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The meeting of the Supreme Council of National Resistance for the Salvation of #Afghanistan was held in Turkey last night, by the AFG political leaders, including Dostum, Sayyaf, Mohaqeq, Ata Noor, Yunus Qanuni & a number of others.
The meeting went on for 8 hours.
The participants at the end of the meetimg have shared a joint statment on which they have called on the int'l community not to recognize the #Taliban regime, and called on the Taliban to end suppressing and oppression of different ethnic groups and to engage in dialogue.
Members of the meeting has also declared the ongoing resistance in #Panjshir, Andarab, Takhar, Badakhshan and other parts of the country as a legitimate war against the #Taliban and announced their support for it.
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NEW: @DoD_IG report on US-#Afghanistan raises questions about Washington's "over-the-horizon" #counterterrorism strategy

Need for US planes/drones to fly long distances, loss of human intelligence "has significantly reduced the DoD’s
capacity to track terrorist targets"
"As of the end of the quarter [March 31], the DoD had not conducted any strikes on terrorist targets in #Afghanistan since its withdrawal last year" per @DoD_IG acting IG Sean O'Donnell

re: #ISIS #alQaida
#ISIS-#Khorasan estimated to have 2,000 members operating in #Afghanistan, per @DoD_IG citing @DefenseIntel

That's about half of estimates shared by the @UN in February
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Thread 🧵:
A resident of Dara, #Panjshir:
The #Taliban went door to door in Dara and said to all male residents that a meeting is to be held in the mosque with Taliban security officials to discuss how to protect civilians life in ongoing war with #NRF, therefore, everyone...
... should come to the mosque. Although my sister begged me to not to go with them, but there wasn't any option so I had to. When we reached at the mosque, dozens of other people were already there.
We sat there for a while, after some moments, a Talib came & said the meeting (jalsa) is going to be held in a garden & we are taking you all there. At that time, we all believed that they would either kill us or imprison us, cos they had done so many times in past 9 months.
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Non pubblico le foto, perché sono veramente troppo cruente. Ma un giorno la nostra coscienza dovrà rispondere di quanto sta accadendo ormai da mesi in #Afghanistan.
Oggi i #Talebani hanno torturato e ucciso dei bambini. Ripeto: torturato e ucciso dei bambini.
La loro colpa?
Appartenere al #Panjshir, la provincia da cui origina l'ultima sacca di resistenza ai Taliban, quella facente capo ad #AhmadMassoud, di cui avevo parlato pochi giorni fa.
Qui qualcuno parlava di regime "distensivo". Altri (o gli stessi) suggerivano di riconoscere l'autorità dei Talebani sull'#Afghanistan perché lo impone la "realpolitik".
Io i volti di quei bambini ve li risparmio. Ma in cambio, la prossima volta che con leggerezza vi verrà
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Thread 🧵 on #Taliban war crimes in #Panjshir.

I request @hrw @amnesty @UNHumanRights @SR_Afghanistan to kindly read this tread and I leave its investigation on you.

Last night, the Taliban killed at least seven civilians in Abdullah Khil Valley of #Panjshir.
After a heavy defeat & many casualities, the #Taliban entered to Abdullah Khil Valley last night in coordination with the #NRF to transfer the dead bodies & wounded of their group members.

But after doing so, the Taliban opened fire on civilian homes as they were leaving... 2/4
... the Abdullah Khil Valley, killing and wounding several people including women and children.

the talks for allowing Taliban to get inside the valley were done with the mediation of #Taliban security chief for #Panjshir.
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Il mullah Omar era solito ripetere all'indirizzo degli occidentali: "Voi avete gli orologi, noi abbiamo il tempo".
Il decreto firmato dal leader dei #Talebani, che obbliga le donne dell'#Afghanistan ad indossare il #Burqa in pubblico, lo smentisce. I #talebani non hanno solo
il tempo, ma pure gli orologi: con le loro lancette hanno riportato l'#Afghanistan indietro di 20 anni.
E dire che qualcuno, in Italia (#Conte), parlava di un regime "distensivo". Sbagliava: i Talebani non sono cambiati.
Curioso poi risentire come Conte parlasse della Russia
e di arroganza dell'Occidente. Non è cambiato niente.
La scorsa estate parlai col prof. @Margelletti. Mi disse: "Le conquiste che le donne hanno avuto verranno completamente azzerate e devastate".…
Aveva ragione.
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By all accounts, the NRF have launched a major offensive against the #Taliban across #Panjshir today -- taking multiple districts.

