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11 Sep, 51 tweets, 18 min read
in case #Insiders forgets to devote as much time to catastrophic failures by the NSW government as it did to a speech by the Queensland premier last week, a brief overview: Berejiklian has lost control of the people in eastern Sydney and of the virus in western Sydney.
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are former Liberal Party staffer and 9fax columnist Niki Savva; Ch 10 co-host and columnist Waleed Aly; Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin.
Interview is with shadow minister for education and for women, Tanya Plibersek.
opening spiel: NSW unveils it’s plan to re-open. It is “high stakes” - for some - and the prime minister is cheering the premier on. Other states are anxious. #Insiders
“Berejiklian is determined to give some freedoms but only to the fully vaccinated”.
So far we have heard what Morrison thinks, what Berejiklian wants, and a vague feeling attributed to the entire rest of the nation.
the montage is politicians and journalists commenting on mal distribution of vaccines, particularly the over-delivery to NSW at the expense of Victoria. Why NSW-Vic conflict matters more than anything else on a federal politics show goes unexplained. #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with an announcement about future vaccine procurement/arrival/whatever and Speers tells us the panel will discuss an opposition Senator. Yay! #Insiders
the editorialisation segment is Speers telling us how the Morrison government is spinning its vaccine procurement failures, thereby amplifying and legitimising said spin, as is his wont. #Insiders
panel. Martin also recaps the Pfizer procurement failures. She says the Morrison claim about Pfizer focus elsewhere “is not right”. Speers quickly cuts her off and flicks to Savva. Martin valiantly tries to set the record straight but Speers says Niki you go. #insiders
we have been scrounging, says Savva. “Nothing” the Morrison government says stacks up, she says, as Martin was trying to say. Speers cuts in again with his “we will never know” framing. Martin says well we did not try. She means the Morrison government did not try. #Insiders
we are in a world of speculation here, says Aly. He then reiterates the “argument” the “Morrison government is making”. Speers keeps interrupting with red herrings and adds the fave Liberal Party politician shrug, “we are in a pandemic” as well. #Insiders
over and over Speers persists with the lie that Morrison screwed up vaccine procurement out of concern for high case countries. It is simply not true. Aly says we’ll both can be true - that Morrison messed it up and other countries had higher needs. #Insiders
and here is the prime minister telling the lie, with bonus nationalism [“sovereign manufacturing capability”]. Thanks. #Insiders
again, a panelist schools Speers on false dichotomy. Yes it makes sense to pursue sovereign manufacturing capability, agrees Martin, which does not change the facts on how Morrison - and Hunt - failed to negotiate with Pfizer. #Insiders
now Savva is steering Speers away from conspiracist nonsense. I wouldn’t put it in the secret deal category, she says, over the disproportionate supply given to NSW. The problem is Morrison was giving more doses to NSW while lecturing the other states. #Insiders
and they announced the extra doses and will announce extra doses for Victoria today, says Speers, contradicting his garbage secret deal framing inside a minute. Nobody seems to know where doses are going in real time says Aly #Insiders
just on that “nobody seems to know about dose distribution in real time” thing, recall Morrison brought in a military man on the basis of military logistics expertise. #Insiders
as Speers tries to segue off to the interview, both Savva and Martin have additional points to clarify on the dose distribution problems. #Insiders
the interview entry clip is of Berejiklian reciting her usual lies. #Insiders. Q: Are you comfortable with the NSW re-opening plan? Plibersek says it would be easier to be confident if there was health advice supporting the decision.
