Did you know that your questions have a sound. Some questions sound like noise while other questions sound like sweet remembrance.
When I first started to learn about my gifts, I was told, you like tuning people who are out of tune with themselves. But unfortunately what most people do when they meet you is they want to tune to you and not to themselves.
If you knew who you were you wouldn’t ever want to sing someone else’s song. Because you would understand your unique energy signature is the only one like it. You are the only one who can sing it the way you do. And it’s why you exist.
I actually do not care about your questions. Truly I don’t. But I care deeply about where your questions are coming from and what’s getting in the way of you having your own answers.

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22 Jul
I want to explain something about accepting what is and why this is so important…
Accepting what is, does not mean you agree with what’s happening at all. It simply means you fully acknowledge what IS happening.

This is where the alchemy begins. Because the event transforms you instantly. And only from that place can you see the next step.
This means you may have to accept something really painful or something you completely disagree with that you are actively working to change. But in essence what you’re doing is pulling your energy back so that you stay authentic and incorruptible.
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22 Jul
Own your creative energy. Release others demands on your creative energy. There will be people even in everyday interactions who will want you to use your creative energy to create solutions for them. So that they don’t have to do it for themselves.
If you are someone who can see, feel or are sensitive to energy you will notice when others try to violate your energetic boundaries through all the various tactics. Your work is to reset your aura whenever someone else’s energy takes you out of your space.
Remember this is training. That means you will need to do this over and over and over again. You will practice on your own and then will take these tools into your every day life to see how they hold up. The more your train the more skill and mastery you build.
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18 Jul
Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person doesn’t acknowledge your influence after they took on your taste in everything from music, food, books and even aesthetics. Songs that were once your song somehow became “our song”. This is what happens with enmeshment.
There is no separation due to lack of personal boundaries in the relationship. So of course things get absorbed. They actually can not recognize the outside influence because they experienced it as if it came from within. Because your energy was in their space influencing them.
Even in the cases where someone is consciously aware of the positive influence you had on them becoming the version they now are, most people make agreements when they get into a new relationships that they are not allowed to acknowledge past partners. Not without being punished.
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12 Jun
Many people romanticize the idea of high vibrations but the reality is different vibrations exists for a reason and by divine design.
Your Etheric body is a lower frequency than the Astral body ranges which are higher in frequency. Each of these planes also has sub-planes which are different frequencies and each have their own unique purpose. You would attune to each level depending on what you’re working on.
The Astral body ranges tend to be more the frequency range of your personality where as the Etheric ranges tend to be related to body health, vitality and life force energy. (Often associated with acupuncture meridians)
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11 Jun
Here is a really great idea if it resonates. Instead of getting a “reading” about future outcomes or about situations with other people in your life instead ask to get a read on exactly what’s happening with your energy and your aura. This information will serve you tremendously
Along with finding out about how the various energy centers are vibrating and the seven layers of your aura you can also ask for a reading on your intuitive gifts. You can inquire about how open your various gifts are currently.
Although I am able to clairvoyantly view my own energy centers & aura and to do energy healing on myself it’s always good to “check our work” and receive confirmations/clarification about our blind spots from trusted readers.
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15 May
When you show up in service to the world always balance your masculine and feminine energy.

When out of balance you either become the overbearing rescuer stepping on people’s toes or you become controlling

Remember that to our power comes from being in alignment with ourselves
When our power is disembodied we project it onto others. When we project it on others we demand them to become our savior. We then become disappointed when they do not save us from ourselves and our own illusions.
Often we feel actually quite powerless and helpless in creating change regarding bigger humanitarian issues & sources of harm in the world. We feel we have no access to direct our anger towards the aggressors themselves, the puppet masters and the elites who uphold these systems.
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