While I'm letting the world know about everything annoying me at the moment, can we talk about protests?

I have friends that were shot at in the Minneapolis protests, and it seems like no peaceful priest can happen without water cannons, gas, etc.

Even in Canada.
... but unhinged, less-than-peaceful antivax protests *at hospitals*, DURING A PANDEMIC?

Ah, just let them do their thing, I guess?
It's literally not possible to have a peaceful antivax protest at a hospital during a pandemic, especially when blocking access.

That is violence, and it's definitely terrorism.

But hey, different demographic protesting.
Err, no peaceful protest, even.

• • •

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13 Sep
You know, I hope the politicians being targeted by Big ABA realize that what's happening to them is a demonstration of what they're doing to young kids.

A politician tweets or speaks in support of #ActuallyAutistic people, & that is a PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOUR to be extinguished.
If the communication isn't what they want (support for their abuse), they seek to beat it - and the speaker - into submission.

Now imagine that you're a five year old, and that anger and hatred is being aimed at your "problematic behaviour"...
... but your "behaviour" is something like self-soothing by strumming your fingers, or flapping.

Or it actually is your speech, they just don't like what you're saying (echolalia, perhaps?).
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5 Sep
Just saw that an ABA profiteer referred to anti-ABA autistics (ie: the vast majority of us) as "the antivaxxers of the autism world".

Imagine referring to a marginalized group as the "(their oppressors) of (their) world".

That's like saying "Jews are the Nazis of Judaism". Huh?
One day, I'm going to stop being surprised at how ridiculous ABA profiteers and Warrior parents are, but I'm sure there's something just around the corner that will top even this.

"Black people are the KKK of the POC world!".

Do they hear themselves? Absolutely ridiculous.
Up until the pandemic that affected *everyone*, autistics were the #1 target of antivaxxers, and we were constantly victimized by them, used as boogeyman in their agendas, etc.

"The antivaxxers of the autism world"!!

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28 Aug
I feel like I'm not seeing many fingers pointed at @autismspeaks @autismspeaksCAN over all of the needles deaths during this pandemic.

They sowed the fear and hatred of autistics that fueled the antivax movement and allowed it to flourish, after all.
Autism $peaks spawned countless "personalities", made an entire industry of screaming about how "awful" autism is.

How many people have died as a result of that movement, just so that pockets could be lined as a result of those fear/hatred campaigns, I wonder?
Err, needless
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23 Aug
My day started out by reading that the org of autism "Warrior parents" that have been screaming about being silenced by those of us - that they decided to abuse - are...

... Approaching the government to cause trouble for @kemalahmedproud at a guest speaker gig.

Again, the complete lack of self awareness is stunning.

If you're a member of a majority group that is harming a marginalized group, you don't get to throw tantrums about being *silenced* when that minority group speaks up about the abuse.

Then there's the wild hypocrisy of literally trying to get the government to step in and prevent a member of that marginalized group from appearing as a guest speaker at a school board...

... While you're screaming about being "silenced" by that marginalized group.
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21 Aug
While I've got the rabid "Warrior parents" freaking out at me, let me point out:

ABA is a multi billion dollar industry.

Many of the parents who attack autistic adults over it sit on boards of orgs that *raise money* to feed into Big ABA.

Autistics don't get paid to fight it.
We fight it - investing our time, money, and spoons to do so - because it's the right thing to do.

We don't financially benefit, all we get is a better future for autistic kids.

And that's enough.

Follow the money, when you're looking at who is fighting for what...
... ESPECIALLY when it's people fighting against a marginalized group.

Especially when that marginalized group points out how abusive what the oppressors are fighting for actually is.

It's not "therapy". It's compliance training deemed inappropriate for even DOGS.
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29 Apr
Just heard of a local autism organization (not run by autistics), that's hosting an awards night to recognize - ahem -

"Autism difference makers" (sic)

Oh boy.

First off, for an org that habitually dehumanizes us, those are... Definitely a choice of words. Yikes.
Secondly... Wow.

Is there any other marginalized group that's dealt with like this?

Where a group of people *adjacent* to a marginalized group hosts awards to celebrate themselves?

Imagine a group of white people having awards to recognize white "difference makers" for POC.
Or a group of straights hosting awards to recognize straight "difference makers" for GLBT people.

Super cringe.

... So why is it acceptable when it comes to #ActuallyAutistic people?

And how are we the ones pegged with "don't understand social skills"?
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