expresses empathy for people fed up with lockdown, emphasises that modelling AND TRANSPARENCY are needed, notes NSW has cancelled pressers, Speers says well not cancelled, just fewer. #Insiders
over and over Speers asks Plibersek about her personal “comfort” with NSW re-opening. Plibersek says we are in lockdown because of Morrison failing to secure sufficient vaccines. Says national leadership is needed. #Insiders
asked about the NSW policy of privileges for double-vaxxed [over 16s] and religious leaders seeking exemptions, Plibersek says Labor supports payments to support people to get vaccinated which will also act as stimulus. #Insidersc
when should schools re-open? When it is safe? But WHEN? What date? Well David this is too important for me to just make stuff up. #Insiders
Plibersek: school students have had a horror two years, they have missed out on learning, school formals, their social and emotional well-being… Speers: YES BUT A DATE. WHEN. Plibersek says safety first. #Insiders
as Plibersek tries to make the point about school ventilation, Speers interrupts says yes good point now on teacher vaccination, should it be mandatory national, like it will be in NSW? Plibersek says give everyone the opportunity to get vaccinated. And students. #Insiders
he tries to interrupt again with yes I get your point but a Plibersek persists with explaining to Speers that it is not simply a matter of mandatory vax for teachers, there is a bigger picture here. #Insiders
Women’s Summit? Useful? Many great speakers, says Plibersek. The frustration is we s as steady know all these things and the solutions, which the Morrison government refuse to enact. She lists Respect@Work recs, DV leave. #Insiders
cuts to FV services, cuts to women’s pay and conditions, we need to stop talking and start acting on violence against women and gender inequality, says Plibersek. How about Kristina Kennelly tho says Speers. #Insiders
as she tries to pay tribute to the outgoing member for Fowler, Chris Haynes, but Speers interrupts to demand why KK is being parachuted into the seat. Plibersek says they are both great candidates and lists some of Li’s (sp) achievements. #Insiders
Q: do you back the decision?
I don’t have a say, says Plibersek. She is proud that the ALP has three fantastic women candidates. The Liberals do not even pre-select women. Labor is at 50% women. Yes but this specific pre-selection?
A: Kristina is a fantastic candidate. #Insiders
clip of Barilaro saying he tabled the roadmap. It does not mean this plan is a good plan, says Aly. He says the problem with “our pandemic politics” is that politicians say they are just following the health advice which is not their job. #Insiders
health advice is not policy advice, says Aly. He says health shows variables and scenarios and potential outcomes eg hospitals will be overrun, and politicians have yo make decisions. #Insiders
wouldn’t it be good to see what modelling has been done what advice has been given on *this plan* says Speers about NSW. Savva says re-opening is the only way and Dan Andrews is coming around. #Insiders
they seem to have modelling on when they hospitals will become overwhelmed, says Savva on NSW. It would be good to see it? We can not live like this cocooned forever, says Savva. People will collapse, civil disobedience will worsen. #Insiders
it is highly unpredictable, says Martin. It is appalling that the NSW Premier thinks she does not have to front up and answer questions. We know the peak cases (hospitalisations, deaths) are coming down the line. #Insiders
we know cases, hospitalisations are coming but there is a performative element to the press conferences, says Speers. The daily presser can not go forever [abridged]. Savva says she may reverse the decision due to [journo] outrage. #Insiders
yes well she has reversed a few decisions, says Speers of Berejiklian. Clip of Chant saying venue workers will need to be vaccinated. Aly says police have already started accessing checkin data. Some would say great!! smiles Speers. And *some* would be wrong says Aly. #Insiders
police accessing checkin data is as a disincentive, says Aly. These are emergency measures and police are using it for routine measures. Police have been known to link the whereabouts of DV victims to perpetrators. “We’ll have to be careful” says Speers complacently. #Insiders
and off Speers rushes to his favourite story of the week, pre-selection of an opposition candidate. This has nothing like the vast ramifications of police accessing checkin data to further marginalise known sectors of the population but what does Speers care. #Insiders
is it a good idea for Keneally to be in the lower house? Nobody is disagreeing that it is a good idea. The panel burble a bit on this opposition pre-selection process. #Insiders
back to womens safety summit. Speers says to Savva there are things the government has not done, like positive onus on employers to stop sexual harassment. Why not? #Insiders
hilariously, Savva says “you would think they [the misogynist Morrison government] would go all out to appear to be bona fides. Surely she knows the summit was padding for Morrison to give a campaign stump speech to male voters? #Insiders
even more ridiculously, Speers says “the proof will be in the pudding” where the “pudding” is the NEXT National plan on refusing violence against women. The last one failed, btw, because Liberal-led governments hate women. #Insiders
#Insiders Knight is a back to you Speersy man.
