This is very funny.

Does anyone know if this person is actually a doctor?

Or has somehow just managed to get through medical school without noticing how science works?

If someone makes an allegation, one can

(a) ignore it,
(b) conduct experiments to test for it.
If you ever feel a bit dim or slow witted, just click the link below which lists hundreds of commentaries on the above tweet.

Click on it, scroll to a random point, and realise that actually, you are very fortunate to have received an education.


So, should we get special, "other", disposable, people to take it, before we do?

Are people who enter clinical trials "fools"?

We just sponge off their altruism, shall we?
I noticed that after my first Jab, I got into a heated argument with Matthew Shun-Shin, and called him a dimwit, for his advocacy of the Oxford Comma.
Since the second, I have repeatedly lambasted James Howard for his preference for the single quote over the double quote, in Javascript.
I think I am gonna sue the Jab makers.

Money grabbing bastards, working all hours to come up with ways to cut COVID mortality by 90%. It's all part of the conspiracy, I tell you. I would rather be intubated, and my elderly frail relatives die, than have this bill-gates-nanobots!
How can they ...?
Dear @JoshCasper,

Probably because their brains have higher melting points.


• • •

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14 Sep
When your patient adverse symptoms on statins, what should you do?
Here are 4 choices
When will they stop taking the statin?
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11 Sep
Everyone who dies of Covid today, got it from
Suppose on average it takes 10 days from a person being infected, to that person passing it on to the next person in the chain.

Let's say we are about 500 days into the pandemic.

If I get it today, how many people long is that chain that led to me?
The mortality of Covid infection, without vaccination, is around half a percent.

Suppose the Covid I get today, kills me.

How many people in the chain of ~50 that let do me, on average, would you expect to have died from it?
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6 Jul

I was just about to say, "Looks fine to me” ...
... when I suddenly noticed this.
And once you see that, the whole thing unravels.
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23 Jun
I see Prof Chloroquine has decided to sue Elisabeth Bik for annoying him by pointing out the dubious features in his claims.
The MOMENT a scientist takes legal action instead of answering the scientific questions, you KNOW the answer.

They may as well come out and say it!
So if anyone is enjoying using INSPIRION to learn simple medical stats ...…
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22 Jun
Ahhhh, interesting that Josh brings this up!

h/t to Sanjay Kaul @kaulcsmc and DJ Cohen @djc795
for highlighting how difficult it is for people to redirect their thinking
What dose of metoprolol do you consider standard?
Here is the UK's British National Formulary (equivalent in role, I believe, to the US Physician's Desk Reference) regarding standard short-acting metoprolol.

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A question that I thought was simple, has had enormous pushback from respondents. 50:50 are ardently espousing an answer I consider to be obviously wrong.

Suppose there is a shop which only lets you in if you bring exactly ONE child.
Each person going shopping has two children, and chooses one child to go with them, but ALWAYS takes a boy if they have a boy.

For a randomly chosen customer in the shop, if their accompanying child is a boy, what is the probability that the child at home is a girl?
Let's give it a few days to see how people vote.

Please don't give the answer away, as it will spoil the experience.
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