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To all the media outlets around the 🌏, I know you see all the Anti lockdown & Vaccine Passport protest in #Canada, #Australia, #UK, #France & in #Italy, but you won't cover it b/c your masters won't let you. it's ok cause eventually you won't be able to ignore it.
#london #londonprotests #VaccinePassports #lockdown
#milan #Italy #VaccinePassports
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This morning we saw something we will NEVER forget.

We were at the #Walmart in Southeast #Calgary. We were shopping for some groceries when my stepson saw someone take a package of meat and put it under their shirt and then slowly walk over to their cart. #Food #Hungry #Alberta
This person had very few things in their cart. My stepson knows what I do here at @HarvestHillsYYC & he asked if we could help them.

I said yes we could but that this person would feel ganged up on if we all walked over to them, so I told him to stay here and that I’d walk over.
I walked over to where they had their cart and said “I know what it is like to struggle. I would love it if you’d let me help you and I’d like to pay for your groceries.”

This person looked up at me and said “did you see me take the meat?” I said “yes I did. I’d like to help”.
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The Kilkenny neighbourhood in #Edmonton has intense low-frequency noise & vibration again disturbing peace & quiet. The sound is a low drone & at times it feels as if the air's vibrating as well. /1...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte
Frustrating to pin down because the low-frequency drone sounds like it's *all around*. Will be taking recordings to analyze and share. /2...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte @doniveson #Edmonton
Clearly something of an industrial nature, i.e. motors in compressor/pumping stations causing a #hum that's carried along by attached underground pipe infrastructure /3...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte @doniveson #Edmonton
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It is fire season in Canada, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, various parts of the US, various parts of Brazil... From Siberia to the Amazon, this is the fire thread:

See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather ⬇️…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #Siberia +…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #californiawildfires +
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**A Thread** (1) We are the victims of a calculated and sustained attack on our human rights by a cabal of our elected leaders. All over Europe a coordinated push by the new world order to bring in vaccine passports for us to access our basic freedoms is underway.
(2) It would be very easy to become disheartened and accept what seems like the inevitable but now is the most important time of all. We all need to HOLD THE LINE. If we give in now our kids future will be a dystopian nightmare. Here in Ireland we stand with #France We stand with
(3) #Greece We stand with #Theunitedkingdom We stand with #Cyprus We stand with everyone who is fighting for their bodily autonomy and a return of their basic freedoms. We must never let them win. If we give up we are condemning future generations to worse. If they get away with
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We have a serious emergency.

Late this afternoon we were contacted by a senior named “Helen”. She only had one meal left in her kitchen.

She called us for help and we are helping.

We will be using the last of our available funds to get her some much needed groceries. #YYC #YEG
We will hopefully be giving her enough groceries for an entire month so she doesn’t have to worry about having to choose between medications/food, food/electricity, food/rent.

Too many #Calgarians are being ignored and forgotten. Too many #Calgarians are afraid to ask for #help.
We need help. If anyone can help with a donation towards her food hamper, we will be here for about 2 more hours because we are shopping for four seniors tonight.

You can help by donating by any of the options ⬇️ #Donate #community #donations #DisabilityTwitter #BeKind #Alberta
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A blanket of smoke is covering #Alberta today.

Climate change events like this are becoming more frequent. So here is a short thread on air quality.

#cdnpoli #ableg #abpoli…
Right now there are air quality advisories across the province.

Health Canada uses a 1-10 scale where 1 is nice clean air and 10 is a like a #Conservative government in your lungs.

Alberta uses the same scale.🔗

#ableg #cdnpoli #absmoke ImageImageImage
A 1-10 scale is beautiful in it’s simplicity, but it also fails to communicate what’s really going ok with air pollution.…🔗

@environmentca does offer explanations for these numbers, but you have to go looking for them. Image
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#Canada is now being recognized for its decision to delay second doses and extend more first shots across the population due to early vaccine shortages as major provinces entered a serious third wave ahead of the rollout. This chart describes what happened.
#VaccinesWork Image
Note: This rollout coincided with NPIs during parts of this period. You can select a province by going to the "Cases/Partial Vax" tab in this dataviz.…
Here is a background story.…
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U may feel sucker-punched🥊 or prayers answered😇 or got stopped out🤨 by correcting #Uranium #mining #stocks📉 but 1 thing's 4 certain... #U3O8 supply⛏️⏬ vs #Nuclear demand⚛️🏗️↗️ fundamentals are getting stronger every day🏋️‍♂️ with even better (re)entry prices now.🛒 A🧵4U👇 ../2
2) If you're new to #Uranium & #mining #stocks in general👼 then U need to understand why this highly cyclical🔃 mined #nuclear reactor fuel⛏️⚛️ is famous for delivering extraordinary life-altering returns😎🍹 when it enters a boom cycle after a decade long bear market🚀.../3
3) #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes by supply security fears😨 as there is no available substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors & production is concentrated in so few countries .../4
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Thread: Excess mortality in #Canada during the #COVID19 epidemic

