1. In wars fought through propaganda, it's difficult to discern what's really happening. This video posted less than 24 hours ago purports to be from #Bamyan. That is due west of Kabul. If the reports of Taliban being forced out of most of #Panjshir are

2. accurate the other reports of #AfghanResistance gains in the area west of Panjshir combined with this and other reports of advances can give hope to areas of Afghanistan that could be expected to resist a Pakistani invasion to install a Pak controlled al-Qaeda junta.
3. My review of the government controlled media from China, Russia and the Stans surrounding Afghanistan evidence a consensus may be forming against the Taliban. Pakistan's denials of involvement have likely frozen the Pak air force along with the Turks who IMO
4. were part of the air assault on Panjshir in the opening days of the battle. Taliban without air support, levels the ground. Wits and courage of the fighters is what will decide the battles. The Pak Al-Qaeda Taliban forces are now viewed by a large part of Afghans as a
5. foreign force. That image will not be easy to erase from the Afghan consciousness. In the pas 20 years, the US and its partners have built infrastructure, developed an education system and created the basis for a functioning civil society
6. that the Taliban & their Pakistani masters hope to transform into infrastructure for a terrorist Caliphate to once again project jihadist terror world-wide. Besides Pakistan puppet masters the Taliban are allied only with Qatar & Turkey who together hope to remain invisible
7. actors in the global terrorist network hidden behind a false alliance with the war on terror when, in fact, they stand at the van of the terrorist forces that seek to destroy democracy, equality and religious pluralism with a goal to make us slaves to the terrorist Caliphate.

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14 Sep
1. US Tax policy will be future historian's Rosetta Stone for tracing the cause of the end of the American experiment. From 1940 to 1964 US income tax rates on incomes ranging from over 200k to 400k were over 80%. Most of the time over 90%. The rates started to fall in 1964
2. that I presume was the deal that made the Civil Rights Acts pass. Then the decline increased with Nixon and finally the massive Reagan tax cuts turned American economic life on its head. That massive lowering of top tax rates was accomplished by in large part by a determined
3. group of conspiracy theorists who claimed the reds were going to take over and destroy us all the while the guy who ran the group made his money workding for the Reds. The big lie we are witnssing devour our society was and remains the stock and trade of the
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14 Sep
1. @MSNBC hosts like @NicolleDWallace keep saying things like they don't get why the GOP leaders and members don't speak out against the ongoing anti-democratic actions of #45 cultists, when the reason is the same they don't speak out. The GOP and @MSNBC are controlled by Koch
2. who will lose power if we have a democracy. Every @HouseGOP @SenateGOP is controlled by Koch. They don't have to raise money and they only have to give total obedience in exchange for financial support. If @maddow wants to save the world, she will cut it with @MSNBC.
3. Create a platform for news and comment that is not controlled by any anti-American cult/bribery conspiracy. And the Democrats are also to blame because they have yet to subpoena Koch and his minions like McGahn to an open hearing on their maligned influence in US politics.
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14 Sep
1. I don't think this is Baradar. Not even close. This is a younger voice. In addition, Baradar has a protruding right incisor that makes his speech distinct. Meter and breath is all wrong. This is not Baradar IMO. #Taliban #Haqqani #PanjshirGenocide #Panjshir
2. Here's the real one. I don't think it's even close. So IMO he's dead or severely injured. At least it's a reasonable conclusion. @DefenseIntel

Taliban leader Mullah Video Abdul Ghani Baradar's message to Afghans via @YouTube
3. If that assessment is accurate, then what are the Haqqani going to do now? The charade can't last. What's their plan? I would think that may be the reason that Zabiullah Mujahid flew to Mazar-e-Sharif. Designated survivor, while Haqqani and the Pak ISI complete the coup.
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13 Sep
1. Taliban exposed as Pakistani agents plus the FTO Haqqani network voiding the Feb 29, 2020 agreement, may have dashed Pakistan's hopes of a tidy de facto Afgh. annexation. With Paks embedded with Taliban now branded foreign invaders, it might make sense for a Taliban leader
2. to cut ties and take the nationalist high ground, well-separated from Pakistan affiliated TB leaders. Only Pakistan, Qatar, and Turkey support the Taliban govt. But with Russia and US blocking, money is not likely to come. Tajikistan govt appears firmly on
3. the anti-Taliban team and with that border available to support an insurgency. China and Iran both turned their backs on the Taliban leaving Taliban's Pakistani benefactors isolated and exposed to sanctions. Plan is at a point where people start looking for the exists.
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11 Sep
1. Wishing the war on terror was over won't make it so. I didn't lose anyone close on 9/11, but I'm going to wake up tomorrow and do what I try to do every day. Raise an alarm about the terrorist threat and do what I can to address it. Want to honor the dead? Stop the terrorists.
2. That means dealing with conditions that encourage recruitment. Pakistan's madrases are terrorist factories. Paks hid Bin Laden. Now that they combined with a Specially Designated Global Terrorist org to overthrow the Afghan govt.
3. The Taliban breached the agreement by attacking and not negotiating. Choosing not to shoot it out with the US Army and Marines does not equate to performance of the agreement, and should have no bearing on how we approach them. That should be driven by what's in our interest.
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11 Sep
1. The Taliban's inability to resist murdering civilians likely doomed hopes of recognition. Thus far, Qatar and Pakistan are major players who will likely recognize them. I think that's a political mistake, but both are too deep in the conspiracy to overthrow Afgh. to get out.
2. Counties like the KSA, UAE, Turkmenistan and Turkey are worth watching. If I'm correct, Turkey has Panjshiri blood on its hands. If Russia & US are on the same page, Turkey will have few options. Iran's military boss has already voiced concerns.
3. I think both Saudis and UAE will find that they need to distance themselves from Taliban. If played right, they can use Qatar's complicity as pretext to bring pressure on it. Especially if we don't need the base. I've never thought that the dispute was settled. Just shelved.
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