Welcome to the Sydney Lockdown day 57 ….

[Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour]

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown Image
I think we have to accept that we are governed by fools (esp 'the public health experts') who cannot offer their constituents anything in the form of a plan for a way out - even in this age of efficacious Vaccines.
#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Cannot help sensing that we are in a new place where Govt cannot stop the Virus spreading (no Govt can) & Govt's punitive measures are simply impoverishing and demoralising the most vulnerable populations.

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Australians need to get vaccinated so that when we hit 70-80%, we can end all lockdowns, we can send all our 'public health experts' and chief health officers back to a very well deserved obscurity.

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Gladystan 11am briefing - New South Wales in the last 24 hours:
- 120,000 vaccinated
- 55% first dose / 30% fully vaccinated
- 825 new cases
- at least 58 in the community

Gladys says national plan is 70-80% fully vaccinated means live freely.

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
At the risk of seeming a broken record: it was ALWAYS a race & the torpor and lethargy of the Vaccine rollout from January has ALWAYS cost us but especially now. We needed speed, mass, urgency. Delay has been disastrous👇

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown

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14 Sep
I am generally unsympathetic to complaints from people in politics & media about criticism, but to the degree there is case for censuring trolls & for everyone to be more reasonable, Leigh Sales makes it quite well here.

The issue that underlies the Leigh Sales piece is vehement responses made by partisans & trolls to reporting in the Covid era. I am reasonably sure that Australia has always had pretty brutal politics. We inherited the Westminster system, where parties sit 2 sword lengths apart.
At the same time, the Media should or must know that many Australians are in a trough of the Pandemic, regardless of getting or avoiding Covid. Families are in lockdown, jobs & businesses lost, children go uneducated, while politicians & media seem not to have suffered at all.
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13 Sep
The Europeans who went big into fantasy solar/wind & 'big batteries' now suffering & now more dependent than ever on Russian gas. Well, except for France & others that kept reliable & scalable Nuclear, and others prepared to rely on Coal. Madness.

"France gets more than two-thirds of its electricity from nuclear — giving it the lowest emissions of any major economy.....Germany, where nuclear generates 11 percent of power, while fossil fuels account for 44 percent — 24 percent of that from coal."

Coal, Gas, Nuclear ... make your pick for your national baseload power source(s). There is no fantasy fourth option, no matter how much disinformation is spun at you by the various "green energy" spivs looking for government subsidies.

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12 Sep
Welcome to the Sydney Lockdown day 80 ….

[Joseph Fowles, "Fort Street to Dawes Point", c1840s]

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown Image
While NSW is galloping to 70%, am hoping that this is true for the distance to 80% ... there will be a hardcore % of vax hesitant/vax bonkers that will not be insignificant in a State of 8m people

According to the Sky chryon running on @ljayes show this morning, Gladys is coming out to front the media this morning at 11am .... in 2025 we will still have 11am press conferences as our 'public health experts' caution it is too early to reopen

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
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12 Sep
Welcome to the Sydney Lockdown day 79 ….

[Sydney Harbour Bridge and northern CBD from Luna Park]

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown Image
Gladystan 11am briefing with Gladys & Dr Chant - New South Wales in the last 24 hours:
- NSW now at 45.6% fully vaccinated
- NSW now at 78.1% first dose
- NSW has 1262 new local cases

NSW remains on track for 70% fully vaccinated by mid October

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Dr Chant emphasising that even healthy people who are unvaccinated can get Covid and die. Also on current trajectory, NSW should get to 80% first dose by Wednesday

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
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11 Sep
Welcome to the Sydney Lockdown day 78 ….

[Sydney CBD from Kirribilli - Sydney Opera House at left and the Sydney Harbour Bridge at right]

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Gladystan 11am briefing with Brad "Chad" Hazzard - New South Wales in the last 24 hours:
- NSW now at 44.5% fully vaccinated
- NSW now at 77.3% first dose
- NSW has 1599 new local cases

NSW remains on track for 70% fully vaccinated by mid October

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
Well said "Chad" @BradHazzard - go and get vaccinated, not just for you, but for your family, for your community, for the good of the country.

I can strongly recommend AZ, the unpretentious, local, journeyman, vaccine of the working man.

#Covid19NSW #SydneyLockdown
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10 Sep
On each Sept 11, I tweet out this US PBS doco on the late FBI agent, John O'Neill, who had tracked UBL/Al Qaeda in the 1990s & predicted AQ attacks. O'Neill was ignored & then forced out. He would then die, tragically, in the World Trade Centre on Sept 11.
Also this discussion between @exjon and @tobyharnden is excellent on what was happening in Afghanistan - esp if you remember (as I do weirdly) hearing the news of Massoud's death days before

The deaths of John O'Neill and Rick Rescorla, both of whose eventful and heroic lives merit films in themselves, in the Sept 11 attacks are among the many awful tragedies of that day.
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