Fil : Surmortalité au #Canada pendant l'épidémie de #COVID19
The peer-reviewed @RSCTheAcademies report upon which this thread is based is here:…
@RSCTheAcademies Le rapport @RSCTheAcademies évalué par des pairs sur lequel ce fil est basé est ici :…
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#Canada reaches my green "low" weekly case rate level (7.0). The map is now predominantly green. ✅
More on provinces and regions ⤵️
#Covid19 Image
Provinces still dwarfed by Yukon. Image
Major provincial weekly case rate trends. Image
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#DelightReview : #Backcountry (OTT -not available on Indian platforms)

#canada #English - 2014 #Drama #Thriller

After watching continuous #Thriller based movies this movie didn't tend to create a strong sense of suspense or convincing fear.But this is what happens when
1/3 ImageImageImageImage
someone recreating the true story which happened earlier in real life.
People who are interested in wildlife hiking should watch this film.This movie has both good&horrible side.

Especially for that particular sequence between the pair&bear was brilliantly
#Backcountry 2/3
Taken ..only for that sequence itself you can watch it for once this movie.

Bit slow movie but One time watchable 👍🏻
For link DM me

💐💥 #TamilDelight 💐💥 #Backcountry
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Ontario Canada: "The world's longest #lockdown will come to an end next week" (Step 3, July 16/21).

No. It's not over.

New chief medical officer of health, Dr Kieran Moore makes clear #endemic state will emerge in fall w/ Ont. "doing all the due diligence to prepare." Image
Let's explore numbers behind "world's longest #lockdown", Ont., Canada. Gov't of Ontario website updated July 11, 2021.

"Active cases" in Ont. as of July 11 2021 under 20 yrs of age: 0

Deaths under 20 w/ #COVID19 - 3.

Estimated pop. of Ontario: approx. 14.73 million people. Image
Under 20 yrs:

Jan 15 2020 to July 11 2021:

Resolved cases: 68, 280

Active cases: 0

Deaths (WITH #covid19): 3

[Keeping in mind that Covid tests are inaccurate (false positives) & largely meaningless as testing positive can mean mild to no symptoms whatsoever.] Image
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Cold-blooded admission by @BorisJohnson
"We will change the basic tools that we have used to control human behaviour,” 1/n
Article by @BareReality…
"“nudge” – the dark art of politicians getting the general public to do exactly as they wish, without us even realising it." 2/n
Check out this book if you want to understand better how behavioral science was weaponized to control people during the pandemic. @BareReality 3/n…
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#Moldova election day, July 11 - about 48.28% of the registered voters have exercised their right to elect by 21.43hrs in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. This is a considerably lower percentage than during Presidential elections:
2. The approximate distribution by gender and age of the voters in #Modova elections today (as it was recorded at 21.43hrs Moldovan time) is aprox 54% women voters and aprox. 45% men.
3. Preliminary exit poll data - based on phone interviews and w/o Transnistrian region - was presented at around 20.00hrs #Moldova time with PAS (President Sandu's) in lead. Yet, exit polls in the previous elections have been wildly inaccurate, resulting in confusion.
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This the second 🧵dedicated to precious children hospitalized with COVID and #MISC, but luckily #TheySurvivedCovid. Three other threads memorialize pediatric #SoulsLostToCovid. By telling their stories, we can learn from their experiences.
First thread of children that survived COVID
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#OAS #Canada
Today, Canada’s Minister of Seniors, Deb Schulte, announced the highest quarterly adjustment to existing OAS payments since July 2014. She also confirmed that the Government of Canada will deliver the **$500 one-time payment** to older seniors, announced /1
in Budget 2021, during the week of August 16, 2021.

This summer’s one-time payment of $500 will support older seniors’ higher expenses, and will apply to 3.3 million seniors who are eligible for the OAS pension in June 2021 and were born on or before June 30, 1947. /2
No action is required by seniors, who will automatically receive the payment if they are eligible.

