So a while back, the great @tombrevoort made a point that when someone gets a chance to write at Marvel, they always stick in every one of their favorite MU things and characters, in case they never get another chance…

I’m my case, it’s kind of true…

Every time I do something there, which isn’t that often, I always stick in all the stuff that made me love Marvel as a kid.

So I had to put in Shang Chi, the Mole Man, the Celestials, Taskmaster, the Punisher, Spidey, Black Widow, Morbius, etc.

Because I love ‘em.

I’m curious. I see Tom’s point, I think, that it could get formulaic, and could stop people from inventing NEW stuff.

But I wonder if the writers and artists drawing their favorites adds a level of enthusiasm and excitement.

It did for me for sure.

So, writing Domino was a blast, I loved it. But writing Domino with Shang Chi guest starring is like my idea of Heaven.

Writing characters you loved as a kid is like really growing up to be a fireman or an astronaut when you dreamed of it as a kid. It’s just pure happiness.

Tom knows way more about this than I do, I can see it being a problem for a number of reasons.

But dang, when you get to drive the Mach V, don’t you want to press all the cool buttons?

I know Tom’s right.

But I also know if I ever get the chance to put Machine Man in a comic, I’m doing it. Possibly with the Living Mummy.

I can’t help it. :)

So. I have a question.

You have one chance to write a Marvel comic and you can stick in some of your favorites as side characters/settings/props in your story.

One chance, one comic. You may never get to play in the MU again.

Who would you absolutely HAVE to include?

P.S. Tom is a gentleman and a joy to work with as an editor.

• • •

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