No doubt the #Taliban can respond in force, but it's yet another sign (beyond #ISKP) that #Afghanistan's new rulers are far from unchallenged.
NEW - x7 rockets fired into #Tajikistan from #Afghanistan.

In one month, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan & #Tajikistan have all been hit by cross-border attacks, and #Iran affected by border clashes.

Tajik incident comes amid NRF (long associated with #Dushanbe) offensive in #Panjshir.
#ISKP have claimed today’s cross-border rocket attack on #Tajikistan.

This comes weeks after a similar volley was fired into #Uzbekistan & amid #TTP cross-border attacks into #Pakistan & clashes along the #Iran border.

#Taliban coming under mounting pressure.
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There are different views about a recent incident in #Attan near #Massoud's grave.
Few facts:
1. Those performed Attan, were not #Taliban. They were youths, mainly from south of #AFG, on a sightseeing tour in Panjshir. For sure, few Taliban also joined the Attan... ImageImageImageImage
2. #Taliban (as a religious and hardliner movement) are against any type of dance including Attan.
3. The Attan location was hundreds meter away from the grave of #Massoud& as said by some commenters, that Attan was not the 1st dance there.

To be clear, Attan in that specific..., with or without purpose, was not a good move and it should be criticized.
But making that Attan an issue for provoking ethnic tensions, is even worse. ImageImageImageImage
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What happened in #Panjshir in the last five days?

Five days ago, the #Taliban attacked the National Resistance Front (#NRF) positions in Hesarak #Panjshir, which was repulsed by the forces of the Hesarak base and the #Taliban were trapped. 1/4
During this time, on Thursday, 11 TBN were killed, 40 TBN were killed & wounded on Friday & 13 TBN killed on Saturday in Hesarak area of Rukha #Panjshir.
In last 2 days, #Taliban are trying to gather & transfer some bodies & woundeds left on area through Abdullah khil Pass. 2/4
Due to the cutting of the Hesarak Bridge by the resistance forces, the #Taliban are forced to move their bodies & woundeds through the Abdullah Khil Pass, which has become a very problematic route for the #Taliban. 3/4
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Over the last 48 hours, the Taliban regime has terrorized more than a million Tajik residents of Kabul. The victims are mainly from #Panjshir, #Parwan, #Kapisa, and other northern provinces. The Taliban militias have surrounded multiple districts, breaking into houses, beating
ordinary people, confiscating people's belongings, and investigating families at gunpoint. No one in the surrendered localities is allowed to leave. Multiple sources in Kabul, which I talked to, confirm the indiscriminate brutality of the regime's militias that
, in most cases, are ethnically charged and motivated. The regime's militias, primarily rural Pashtuns in their early 20s who "cannot speak a word of Farsi," use ethnic slurs, derogatory language, and excessive violence against victims.
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[THREAD] #Afghanistan: This is getting, to quote Alice, curiouser and curiouser. Not only are we seeing modern Russian PG-7VR apparently in #Panjshir in multiple images, SVDS DMR can also be seen. These are another recent (1995) design that I haven't previously seen locally. 👀 ImageImage
A few pro NRF accounts were claiming this was "new supply" as of the beginning of 2022.

Starting to appear that an external benefactor may have managed to get some new hardware to the anti-TB fighters. And apparently they don't care about it being easily identifiable. Image
This image appeared in late Nov 2021 (21st), showing another SVDS pattern DMR. Whilst the NRF has quite often been a social media only force with actual activity being... unclear to say the least; I am extremely interested in the sourcing of this materiel.

