"#oncanadaproject hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos": instagram.com/p/CR4eN9stlTS/
That is actually incorrect information still, MNC is a self-identified, self proclaimed nation ..
There are 2 national organizations in Canada that represent Metis peoples, both have an accord with the Canadian Government, both have 2 very separate definitions, CAP definition runs along with the NCC definition, NCC is who had Metis repatriated into the constitution.
Political-Accord-ENG - Canada and CAP Political Accord Dec 2018
Canada and Darryl Leroux are both working hard at just plugging the MNC version of Metis, that is incorrect information and ethnocide. #ethnocide
MNC uses a contemporary definition that they choose in 2002, EasternMetis have been here since the fur trade in the East. The French originally colonized the majority of North America. Darryl Leroux lies & he also tries to erase history, such as one of my uncles. @oncanadaproject
My uncles very much existed and were members of the Mi'kmaw Nation. @oncanadaproject Mathieu Mius @ Nova Scotia Archives.
Mathieu was a signatory on the ratified 1725/26 Peace and Friendship treaty.
Darryl Leroux, using lies, knowingly doxxed my 11 yr old disabled son. That is the man you want to hold up as an example of what exactly? First he lies and says I am a 14 generation descendant, then he makes another post and says i am a 10+ descendant, He lies all the time and
distorts things so others don't know what he is doing. He is talking about my 8th Great Grandmother, who I had to go back to as that is who the government recognizes, that is not who I get my identity from. He conveniently leaves that out when doxxing my son. My Grandmother who
goes back to that particular descendant through her mom and dad, is who I get my identity from. My grandmother identified as Metis. Her mom ( My great grandmother Evangeline Mius) was also Metis, and that would be her 5th Great Grandmother, he conveniently forgets to include
relatives who were alive in my generation, even though they have since passed, who this identity got passed from. My great grandmothers dad, Tranquil Mius, was born before confederation and before the Indian Act, he was a member of the Mi'kmaw Nation and he was a direct paternal
ancestor back to the brother, of both signatories, Mathieu Mius and Francis Mius. Francis was the chief of La Have Indians. He signed the treaty of 1761. Francis Mius - 1761 Treaty.
Darryl saying inventing Cape Sable First Nation., if you read the original treaties my uncles signed, they Include the Cape Sable Indians, they were the Mi'kmaw people. My Mius family got deported, he also says we invented stories of suffering. really ,. now the deportation
was invented stories? I have never once claimed to have more suffering than anyone, but I know my family went through one hell of a lot of it. One of my grandmothers who was not well died and never made it home from Massachusetts. This man is sick and disgusting! @oncanadaproject
"Indigenous Policy Journal- ENGLISH GENOCIDE IN NOVA SCOTIA- Janet Hudgins, February 25, 2018 - ethnic cleansing- starving-abducted and trafficked children- scalped Acadians and Mi'kmaq" This is what my family endured !!
screenshot-museeacadien.org-Attempted genocide of the Acadian and Mi’kmaq Nations - Daniel N Paul - 2005.
and now we are facing ethnocide as Canada does not want to have the responsibility for Indigenous people, so they are using academics to write us out of existence. They will say anything for money.
MicmacNews-1975-02 - Two major meetings to be held this month in Yarmouth - Chiefs from 12 bands suspended the powers of Union of Nova Scotia Indians executives, elected officers of UNSI. Changes may be made to the constitution - AMNSI.
MicmacNews-1975-01.- UNSI Undemocratic - first they have taken away the peoples vote, now they have take away our popular decision, where did they get all this POWER. ( Chiefs over threw an elected board, suspended the powers and changed the constitution) @oncanadaproject
@oncanadaproject You see, before those chiefs overthrew the elected board, Metis were included as Indians in their bylaws and constitutions, I am sure you will conveniently glass over this information which is why I don't trust anything #Canada has to say on history anymore, it
is conveniently whitewashed for them. / bylaws Union of Nova Scotia Indians - Micmac News 1973 -03 - Membership in UNSI.
Constitutional Changes - 1980 - 06 Micmac News- Metis is now not an Indian. - You want to explain to me, how there was Metis here before MNC even existed and now they do, and say we don't? lol .. MNC was formed in 1983, incorporated into a non profit society in 1984.
