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22 Jul, 12 tweets, 3 min read
In finding Swedish child seroprevalence yesterday, I spent some time on their Public Health site and—WOW—what a breath of fresh air. They actually tell …the truth… instead of fomenting panic. Let’s take a look at some highlights & compare to USA

US: Everyone must mask & lockdown or all will perish

Sweden: “There are reports of transmission of COVID-19 from people without any symptoms of illness. However, only a few studies describe the role of this type of transmission in relation to the...
...overall spread of COVID-19 in the community. Based on the available knowledge about COVID-19 and similar diseases, the current understanding is that this route of transmission represents a minor part”

US: Unmentionable

Sweden: “If you have had a COVID-19 infection confirmed by PCR-test or have had a positive antibodies-test you have the possibility to socialise with others, even inside, even if you or the other person/persons belong to an at-risk group.”

US: we hate kids & those little disease vectors must be on strict lockdown & mask for life w no school. Their lives should be made as miserable as possible

Sweden: “Children represent only a small proportion of the reported cases of COVID-19 in Sweden. Symptoms are...
... generally milder in children compared with adults and children are less likely to become seriously ill. Available knowledge shows that transmission between children is limited and transmission in schools is rare”

US: No such thing; everyone is definitely going to die

Sweden: “It is particularly important to protect older people from COVID-19” “The fatality rate among those 70 years or older is 4.3 percent, whereas it is 0.1 percent among those younger than 70 years”

US: lock kids in basement & cancel Xmas

Sweden: “recommend ppl aged >70 avoid infection by limiting physical contact w other ppl. However, it is important that ppl get to see their nearest & dearest for their own well-being. Older ppl can meet friends& family”

US: It’s a right-wing conspiracy theory

Sweden: “Not everyone who has had COVID-19 develops antibodies. There will be some who develop antibodies, while others do not develop antibodies but instead an immune response through the T cells”

US: Assume you're infected at all times &, if you so much as clear your throat, a negative test is required to reenter society

Sweden: “For both children & adults, if you get symptoms that are short-lived – for example, you feel slightly ill one day but are...
... fine the next day – you do not need to take a COVID-19 test”

“If the symptoms have a clear cause that you are familiar with, and cannot be attributed to COVID-19, you do not need to stay at home. Typical causes might be migraines or allergies.”
There are more, but you get the picture.

And, as usual, Sweden did better. More on this later.


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20 Jul
Why has censorship been so extreme? Take the famous Milgram expmnt where 65% of ppl delivered 450-volt shocks to others despite cries of agony (obedience to authority). In 1 lesser known variation, the “teacher” (delivering shocks) was commanded by 2 diff. authority figures:
one ordered the teacher to stop when the victim cried in pain, the other simultaneously demanded the experiment continue. The “teacher” would invariably stop and THINK. One study subject said “Wait, wait. Which is it going to be? 1 says stop, 1 says go…which is it!!??”
In the absence of a single authority figure, EVERY SINGLE ONE followed their own critical thinking & moral judgement and terminated the cruel experiment. This is why the narrative is so controlled; we can’t have people thinking for themselves or they might do the moral thing.
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16 Jul
16 months ago today, six San Francisco Bay Area county suburbs jointly announced a “3-week” stay at home order, the first in the USA to do so.

Today, “3 weeks” (+ 15 months) later only 18.1% of SF metro workers have returned to their offices, the lowest in the nation.

Not surprisingly, 52% of all California small businesses have closed. This is because 83% of businesses r in cities (>than 50k pop), many of them catering to office workers in central business districts (bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, dry cleaners, taxi, boutiques, etc)

Everyone should experience a week of the pandemic (lockdown) in both an urban downtown & rural community. The former are ghost towns w nothing but homeless addicts & boarded up retail vacancies. Lifestyles didn’t change in the latter (& yet the populations weren’t wiped out)

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14 Jul
Many comments on my thread earlier this week re China/lockdowns. Think about what's happened over the last 18 mo's & tell me if it sounds more like a repressive communist regime or a Western liberal democracy. None of this was remotely fathomable until China showed us the way
🔹You have been inundated with terrifying & false propaganda all day

🔹Information has been tightly controlled by a small group of monopolistic technology companies collaborating with government to censor all counter-narrative material

🔹Law enforcement closed parks & playgrounds, you were forbidden from traveling more than a few miles from your home, & only for essential gov’t-sanctioned activities

🔹You were not permitted to interact with any people outside your own household

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12 Jul
China Psychological Tactics -- Korean War

During the Korean War, the Chinese were more successful than the North Koreans extracting info from American POWs. The Chinese used sophisticated psychological tactics while North Koreans employed harsh physical punishment/torture
Dr. Henry Segal, chief of the neuropsychiatric evaluation team examining returning POWs, reported that war/political-related beliefs had been substantially altered: “many expressed antipathy toward the Chinese Communists but at the same time praised them for ‘the fine job…
they had done in China.’ Others stated that ‘although communism won’t work in America, I think its a good thing for Asia’”

Continuing, Dr Segal said if we measure China’s success in terms of “defection, disloyalty, changed attitudes & beliefs, poor discipline, poor morale…
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8 Jul
Sorry masking kids is an objectively losing position

1st consider the following:

-mask mandates haven’t accomplished anything anywhere

-all adults who want vax have had it

-Covid is much less threat to kids than flu

-Unvaccinated kid’s risk is less than vax’d 30yr old

Then-putting aside potential physical harms-its impossible to overstate the importance of children seeing their friends’ smiles, joyful engagement w one another, & degree to which recognition & expression of nonverbal communication is a critical skill for participation in society
The only people still in favor of masking kids are (i) those seeking to display moral superiority or (ii) those in deep blue metro areas that are still hiding in their apartments and have no idea kids have been blissfully interacting maskless in most of the country for months.
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25 Jun
In case anyone was worried about how the top 10% are holding up in the USA during lockdowns, they’re doing just fine.

Inequality was already acute, but the lockdowns have greatly exacerbated. Assets increased appx $20trillion for the top 10% vs a blip for entire bottom 50% Image
They are busy buying up $1 million + priced homes (which have exploded) while middle and lower priced homes have barely budged despite record low interest rates. Image
See also the rates of employment in the lowest wage brackets between “lockdown lover’s paradise” California (chart 1 – down 38%) and “never lockdown again” Florida (chart 2 – fully recovered & then some). The futile winter lockdown absolutely crushed low-earning Californians ImageImage
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