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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2020…
How to Ship a Vaccine at –80°C, and Other Obstacles in the Covid Fight…

#COVID19 #obstacle #vaccines
Let the Institutional Innovation Begin! (Part I)…

#innovation #institutions
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The situation in Mi'gma'gi is escalating.
Nova Scotia has issued a total of 985 licenses to settlers to fish for lobster. A boat fishing under one of those licenses can have up to 375 or 400 lobster pots, or traps.

Even by the most conservative estimate, settlers are working with roughly 367,125 lobster traps.
Conversely, Mi'gmaq have issued a total of 5 - that's right FIVE - licenses to Lnu fishermen. Each of those licenses allow fishermen to have up to 50 lobster traps.

Even by the most conservative estimate, Mi'gmaq are working with roughly 250 lobster traps.
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@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced in the House 2/27/19.

House members who support the bill: 118. Number of additional House members needed for passage: 100.…
@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced by #Bernie 4/10/19.

Senators who support the bill: 15. Number of additional Senators needed for passage: 45 w/ filibuster, 36 w/o filibuster.…
@carmenxbrook IF #Republicans hold the Senate, NO #healthcare bills will pass. McConnell & the GOP are killing 400 bills, most bipartisan, passed by the House incl'g multiple bills on rx drug prices, #vets' healthcare, preexisting conditions. See the list here:…
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Summarizing #BasicIncome @ $196B/yr
Avg cost $5,214 non-taxable

🆘20 Million Canadians
💰 Min $18,329 floor
🛑Perm Job Losses
🚑 Masks & Preventatives
🚑Essential Workers
⛑️BI Helps #CEWS by 📢#CreatingJobs
♿️#RaiseTheRates for #PWD

RT & #SpreadTheWord Image
How many Employers result in Permenant Job Layoffs because they can't commit to hours...

A #BasicIncome is also a means to protect these workers from loosing Weeks to Months of Income before they qualify for benefits. It's FASTER than EI. It's FASTER than Welfare.
How many mothers need to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the rent and bills? Sacrificing #FamilyQualityTime is not helping our society increase benefits of life by not having enough time for family outings, and experiences that can benefit creativity in the workplace.
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This is #Ukraine in 2020 after #USA & #EU / #Canada backed coup 6 years ago. Nazi monuments with a steady flower supply by citizens are popping up all over the country.

Looks like Putin needs to take another slice of Ukraine 🌚

More examples below
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Thread: 1/?

To give everyone an idea of just what we do here at Harvest Hills Cares Calgary......We would like to invite anyone and everyone to join us on a food hamper delivery.

We are always looking for volunteers!

So if you would like to join us, please head on over to our website and click on the contact us button.

However as of late we've seen an increase of requests for food hampers and individuals asking us for assistance with other things such as Utilities, Rent, and Medication.

We have done a little bit of everything to help the people who are struggling, the disadvantaged as well as single families and seniors too.

To give everyone an idea of our hamper program, here is the run down.
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I might be the last one on the population flag map bandwagon, but I’m pleased with the result! Thanks to @StatCan_eng @StatCan_fra for providing nearly *half a million* polygons to select from.

#cartography #gischat #QGIS #canada @CanadianGIS @GANSorg

(Details in the thread.)
Over the last couple of weeks people have been posting their population flag maps, so I thought I’d try my hand at creating one for Canada. I figured that with detailed census data, I might even be able to include a reasonable facsimile of the maple leaf.
So I went to download the boundary file of Canada’s 56,589 dissemination areas, the smallest geographic area for which full census data is provided. That’s when I discovered that Statistics Canada also provides a 'dissemination block' boundary file.
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@grasshopperxcc @realDonaldTrump Sing this is Japanese! #Japanese #Japan #JapanQ #QJapan The - Stick the NEW WORLD ORDER up your AR$E Challenge #challenge #America #UK #Canada #NZ #CHINA #Russia #Germany #TikTok #WORLDWIDE all languages singing this 👇 and we can put them all together #unity
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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#Turkey Image

•In this particular case, while the Netherlands and Denmark were defending “equal distance”solution, Germany opposed and offered another solution overcome the dispute via application of equitable principles. >>> Image
>>> The court the justified Germany by issuing changes to the dispersion of the continental shelf. Consequently, the German maritime jurisdiction area has surpassed the Netherlands and Denmark.