MNC non profit organization. - conveniently before that, they were a member of the Native Council of Canada, when Metis were recognized from coast to coast of Canada, now a new form of propaganda is being shoved down the throats of uneducated and unsuspecting people.
Behind the Scene of the Send First Ministers Conference on Aboriginal Constitutional Affairs-05190.vol15-3 Mar 1984 NewBreed- MNC trying to convince NCC on Metis Definition. NCC said no by the way, and Harry Daniels/JIm Sinclair is who is credited with repatriating Metis into the
constitution. / The Origins of Métis Identity -Darren R. Préfontaine. etc - Who are the Metis, this is a contentious question with no definitive answer. - perfected a unique hybrid culture.
"All smiles around budget, despite lack of detail- Windspeaker April 2016-CAP National Voice for Metis, Status and NonStatus Indians, and Southern Inuit Indigenous people living off reserve." "Metis Council, CAP may tussle on Daniels-Windspeaker May 2016 pg 6." @oncanadaproject
Betting since you have chosen to push the ethnocide the Canadian Gov and Darryl Leroux are using, that I hear crickets even with all this evidence, MCargar case against MNA have said repeatedly that MNC is not governmental or sovereign, it is not a nation is a society and it is
NOT a public body, it is a private body, which is governed by their own bylaws and the only Metis they represent is their own membership, you do not need to be a part of their associations to be Metis !! .. There now you have some real history! @oncanadaproject
Powley vol 1 - Tony Belcourt - Metis definition of the Metis in the Royal Commission Report.

• • •

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"Future of Métis National Council uncertain as Manitoba Federation gets mandate to pull out | The Star": thestar.com/news/canada/20…
That is not what Louis Riel said in that context .. he is quite the liar. Image
Reconstituted debates of the convention of Forty-LaGrande Convention 1870-Louis Riel, we must look at all coming in from abroad as strangers... Image
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so confused by this statement , lol Image
YC28-0-411-12-eng.pdf - the people who own themselves - David Chartrand - president of the MMF also noted the issue of the Indian status in many of these historic Metis communities. Image
The People Who Own Themselves - Recognition of Metis Identity in Canada - Senate - YC28-0-411-12 - David Chartrand - families will eventually reclaim their Metis identity , as generations lose their status under the Indian Act over time. Image
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obviously Weinstein is full of it too, as he will knows as he was a researcher for the NCC who had a totally different definition of who a Metis citizen was. Obviously his is a bought and paid for decision ..
Behind the Scene of the Send First Ministers Conference on Aboriginal Constitutional Affairs-05190.vol15-3 Mar 1984 New Breed- MNC trying to convince NCC on Metis Definition.
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"Mr. John Weinstein (Chief of Staff, Métis National Council) at the International Trade Committee openparliament.ca": openparliament.ca/committees/int… -Gee this was the same researcher for the NCC. No wonder they can re-write all history to suit themselves, they have top inside help
BG8AboriginalSelf-DeterminationoffaLandBase. - John Weinstein - then concentrating exclusively on the institutional jurisdictional and fiscal arrangements for the Aboriginal self-government on a land base. ( Gee does that sound familiar !! )
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"Identity | Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada": indigenouspeoplesatlasofcanada.ca/article/identi…
A History of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia - Norma Hall PHD, Clifford P Hall and Erin Verrier.- census conducted in 1870 at Red River - individuals who were descended HOWEVER REMOTELY either by mother or father, by ANY indigenous tribe of Indians, or a white ancestor, no
matter how remote, as long as they had Indigenous heritage as well .. I want to see the historical revision being written here, in some historical article, you can't find it , because it is being re-written as MNC history now. The contemporary MNC use a 2002 definition, tell me,
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"Articles | Encyclopédie du patrimoine culturel de l'Amérique française – histoire, culture, religion, héritage": ameriquefrancaise.org/en/article-375…
Can't even ... smh .. 🤣 apparently unless you are from New France? Oh wait Acadia was part of New France, as well as the Red and Assinboine River ... oh the lies and shit we will try and distort. MNC can go through ethnogenesis in 100 yrs but an older colony can't? Bullshit !!
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