🧵Public Health Ontario's new report was used by politicians, media, academics to claim majority of hospitalized & ICU Covid "cases" & deaths "with Covid" are "unvaccinated"

BUT their definition for "unvaccinated" actually INCLUDES vaccinated ppl (p.23)
2/ Stay tuned. More to come...
3/To make ethical evidence-based decisions, critical that all data is reported transparently: data from the control group (non-immune unvaccinated) must never be mixed with other test groups (immune unvaccinated, post-vaccination 0-13 days, post-vaccination ≥14 days)

Here's why
4/ Published Pfizer Phase 1/2 Covid vaccine clinical trial data showed dramatic transient lymphophenia (reduced white blood cells such as Tcells, NK cells, antibody producing Bcells) in ppl 1-3 days post-vaccination compared to unvaccinated control group
5/ Phenomena of post-vaccination immunosuppression in Covid vac trials also studied with other vaccines, incl yellow fever: vaccinated ppl had increased risk of infection within 7d post-vac d/t sharp/transient lymphophenia (Tcell depletion). h/t @gerdosi
6/ Tcells are critical for our innate & adaptive immune responses, including both cellular (CD4 and CD8 Tcells) & humoural (antibody) immune responses. Our "warrior" Tcells play a critical role in our natural immune response to viruses, including SARSCoV2
7/ A Canadian peer-reviewed study from BC also found:

">90% of uninfected adults show pre-existing antibody reactivity against SARSCoV2"

"Current study is consistent with detection of Tcell reactivity against SARSCoV2 in ~40% of uninfected individuals"
8/ But PHO & 🇨🇦govt’s “covid immunity taskforce” reports base “natural immunity” entirely only on humoural immunity (antibodies) and (by omission) completely deny existence of critical cellular immunity (Tcells) & secretary IgA
9/ Recent pre-print of Danish study found: nursing home residents at 40% increased risk of Covid infection 0-14 days post-vac and healthcare workers at 104% increased risk of Covid infection 0-14 days post-vac respectively compared to unvaccinated people
10/ Letter in the British Medical Journal
"A genuine increased risk of contracting infection post vaccination is important to understand, both for evaluating the vaccination programmes as well as planning the best time of year to carry such programmes out"
11/ According to UK government's report by its SAGE advisors released in early July 2021:

"The combination of high prevalence and high levels of vaccination creates the conditions in which an immune escape variant is most likely to emerge."
12/ Interesting thread from @prof_shahar on transparency of Covid data reporting from Israel
13/ Interesting article posted by Harvard Professor @MartinKulldorff on Covid infections in Israel
14/ Question: if someone experiences an adverse event or reaction post-vaccination leading to hospitalization, ICU admission or death within 0-13 days of a Covid vaccination, is the Ontario govt officially recording this as occurring in someone who they define as "unvaccinated"?
15/ Today, Ontario's govt announced that it will begin to use the non-transparent definitions in the PHO report for its daily public Covid reporting of "cases", hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths. This problematic data reporting will lead to non-evidence based decisions.
16/For full public transparency @ONgov must breakdown known “unvaccinated” by age to
-unvaccinated, immune vs non-immune
-vaccinated, 0-13 days post-vaccination

Data is reported Dec2020-July2021 but vac of adults <60yo started May2021: must provide data by mth & %vac rate by age
6b/ Important thread on peer-reviewed studies showing robust pre-existing Tcell population immunity to SARSCoV2 in vast majority from Tcell cross-reactivity to common cold coronaviruses, SARS, CMV and influenza

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World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva signed by countries globally in 1947 after WWII where MDs were forced to commit atrocities against humanity. Last amended 2017. Builds on principles of Hippocratic Oath & guides ALL medical ethics globally
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1/ US & UK media finally reporting what we've known for months from published peer-reviewed research by leading scientists🌎: pre-existing cross-protective Tcell immunity & strong Tcell responses bode well for long-term #SARSCoV2 immunity, and #HerdImmunity may already be at hand
2/ US: "We may be closer to #HerdImmunity than previously thought. Are we fearing a ‘second wave’ which our immune systems already have well in hand? People show immunological response to #SARSCoV2 in their Tcells.. without necessarily showing antibodies."
3/ "#HerdImmunity may be closer than thought—UK scientists say immunity likely far higher than what govt antibody tests shows b/c it doesn't account for Tcells. Top immunologists said infection-fighting Tcells are more durable/long-lasting than antibodies"
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6 Jul 20
Pls read #SARSCoV2 immunology🧵& subthreads for what media & “experts” are not telling you

-we have some pre-existing cross-protective immunity
-basing herd immunity only on antibodies omits strong Tcell immunity
-vaccine candidates not effective b/c don’t elicit IgA prodn
2/ Last week, researchers in Sweden and Germany also found strong T-cell responses to #SARSCoV2 which bode well for long-term immunity & found pre-existing cross-protective immunity: findings are consistent with the original US Cell study published in May.
3/ We now have three independent #SARSCoV2 studies, from teams of scientists in three different countries, all concluding the same thing:

#COVID19 Herd Immunity Is Much Closer Than Antibody Tests Suggest”
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