#Germany #Denmark #Netherlands Image
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In my 12 interviews today to CBC radio stations in all major provinces of Canada & Yukon concerning conflict in #Belarus, I said:
1) Canadian, US & EU #sanctions for falsified elections & human rights violations are unlikely to change situation because sanctions are ineffective.
2) Canadian government is involved because #Belarus is located between #Russia & EU & next to #Ukraine & because of background of deputy prime minister & finance minister Chrystia Freeland. #Canada issued similar sanctions against government officials in #Venezuela & Russia.
3) Mass protests in #Belarus continue. #Lukashenko regime committed human rights abuses by arresting opposition presidential candidates & opposition activists & beating protesters. Some protesters disappeared. Protester was killed by police forces, likely by non-lethal weapon.
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So proud of @Raptors + coach #NickNurse -gr8 initiative to encourage #USA #ExpatVote #election2020 (only5% of 650,000+ eligible did so in 2016) See their Aug 29 vid here->
Dear 650000+ #USA citizens currently living in #Canada,
I don't know what brought you here (welcome to #WeTheNorth land)
But I can't understand why only 30500 of you voted in #2016USElxn. That's downright pitiful by any #voter turnout standard...
#USPoli #Toronto #Vancouver
..The results of the upcoming (66 days) #2020Election will have profound repercussions to not only #USA, but to #Canada . As a Canadian, I'm not eligible to vote. What's your excuse if you're a #USAexpat?
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VanWaNet and REG dot RU

Your #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
VanWaNet and REG dot RU

Your #QAnon, #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
VanWaNet and REG RU and #CHINA Nexus

Your #QAnon, #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
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Nothing but HATE and VITRIOL in #Scheer's video.

What a loser.

#CPCLeadership #cdnpoli
#Scheer sounds like the teacher from Peanuts.

Nobody thought the #CPC's chances were "winnable", #WeakAndy.

You cheated to be leader.

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The fiasco of charging #SteveBannon is meant to distract the attention from @TheJusticeDept‘s following indictment that involves #XiJinping, #WangQishan, #MengJianzhu, #NajibRazak, #JhoLow (#1MDB), #ElliottBroidy and wife, etc who manipulated to extradite #MilesGuo to #China. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
#US #DOJ’s indictment regarding the #Americans who collaborated with the #CCP top leaders to extradite #MilesGuo.

Others involving in the manipulation include #BrunoWu, #SteveWynn, #SunLijun etc 2/ ImageImageImageImage
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[DS] #AITHIOPE #EUSSR #EU #UE is being surrounded... and the [DS] puppets agenturs know it and are getting worried

EU leaders reject Belarus election result, urge dialogue

Expect a similar reaction from [DS] AITHIOPE EUSSR
shithole to Trump's re-election in 2020

D J Profile Picture
[DS] #AITHIOPE #AU #AUSTRALIA & #CA #CANADA & [DS] #UIGHUR/ #UYGHUR #CCP #CN #CHINA masquerading as the #Chinese

re [DS] #Morrison & #Trudeau (#Castro's illegitimate son) #Trudeau puppets agenturs
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Thread: I’ve been reflecting on this nonsense that @cafreeland isn’t qualified to be finance minister and I have a few thoughts:

The initial assumption - that Canada’s finance department needs a Bay Street tycoon in charge - is ridiculous. Why? #cdnpoli #canada @FinanceCanada
Because often, these folks - however good their intentions - may not have worked on Main Street, or at a startup - or, for that matter, as a social worker, a janitor, or a stay-at-home parent. Yet the Department of Finance has to make decisions affecting all these people.
There’s an assumption an MBA is essential to business success or understanding the world of finance. That too is untrue.
As a CEO who’s helped build two multi-billion $ businesses, I can tell you my education in environmental studies, geography & policy serve me very well. Why?
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Closing the gap. Amazing photograph taken today of Major Vivian Currie, with pistol on left, closing the Falaise Gap. The image is said to be the only one from WWII of a soldier in the process of winning the Victoria Cross. #WWII #Canada 🇨🇦
"After Currie led the attack on the village of St. Lambert-sur-Dives [shown in first tweeted image] and consolidated a position halfway inside it, his force repulsed repeated enemy attacks over the next day and a half." He belonged to the South Alberta Regiment. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
"Despite heavy casualties, Major Currie's small force destroyed seven enemy tanks, twelve 88 mm guns, and 40 vehicles, which led to the deaths of 300 German soldiers, 500 wounded, and 2,100 captured. The remnants of two German armies were denied an escape route."
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People say opportunity comes but once. But we say opportunities comes every week. In our bid to make the Canadian journey easy for our clients. We will be posting Canadian job opportunities every Wednesday. #Canada #Job #jobseker Image
Every job postings can be explored to get a job offer which can be used to apply for permanent residency.

Help yourself and other people by spreading the word.

Feel free to share this on all your platforms so that more people can access job opportunities in Canada.
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Im so 🤬😡🤬 pissed @RajanJSaw & her office. Im freaking 🤬🤬😡🤬😡 at the @Alberta_UCP & @YourAlberta for letting people......DISABLED ALBERTAN'S fall through the cracks & you then have them jump through hoops just to get much needed devices approved!! DEVICES THEY NEED TO LIVE!
Twitter Emergency Good & Bad News (Long Thread)

OK, I have Good News & Bad News

Bad News: The Alberta Government has Fucked up again and has further tried to ruin the life of a disabled individual

Good News: There is a way to fix the wrong that has been done to this person
I have to admit that late this evening I sat down and cried at all the atrocities that the Alberta Government has done to Albertans all over the province.

I also have to admit that every story that I hear, my heart breaks just a little bit more for the people that have no voice
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