#FinalObservations 1 is Martin saying there are Morrison government MPs who want an announcement on net zero emissions before the next COP in Glasgow in 7 weeks. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Savva saying that Morrison could dispel the criticism he is PM for Sydney by moving his family to the Lodge and living there, which is what it’s for. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Aly saying we need to focus less on our vax rollout and pay attention to global vax rates, including (criminally) low vaccination in Africa. #Insiders
we go out with yet more Speers-flamed inter-state disagreement. Clips of NSW Treasurer Perottet (Liberal Party, worst pandemic management in the country) attacking WA Premier McGowan (Labor, zero covid) for no apparent reason; and McGowan joking about secession. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here🙏🏼🙏🏼

this week I am paying forward to Dharriwaa Elders Group in Walgett. You can donate directly here dharriwaaeldersgroup.org.au

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15 Sep
by characterising it as a blind trust, he is telling everyone that the political donation is an investment vehicle for his donor/s.
hey remember when Tony Abbott set up an anonymised trust to fund legal actions against Pauline Hanson.

what matter. Image
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11 Sep
Q: why are people dying of covid at home without being diagnosed?
Hazzard: there are people in large households who want (sic) to go on earning income.
exactly no detail on how to access your become support. The state and federal governments have set up income supports, says Hazzard, and defaults back to blaming people on low incomes in large households.
the NSW government, which has completely failed to control this outbreak, is essentially accusing low income workers in large households of killing their family members by providing for their families.
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10 Sep
“many were surprised by her decision” goodness where is that devotion to conflict journalism now.
please do not link me to the newscorp headline. I have seen that clickbait. It will evaporate inside 24 hours.
I had no idea polling shows that approval of Berejiklian is below 50% but fondly* recall lengthy journalistic discussion about a pandemic incumbency dividend when Labor Premiers Palasczuzk and McGowan romped back in and Liberal Party Premier Gutwein just scraped back.
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9 Sep
the re-opening of NSW is being run by a woman who does not distinguish essential retail outlets from entertainment venues.
it is her personal choice not to associate with anyone who is not fully vaccinated, which is a thing wealthy people in wealthy areas with unessential jobs can do so that’s nice for her.
handouts to business from the good people of NSW are being touted again today. These are direct vote-buying measures for the Liberal Party base. Meanwhile, the life-saving measures of test-and-isolate payments and ambulance fee waivers for covid patients are NEVER EVER mentioned.
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7 Sep
look. Morrison is talking about us, not to us. His summit speech and subsequent campaign comms on it are addressed to males who only need to be told he is doing something for the little laydeez mate, to maintain false “good bloke” self-image and their precious votes.
there is no affordable housing strategy; no serious attempt at law reform; he has legislative amendments designed to HARM single mums before the parliament. This summit tells his misogynist base he is “doing something” about the laydeez. They then go jeez what more do women want.
the vicious Morrison government attacks on single mums, which force women and children to stay in households with violent males and deliberately make income insecurity even worse, are contained in the Social Security* Amendment Bill analysed by Asher Wolf here:
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6 Sep
see how the fatally catastrophic failures of the Berejiklian government, borne by people in low income areas, are reported as facts about “the health system”; while her promises of privileges for privileged people are framed as her [future] achievements. It is quite something.
and the Berejiklian policy of privileges for privileged people are contingent on the Morrison government, having royally screwed up vaccination procurement, prioritising vaccine dose distribution in NSW. Sydney Liberals mate. I am telling you. They are the most disgusting people.
her ideological fellow travellers in the press are terrified that consequences of her nasty partisan decisions might actually reach their suburbs, their families. So we get these normalising narratives, like triage is happening in some other country.
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