In July 2021, OAS benefits will automatically increase 1.3%, bringing the maximum monthly OAS pension amount to $626.49, up from $618.45. Over the coming year, /3
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🧵This is the 3rd thread dedicated to the precious children that have died from COVID during this never-ending pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
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🎉 I'm super excited to announce that I recently joined Univeris as a Site Reliability Engineer.
I am highly passionate about Site reliability engineering and DevOps engineering, and it's been a wonderful experience working at Univeris, managing infrastructure at a large scale.
Moreover, it's going great learning and implementing in-demand tools and technologies along with their best practices. I'm glad to be a part of this esteemed organization as a part-time engineer.
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A friend came around & we got chatting ..He said very angrily ..."did you see on the news in #Canada ...people pulling down the Queen's statue" ? He was very upset...
I asked him if he knew why the people were doing so ?
He had no idea ? Did the news not specify the reason ?
I showed him this .......
Statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria were torn down in the #Canadian city of Winnipeg by protesters furious over the recent discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of indigenous #children.
The protests came amid growing outrage
after at least 750 unmarked graves were found at Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan and another 215 were found buried in Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia.
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Vaccines administered % 12+ of Highest to Lowest in Provinces & Territories in #Canada July 3, 2021

1. Yukon - 86.873%
2. Northwest Territories - 84.055%
3. Nfld & Labrador - 83.168%
4. Prince Edward Island - 82.906%
5. Nova Scotia - 81.312%
6. Quebec - 80.838%

/2 Vaccine % 12+ Highest to Lowest #Canada

7. British Columbia - 78.609%
8. New Brunswick - 78.183%
9. Ontario - 77.228%
10. Manitoba - 76.500%
11. Nunavut - 73.310%
12. Alberta - 73.061%
13. Saskatchewan - 70.483%

** Canada - 77.868%
2nd doses % 12+ - some of the lowest % are due to 1st dose vaccinations still happening - it means some of the lower rates will have higher vaccinations within those provs.

1. Yukon - 77.100%
2. Northwest Territories - 74.326%
3. Nunavut - 56.125%
4. Manitoba - 48.387%

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Hilo sobre #IncendiosForestales de #BritishColumbia #Canadá y análisis de situación en el #Mediterráneo con datos sobre #Sequía #CambioClimático

La importancia de una #GestiónForestal adaptativa que se adelante a lo que parece que viene resulta cada día más evidente… 🔥⚡️🌲🌊 El incendio en Mckay Creek salta el río Fraser y supera lasImagen de Mckay Creek Fire a la llegada de medios aéreos deAfectación a zonas de Interfaz Urbano - Forestal en Lytton,
A la ola de calor con registros sin precedentes, se han unido #TormentasSecas y una #sequía previa excepciona

Episodio extremo con más de 130 #IncendiosForestales,muchos provocados por 710.177 #rayos en unas 15horas,arden por todo el oeste canadiense

#Meteorología Situación de sequía previa al episodio de incendios forestDatos de sequía a 31 de mayo en CanadáLa Red de Detección de Rayos de América del Norte detectó
Según datos de Chris Vagasky (meteorólogo), 597.314 rayos fueron intranube y no tocaron suelo, pero hubo 112.803 descargas nube-tierra en la misma área

Muchas descargas asociadas a evento #piroconvectivo asociado a #IncendiosForestales #PyroCumuloNimbus

#IIFF y #GIF simultáneos Vista satelital de Pyrocumulonimbus tomada desde el OperatioVista terrestre de Pyrocumulonimbus del episodio canadiense.Imagen del Servicio de Incendios Forestales de British Colum
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#Canada will not put trans men in men’s prisons because it is unsafe for them, but it allows trans women in women’s prisons.

Does anyone care that it ‘s not safe for women? Or do we only care about ppls safety if they identify as men?…
As usual, it is the most vulnerable women that are exploited and demeaned by their society.
“But among those making the move were killers, serial sex offenders and child rapists who now have a home among biological women.”

Sex offenders? With women literally imprisoned w nowhere to run? Really? How is this even real life.…
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Infographie par @afpfr qui circule bcp pour expliquer le #HeatDome/méga-canicule au #Canada. La description des processus à l’œuvre est au mieux très imprécise, voire fausse pour certains. On décortique tout cela ensemble dans ce fil à dérouler. ⤵️
0. "Atmosphère capture l'air chaud de l’océan".
Faux/impossible/phrase incompréhensible. L’océan n'a rien à voir avec la mise en place d'une circulation de blocage qui conduit à un #DômeDeChaleur. L’océan ne fournit pas d’énergie a l'atmos dans ces circulations de blocage (2/n)
Le mécanisme dynamique est classique: il est associé à la circulation du courant-jet qui ondule aux moyennes latitudes (latitudes tempérées) et a un déferlement d'onde (ondes de Rossby), telle une vague atmosphérique (3/n)
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