More to come, I hope. Image
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A #protest in #Panjshir:
According to @aamajnews24, some residents of Anaba district of Panjshir claim that an innocent young man named Mohammad Agha shot dead by #Taliban fighters.
Dozens of people in Panjshir carrying the dead body of him, chanting “death to Taliban” slogan.
A twitter account attributed to Hamid Khurasani, a former warlord& current deputy chief of police for #Panjshir, wrote that Mohammad Agha was killed by the Taliban while he was placing a bomb in exchange for $500. "There is no place for Daesh in Panjshir."
Hamid Khurasani deleted his old tweet&now wrote:
"In a misunderstanding that led to the shooting, one person was killed in Kuraba village of Unaba district.
The #IEA officials have arrested several suspects in this case& promised to investigate the issue."
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New #appointments of the #Taliban:
The #Supreme_Court of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appointed new heads (#judges) for the appellate courts and city courts in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
The appointments didn't include #Panjshir Province.
The newly appointed 69 judges are mainly Mawlawies.
Among 33 provinces, only the Kabul have four City Courts (with four judges), as the city is divided into four zones due to high density of population.
More #appointments by the #Taliban in judicial sector, mainly in the #Supreme_Court but also in the Military Courts of #Nangarhar and #Balkh provinces.
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#Facebook - Not many people use Twitter in Afghanistan. Afghans are mainly on Facebook. For 5 year's or so I run a Facebook page under the name "Tales of the Battlefields". I mainly posted pictures of different province's, told stories of our encounters with Taliban.
I had 100 friends or so. They were loyal friends, but unfortunately I never met them in person. We mainly talked about the social issues we were facing in Afghanistan and ways to resolve this never ending war. I posted pictures of our beautiful country but, never my own.
You see my friends, #Taliban will follow you to your door step if they knew who you are. Unlike the corrupt officials who drove around in bullet proof cars accompanied by bodyguards, we were on our own on the streets of Kabul when off duty.
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1. "The freedom-loving Mujahideen and the young resistance fighters of Nahrin city, Baghlan province, today started their armed struggle against the aggressors and foreign occupiers under the leadership of the young commander Ahmad Massoud and Commander Saleh Mohammad Rigistan,
2. the senior military commander of the National Resistance Front."

I rarely reported on Afghanistan in the nearly 7years of reporting on the war in Syria. I felt there was no foreseeable solution for Afghanistan with the same corrupt elites running the country so
3. there would always be fighting. I knew in spring @JoeBiden had to make a call in Afghanistan, so I spent time trying to apply what I learned in 7 years about what wins and what loses wars. By the time Joe announced, I'd concluded there was no US centered militarily solution.
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#LastStand - According to our calculations, #Panjshir would have fallen in the beginning of October had we made a last stand. Our ammunitions and fuel supplies would have lasted until around this time. I am glad the commanders who were in favour of a last stand were pushed aside
The reason why the resistance is still active is because of the withdrawal. There would have been no ambushes and no resistance had we made a stand. This allowed the leadership to move to other provinces to ignite the flames of resistance.
Withdrawal is the reason why we have resistance in our province. It is the reason why there is resistance in the surrounding provinces. We carried the flames of resistance from #PanjshirValley to our own valleys throughout the mighty Hindu Kush.
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Supreme Leader's newspaper Kayhan: Al-Qaeda executed 9/11 attack with direct support of KSA and CIA. Blackwater ran drug trade and looted Afghanistan's resources. After US left, Zionist Massoud started resistance in #Panjshir and reformists cheered him.
Supreme Leader's newspaper Kayhan: Reformists derided "Defenders of the Shrine" as "Defenders of Bashar al-Assad". But now, along with BBC, they want Iran to support "Zionist" Massoud, and ignore the failure of American democracy in Afghanistan.
Supreme Leader's newspaper Kayhan: The fall of #Kabul is the start of domino effect of humiliating fall of the US in the region and the certainty of its imminent recurrence in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and most importantly, the liberation of Palestine.
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Now that the war is finished for the Taliban they didn’t feel comfortable. Many of their fighters are worried that they missed their chance at martyrdom in the war.
A commander of Taliban said to Washington Post: “I tell them they need to relax...
They still have a chance to become martyrs. But this adjustment will take time.”

Think about this!

