This part of #ColinWright's interview went on for quite a bit: he made his own example of not landing a TT job evidence for how rotten he thinks academia is. But he didn't mention once that his supervisor & co-author was a fraudster & that those co-retractions dragged him down.
“'Due to legal concerns (Pruitt obtaining lawyers) I have been advised not to issue any comments on this until the investigation surrounding Dr. Pruitt has finished,' #ColinWright, who co-authored several papers with Pruitt, tells ScienceInsider."…
If Colin Wright can't discuss details of how his co-author's fraud screwed him over, due to legal proceedings and/or non-disclosure agreements, that is fine.
If he uses his own experience however to keep insinuating hiring committee members didn't invite him for interviews because when Googling him they must have found his gamete activist essays, and that this (insinuated) claim helps illustrate why academia is beyond redemption. . .
. . .that is delusional bullshit.
You know what would redeem academia?

1. Serious investment of public funding.
2. Conversion of contract into permanent positions.
3. Elimination of significant no. of postdocs in favour of TT positions.
4. Faculty unions.
5. Good instruction for hiring committees (don't google).

• • •

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11 Aug
Let's trace the self-alleged non-political cabal at play here. A cabal trying to change current principles of gender-affirmative care for trans youth. While conducting no original research of their own.

May I introduce, Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM). 1/ Image
What do they do?

Mostly they lobby for "evidence-informed healthcare" for "children, adolescents, and young adults with gender dysphoria."

If you believe a society with that narrow a focus doesn't have very particular political goals, you must be freshly born. 2/
They made a bibliography to show that evidence for gender dysphoria treatments is "of very low quality" and that they are very concerned for gender-dysphoric youth.

They filed an amicus brief to challenge WPATH on mastectomy for adolescents.

They post online news releases. 3/
Read 14 tweets
10 Aug
#JesseSingal, true to form, keeps hammering his list of requested corrections on all doors.

Do others remember when he copied his lawyer in an email and said it was certainly not a legal threat? Now he says someone saying corrections might appear “Soon…” is “ominous.” 🙃
One can read the DSM-IV as #JesseSingal does, hunting obsessively for those “misrepresentations” for which he then asks for corrections.

It’s been widely discussed though how changes in the DSM-V were to remove transness from being an identity disorder.

So no, dear outraged Jesse, it is not “profound sloppiness” and it does not “exhibit complete unfamiliarity” when one repeats what is widely established in the accompanying research and discussion.

The angry nerve of this man.

I hope someone can find it amusing.
Read 8 tweets
9 Aug
#ColinWright, #Quillette editor: "Being trans is just a state of mind. . .you can't empirically verify it in any way."

I know we didn't really need any more confirmation. But here it is.
When asked about his previous identification as a progressive, this is how he defines it: "I was pro the gay rights movement, and yeah, for sure."

Yep. Progressive. When you support legal and political changes that have just happened and without any of your participation.
#ColinWright about non-binary identity: "It's common but I still don't think people know what they're talking about when they say it. . .Just ask anyone of this ideology about what is a woman, and you just get insanity back."

Then he says "insanity" at least three more times.
Read 42 tweets
9 Aug
"The same evolutionary & biological processes that. . .result in a shorter average lifespan for men than women also contribute to the sex differences in economic outcomes (e.g., annual income) & political participation." #Quillette authors

The whole paragraph is a trip.  It is the gap on these dim...
Should the two men who wrote this #Quillette article be competing for their sexual selection via the category of fastest argumentative shortcut?

"Given this evolutionary history and the costs of competing, a biological basis is the most parsimonious explanation."
Read 8 tweets
16 Jun
WTF. #AbigailShrier

Also, I enjoyed My Little Ponies in middle age. Call yourself childish, Abigail.
I'm reading this Shrier piece--follow Merkin's link if you're curious--and an obvious pattern is this.

#AbigailShrier reports with benevolence and understanding on these children's disabilities and mental health struggles UNLESS it's gender dysphoria.
She has detailed paragraphs to build good will from readers based on how supportive she is (and the parents she portrays are) in relation to a child's or teenager's autism, eating disorder, suicidal ideation, self-harm, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD.

Shrier accepts those.
Read 4 tweets
16 Jun
Just yesterday I wrote a wee theoretical thread on the concept of good faith. And today, I receive the apposite gift of the arguer who knows to smile in good faith while trying to stab you at the same time.

Here are some fun aspects of the pattern. Image
1. Asks questions that sound serious and and at first curious and sincere, but that only ever end up requiring extra work of you while he is never offering any work of his own (beyond the well-trained talking points that are the basis of his questions).
2. When you’re not immediately forthcoming with the work he asked for, the questions will turn nasty. Can’t you answer? Here’s another question. Can’t you answer that either? Are you not capable of it? What are you, a fraud?
Read 13 tweets

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