@sanjeevsanyal 1/n -The issue is like this:
1. Entire Collection process in Telecom is outsourced to "Collection Agencies!"
2. The Telecallers, with lil if any data, call up all customers with any Outstanding amount, however low it may be!
3. Once due date is gone, calls & music will start..
@sanjeevsanyal 2/n
4. Once next bill is generated, late payment charges also get levied and keeps getting compounded evey month!
5. So, even if 1 rupee remained outstanding WHEN U CLEARED AMT, or thought u cleared - the cycle of late payment and compunded charges starts!
@sanjeevsanyal 3/n
6. No one bothers to see if amt is for usage or late payment or what!
7. Once u cross 30 or 60 days, depending upon company, ur data gets shared with #HARD Collection agencies!
8. Calls become really tough like banking recoveries!
9. Many even say they R calling frm Court!
@sanjeevsanyal 4/n
10. For some reason Tis Hazari Court is a favourite of many agencies - whichever state the customer may come from!
11. Several customers, especially the elderly pay up out of fear or 2 stop the threatening calls!
12. Hv seen several customers "settle" the amts multiple times!
@sanjeevsanyal 5/n
13. Even after multiple payments & multiple settlements, one cannot be sure of 'final settlement' coz the executive collecting payment has no power to settle!
14. The exec can just collect and put up a case for #Waiver of any balance amount (even rupee 1)
@sanjeevsanyal 6/n
15. If waiver gets passed & account closed - thank ur lucky stars!!
16. But if any amt - even ₹1 remains, then its very dangerous as it can restart the cycle of rebirth and death! (Amt ₹1, could vary frm company to Co ).
This is only 1aspect of #what happens. Now How & Why
@sanjeevsanyal 7/n Why does no one correct this problem??
1. No one corrects this coz it effects no one's KRA - Key Result Areas or performance appraisal!!
2. In fact, such cases, to the contrary, only help everyone get better appraisals!! 😁
Wonder How? #ReadOn ..
3. Let's start with d base..
@sanjeevsanyal 8/n
3. The "Collection Team" has a target of collecting 100% of the OS Amt billed in the month (Current bucket)!
4. Note that, target is on amount - not customers! So some chillar custmrs (remember ₹1) remain unpaid, it bothers no one as advance can be brought from others!
@sanjeevsanyal 5. Depending upon the Company, the no: of customers and Amt could vary and there could be substantial shortfall! (In the Co in where I worked earlier, 30% of landline customers used to remain unpaid!!)
#Tangent - I owe my name & fame in the Co for takin it to almost 💯😎🙏
@sanjeevsanyal 10/n
6. If Collection Team can do 100% of target by collecting advance, then keeping some accounts and amts OS helps as Collection Agencies get higher Commission on these accounts!
7. Highest Commission is for Collection beyond 90 days - hence remember the Tis Hazari Court calls!
@sanjeevsanyal 11/n
Now other aspects only add 2d #Fun!
8. For each customr who wants to terminate & move out, there is a special #Retention Team whch come what may, has to retain a fixed percentage of Customers!
9. What happens if it is not able to meet the target? Wl d exec forego incentive?
@sanjeevsanyal 12/n
10. Even if the exec is willing to forego his/her incentive, the exec's boss would be unwilling to forego the Boss's incentive!
11. Even if both r willing to forgo their incentives, they wld not be willing to listen to abuse that wl mostly come their way!
@sanjeevsanyal 13/n
12. End Result is that irrespective of any customer wanting to continue or not, it wl be shown that he/she is willing to continue - and voila - Billing will start again!! Cycle of death & rebirth! 😂
There are so many more reasons and process gaps that a thread wl not n enuf
@sanjeevsanyal 14/n
13. Tried to highlight this many times
14. Have seen legal notices being sent to customers for 10 paisa and ₹ 1 amounts also!
15. Now the cost of legal notice itself could be anywhere of ₹50 upwards!
16. So, why wld a Company spend that amt??
17. Coz it helps everyone..
@sanjeevsanyal 15/15
18. But what about d customer?
Well yeah! What about d customer? Who bothers about them anyways, other than paying lip service to them..!
There is so much more about this but wl cease for now! Hv already written a lot!!
Not sure hw many wl read or do anything but..🙏

• • •

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@swati_gs Swati This Mr. Fact checker @free_thinker has not Fact Checked d link he tweeted.
Author @muqbil_ahmar has falsified &white washed the true meaning.
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So, says Supreme Court itself! See Extract from Sept 12 Judgment
2. Not only this, the SC only on Sep 12, 2017 said that data at its perusal does not warrant a full ban!
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