They want martyrdom. Taliban who most of them are students of deobandi madrasas of Pakistan believes that martyrdom can be achieved only when a person kills a non-Muslim.
The members of this group even shouted that they were going towards martyrdom when they attacked #Panjshir. From their point of view, anyone who does not believe in their way of thinking and belief is an infidel and should be killed.
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1/West Intel/fbi cia mi6&politicians’s decision about #Afghanistan's considered as either an“Impulsive Decision Making”or a“Criminal Preplanned Action”. Either one's clinically diagnosed as“Psychological Disorder”
The former,#Impulsivity's a major sign of various Mental Disorders ImageImageImageImage
2/..from Schizophrenia to Substance Use/cannabis legalization by politicians,a behavior with NO “forethought & consideration of the consequences”, that put the goals & innocent people’s lives in jeopardy.
The latter, an intentional“Anti-civilians operation
3/..&support of brutal terrorists”/#Taliban #ISIS #Al_Qaeda..,a combination of “Crime & Irresponsibility”, is the characteristic of “Antisocial Personality Disorder”& need an immediate attention &serious treatment under watch!
As etiology, in addition to
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#TheBattleOfPanjshir How desperate a group of men have to be to search the war museum for working fighting machines. We opened the old containers meant to serve as a make shift museums to our past glorious, looking for anything to wake up so it could fire gain just one more time.
#Panjshir was the safest province of Afghanistan hence the Afghan army didn't have any substantial presence. The men of Panjshir were busy fighting in the four corners of our land. We were like an old rusty boxer called from retirement to face the new enemy at the gates.
Event happened too fast and we were cornered within weeks of #Taliban launching their final offensive. We had no time to prepare and any resources we had were sent to Takhar province to hold off the Taliban advance. Nobody expected Taliban to give a new definition to #Blitzkrieg.
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Update #Afghanistan .
Die Widerstandsprovinz #Panjshir ist gefallen. Die #Taliban räumen nun langsam all die vielen Waffenlager leer, die sie dort vorgefunden haben.
Besonders brisant: sie fanden in Pandschir allen Ernstes ballistische Kurzstreckenraketen vor.
Es heißt, sie hätten zahlreiche alte sowjetische Kurzstreckenraketen vom Typ "Elbrus" und "Luna-M" vorgefunden.
Reichweite bis zu 300 km.
Es scheint allerdings nicht, dass diese noch funktionsfähig wären.
Dennoch stellt sich die Frage, woher #Panjshir diese überhaupt hat.
Die Sowjetunion hatte die afgh.Armee einst kurz vor ihrem Abzug damit ausgerüstet, um gegen die Mudjahedeen zu kämpfen.
Nach dem Fall der sozialistischen Regierung landeten die Teile anscheinend in #Panjshir und lagen seitdem die 30 Jahre in den Bergen vor sich hin.
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#Taliban terrorist hits the jackpot once again. Their blackmail with stranded western citizens paid off. At the UN today, the following countries announced humanitarian assistance to #Afghanistan

In Millions:
#Japan 200 $
#US 64 $
#France 100 €
#Germany 5 €
#UN 25 $
Video executions by the #Taliban in the #Panjshir Valley. The Taliban told the BBC based on our report they will launch an investigation. @hrw has told me that our report correspondents with a pattern of such executions they've documented #Afghanistan
This is #Afghanistan under Taliban rule:

Videos of Taliban purportedly kidnapping young Panjshiri men in #Kabul

Videos of Hazara men in Daikundi saying Taliban will seize their properties

Videos of a woman being publicly whipped by the Taliban in Herat
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1. I don't think this is Baradar. Not even close. This is a younger voice. In addition, Baradar has a protruding right incisor that makes his speech distinct. Meter and breath is all wrong. This is not Baradar IMO. #Taliban #Haqqani #PanjshirGenocide #Panjshir
2. Here's the real one. I don't think it's even close. So IMO he's dead or severely injured. At least it's a reasonable conclusion. @DefenseIntel

Taliban leader Mullah Video Abdul Ghani Baradar's message to Afghans via @YouTube
3. If that assessment is accurate, then what are the Haqqani going to do now? The charade can't last. What's their plan? I would think that may be the reason that Zabiullah Mujahid flew to Mazar-e-Sharif. Designated survivor, while Haqqani and the Pak ISI complete the coup.
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1/2 What’s happening in Panjshir is reminiscent of carnage carried out by TlPU in Northern Kerala when 10-11 yr old boys wr decap!tated.
Today North Kerala produces #lSlS recruits.

Trivia: #Panjshir ws PANCH-SHER ( 5 lions), named after 5 brothers.
Like Kandahar ws GANDHAR!
2/2 There’s also a famous story of PANJSHIR KE JOGI— apparently a stone. Story goes that a Jogi converted himself into a stone here. Another famous story frm Afg is of the #Asamai Temple, (named after Asha Devi) where the AKHAND jyoti (FIRE) has been burning since 4000 years.
Note: Local legend says Panjshir ws named after 5 brothers who built a dam for Ghazni in 11th century AD. I doubt it though! Ghazni massacred people in Afg and continued to do it till he reached India. Somnath Temple is an example of how brutal this man cld hv bn.
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