Many people want to grow and develop but ignore the things that you actually need to live life powerfully.

9 things I recommend learning to do:

1) Get motivation from being underestimated. Few people ever see your full potential. Enjoy making them see.
2) Actively seek out negative feedback. Learn to strip out the emotional content and only focus on the substance. What are they saying you can improve? Take that, discard everything else.
3) Plan to fail. Most people have dreams of perfection. They see their diet/business/relationship working perfectly and when it doesn't, they give up. Expect it and you'll be mentally prepared.
4) Test your ideas out on people who disagree with you. Enjoy debate. Notice what you get emotional about in arguments - that's something you haven't fully worked out yet.
5) Learn to manage money. Most people focus on making money but the more you have, the harder it gets. If you learn to manage money when you have none, managing lots of money is easy.
6) Kill your desire for adulation. People want fame, status and celebrity to fill a void. Especially true of comedians and other performers. The desire to be liked and admired is the main thing stopping you from being liked and admired.
7) Do everything you can to learn to read other people. Ask questions and watch how they respond. Keep doing this until you know what the response will be before you've asked the question.
8) Pay attention to what is NOT there. The most important information is often contained in what is not being said. For example, I can usually tell if a person is in a loving relationship within a few minutes of meeting them without them ever saying anything about it.
9) Learn courage. Courage is the process of sacrificing short term gains for long term gains. It will often not feel that way in the moment. It's a skill, nothing more. Practice it.

• • •

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You’re struggling to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant. The “let me help you” megathread:

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I am sure thatTalkRadio will get their YouTube channel reinstated. They have the lawyers, the connections and the money. I will be delighted for them when it happens.

However, it doesn't matter. Today is the day we can all be 100% certain that free speech is over. Here's why:
When Big Tech censored @nypost's story about Hunter Biden during US election, I told you (as a non-partisan) it was the biggest story of 2020. Big tech decided what was true in an attempt to influence an election. From there it gets worse:
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The Government has announced that the lockdown will be extended for a further month after police officers responded to reports of a serial sneezer loose in central London. This marks 75 months...
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Meanwhile the toll from the deadly coronavirus continues to rise...
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I supported the first lockdown.

My aunt died of COVID. My FIL is fresh out of hospital with pneumonia after catching it.

Lockdown was brilliant for me in terms of spending more time with family, my health and focusing on work I love.

Why do I vehemently oppose Lockdown 2.0?
According to the Government's own figures, the *first* lockdown will cause the deaths of up to 200,000 people.

We already have 28,000 excess non-COVID deaths. Over the next few years all the missed cancer, heart disease, diabetes diagnoses and delayed treatments will lead to...
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The second lockdown will not end on Dec 2. It will continue until March. That's more people dead. Homeless. Suicidal.

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The Government is pleased to report that significant progress has been made in the battle against misinformation with over 30 prominent immunologists, virologists and other COVID deniers arrested...
...and referred for treatment at a re-education facility.

New polling shows that over 146% of the public now support lockdown, while 70% want it "harder, deeper, faster".

Opposition Leader David Icke could not be reached for comment on these developments as he was busy...
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