A sensible leader would:

✅reattempt local elimination now vaccination rates are high. (the reduction in transmission afforded by vaccination should assist contact tracing).


✅community medical mask/respirator use
✅emphasize ventilation at the daily presser.

✅implement community home rapid antigen testing.

✅ use mass pooled testing

✅ use HEPA filters in apartment outbreaks and advise people to use HEPA when isolating.
✅ commence work on sourcing the equipment required to ensure schools have maximum airborne disease mitigation aiming for a solid start in 2022.

✅ procure vaccines for children and ensure all sections of the community have high vaccination rates.
✅ Draft business COVID safety plans based on airborne disease control.

✅ Recognise that some businesses will require ongoing support (like gyms) until elimination is achieved.
✅ Work closely with other governments to reach agreements on travel bubbles and green lanes.
✅ Build large capacity airgapped quarantine for travellers to isolate if arriving from countries that have strains that transmit efficiently despite vaccination (all delta strains at this time but this will change with vaccine updates).
✅Share vaccines, research and technology when able to assist other countries to reduce transmission.
Now all we have to do is find a sensible leader. Does anyone know anyone?

• • •

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11 Sep
@shaz_harro There is going to be a honeymoon period as the high vaccination rate, together with ongoing mask use and school closures take effect.

A sense of confidence will return and further opening up. Preparations for Christmas will begin.
@shaz_harro Case numbers will increase slowly until the opening up occurs. For a short while even after restrictions are loosened all will seem well… and then the slow ramp of cases will begin again.
@shaz_harro If schools go back without adequate multi-layered mitigations, and it seems likely an attempt will be made to do this, children’s cases will skyrocket.

The pressure will fall on children’s hospitals.
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10 Sep
The size and length of the outbreak is irrelevant.

Educate people and give them the resources and infrastructure to empower them to avoid disease.

All you need is R<1.

There are diseases that have stalked humanity for as long as humans have recorded history that we no longer suffer from in many parts of the world.

Never give up.

If you can’t save yourself from the first infection, you may avoid a second or third. If you can’t save this generation, you may save future ones from this scourge.
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9 Sep
Small study, and half the patients in the COVID-19 arm also had antibiotics, but apparently even after you control for this…

COVID-19 moves in to the gut like a squatter, chucks out your friendly gut bacteria and hangs out with the bad bugs!
H/T @jmcrookston ->
No GI symptoms persisting to indicate the gut carriage of COVID-19 either.

Live virus is shed in stools by COVID-19 patients for many weeks, if it becomes a part of the gut biome, this could be an extraordinarily long time.

We will need to think about how sewage is treated and discharged into the environment, and safety of shared toilets.
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9 Sep

Thank you for trying. We will remember forever who it was that infected Australia.

It was @GladysB who made the final call to let it rip.
Please know, that @GladysB did this without ever offering essential workers respirators so that we could get R<1. Never deployed rapid tests to the community. Never in a whole year sorted out ventilation in schools or workplaces.
Decided that all children under 12 and 30% of the eligible population could be left to sink or swim in their own having never even had a chance to access a vaccine!
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27 Aug
Up until now, I have been on full sprint mode to try to prevent this disaster.

Unfortunately @GladysB @BradHazzard @NSWCHO @ScottMorrisonMP and @GregHuntMP with @smitchellmlc have now put us on a definite path to uncontrolled and uncontrollable disease.
Sadly despite what @NSWCHO might want, the resources for disease control will soon be much reduced.

There is however something that we can do about this, but it will require going into marathon mode. Stay with me…
We need to push to get work health and safety law to protect every worker in Australia from airborne disease infection with more than vaccines


We need a grass roots movement to just do the work that the government should have done ages ago.
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27 Aug
Everyone that is still discussing models… pause…. think…

We have introduced delta at 24% vaccination (fully).

We are unable to control the outbreak (because we are using the wrong tools).

We are relaxing restrictions without case targets met.

The models do not apply.
Take all the previous models, and throw them in the bin.

We need a new model with the school opening at thousands of cases factored in.

It’s very hard not to swear today.

If you know what is good for you, go and buy a respirator that feels like it fits you today, and shave your stubble/beard.
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