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#dnd #dnd5e A Hero holding a torch stands on a small island with piles o
How does DV work?

1. Creature with darkvi⁠sion see in dim light as if it were bright light and in Darkness as if it were dim light.

2. For DV creatures, areas of Darkness are **lightly obscured.**

3. The creature can’t discern color in dark⁠ness, only Shades of Gray.

2/13 Many creatures in the worlds of D&D, especially those that d
Okay, so pretty much a creature with DV is in a **lightly obscured** area while in darkness.

Remember, enemies also with DV are in a lightly obscured area, so neither the player with DV nor the creature has an advantage here, they are equal.

Lightly Obscured:

"In a lightly obscured area, such as dim light, patchy fog, or moderate foliage, **creatures have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks** that rely on sight."

So, DV creatures (players and monsters) BOTH have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Let's compare that to non-DV creatures:

"A creature effectively suffers from the Blinded condition when trying to see something in that area [of darkness]."


1. A blinded creature can’t see and automatically fails any ability check that requires sight.

2. Attack rolls against the creature have advantage, and the creature’s Attack rolls have disadvantage.

Non-DV players have two disadvantages in the dark, so beware!

DV Player: Equal footing with enemy creatures.

Non-DV Player: Double trouble...enemies have advantage to hit them, plus the PC has disadvantage to hit enemy...YIKES!

I'm going to provide an example to showcase these differences.

Now, let's use an example of a human hero going into the "Forge of Fury" to fight the Black Dragon, Nightscale!

Here's our happy hero, about to get all this treasure! Uh-oh...he's a human so he needs a torch...something is about to see him...

8/13 Human hero standing on a small island with piles of treasure
Nightscale, who normally wouldn't see another creature past 60 ft. in darkness now spots our hero...who is bathed in bright light!

Nightscale: "Silly human...time to eat."

9/13 The black dragon, Nightscale, is underwater and spots the hu
Nightscale swims over, our poor hero has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks so fails to see Nightscale swimming in the water towards them.

Nightscale rises out of the water and...splashes water on the human...putting out his torch...UH-OH!!

10/13 Nightscale splashes water on the human hero to snuff out hisThe hero's torch is out, he cannot see.
Nightscale has advantage to hit the hero and the hero has disadvantage to his Nightscale...double trouble time!

After a quick fight, Nightscale blasts the hero with acid breath and it's over. Our hero is dead.

Lesson: Never leave home without a source of Darkvision.

11/13 Nightscale sprays acid breath on the hero, the hero dies.
This darkvision tweet thread features "Forge of Fury," on sale now along with many other D&D titles at @roll20app!

Also, Roll20's dynamic lighting captures the essence of Darkvision. It makes running the game so much easier and more immersive!


Now, this is an important lesson as it helps DMs give opportunities for their players to overcome the pitfalls of not having DV. This makes spells, magic items, and the Observant feat much more desirable!

What are your thoughts on Darkvision? Tell me below!

The End


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