inventory of staples (your consistent best sellers) than is necessary to get ahead of price increases.
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17 Jul
How single dose vaccinated infections and the unvaccinated conceivably combine to make stopping covid harder:

1. Someone with a single dose of Pfizer or (more likely) AZ gets covid.
2. Their body mounts a half-assed vaccine-learned (based off original variant) response.

2. (continued) The “half” vaccinated person gets some protection but not enough to quickly shut down the virus and they end up being symptomatic and transmissible to others. They’ve also “trained” the virus to fight the vaccine’s half-assed response.

3. They give their trained virus to someone unvaccinated. Unvaccinated body has no training against the virus so it goes like wildfire. This person ends up being a vector for a super charged vaccine-trained infection that can be given to even fully vaccinated.

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3 Jul
One of the many problems in the US court system is the lack of proof-of-work required to file complaints or motions.

A licensed attorney with find + replace can easily copy another party's filings and give you big legal bills in the process.

The bar for winning attorney's fees
is too high for frivolous motions and complaints, imo.

In the UK, the loser pays the winner's legal bills.

In the US, that only happens if you can show the other side acted in bad faith. It's too hard to do.
This was just filed against my company. They want to dismiss the lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction. They filed a very well cited 9 page motion to dismiss... ImageImage
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1 Jul
Short off-the-cuff thread with the 6 reasons why Chinese manufacturing is so cheap.

Conclusions draw from my experience buying from China for 11 years, Vietnam 6, Cambodia 3, and USA on and off.

Also based father-in-law's experience who operated factories in Taiwan, Malaysia,
China, and Vietnam.

Reason #1: Cheap labor. Chinese workers are significantly less expensive than other countries'. 1.4 billion people matters, a lot. Especially when there's a glut going into the workforce, but what about now?

Reason #2: High worker efficiency. My Korean-run
factories outside of China say the same thing that Taiwanese father-in-law says: Chinese worker efficiency is unparalleled. Direct quote from Korean factory boss "Chinese workers are happy to work 11 hour days. Vietnamese workers want to relax and enjoy life."
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10 Jun
History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes.

It definitely feels like we’re headed into another bout of 1970s style US inflation but the more I think about it the more I think it will be similar but also different.

1) we didn’t have software in the 1970s like we do today. Demand for
software does not drive price increases like it does for fixed supply high marginal cost physical products. So it’s unclear what will happen there.

2) In the 1970s a much larger percentage of the hardware we bought was made here. Now it’s all made overseas. Before demand could
for domestic wages but now it drives a lot of that demand in Asian wages, which is very different.

The prices of goods are definitely going up but outside of government assistance and lower wage earners it doesn’t have to go up here.

Who’s supposed to by that higher priced
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