Now look at the content of each scandal. The combined narrative. The sum of the lies.

•Criminally corrupt
•Influence peddling
•Sacrifice innocent men
•Conspiracy with China
•Abandon allies
•Criminal cover ups
That’s the description of a corrupt tyrant.

There are also accusations of removing liberty and rights, forced experimental vaccinations, continued torture and genocide of FN indigenous, etc.

The meta narrative portrays the image of a fascist tyrant.
That’s how Big Lies are created. Morally objectionable behaviour, triggering a response of disgust, rage or fear, is used to smear opponents & contributes to a meta narrative which is then exploited to assassinate character & reputation.

The meta narrative becomes the “truth”.
This meta narrative is currently being circulated on both ends of the political spectrum by opposition parties seeking to remove democracy & moderation from Canadian politics.

It’s also being amplified daily (hourly) by MSM, & thousands of other network based propaganda outlets.
It’s the same strategy being used in the US to undermine Biden’s administration and the Pelosi moderates/liberals.

Both ends of the political spectrum. GOP and Progressives.
There has been no resistance from the federal govt about responsibility for underfunding FN CW. Any claims to the contrary are false ~ lies. It is the burden of those making false claims to prove their accusation is true. It’s not a burden of those who don’t buy it.
The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accuser, not the accused. Justice is based on the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. Other than smears, propaganda and gaslighting, Blackstock & Singh have not provided proof beyond a reasonable doubt, just aspersions. That’s it.
But cancel culture (aka mob rule) flips the presumption of innocence to the presumption of guilt until proven innocent. That’s what Singh & Blackstock have engineered with this accusation by appealing to public opinion vs waiting for the court decision.

That’s called ochlocracy.
Ochlocracy (aka direct democracy) is a bastardization of democracy. It’s what democracy devolves into when in severe democratic decay.

It’s why we have protests about vaccines, covid restrictions, reconciliation efforts, statues. It’s why there are people burning churches.
What’s interesting is most recognize the far right demonstrators as inappropriate, intimidating and violent.

But there has been rationale and tacit approval of violence and intimidation by progressive activists. Why? Because they’re BIPOC or LGBTQ?
Why is it being normalized for left progressives to use mob rule and cancel culture “justice”?

Because we are being conditioned to accept and consent to ochlocracy.
Acceptance of cancel culture is the consent to ochlocracy.

There is no justice possible in a mob. A mob is controlled by those who seek to eliminate challenges to a political narrative. Those who seek elimination of dissent. Guilt is automatic, innocence is impossible.
Keep the mob angry and emotionally charged and you wield an effective weapon to eliminate any challenge to a claim of illegitimate authority.

Group think takes over. Critical thinking is suppressed.

This is what manipulative opportunists do to gain power.
That’s why ochlocracy is a form of governance deemed too dangerous by Plato and Aristotle.

While looking for a source document to describe ochlocracy in more detail, I came across an English version of a Russian article explaining ochlocracy. I checked, it’s accurate.
Canadian politics has devolved into “bread and circuses” politics. Apathy is high, demoralization is higher. The public demands pandering to their immediate needs (UBI & money in their pocket) & to witness “owning the libs” for entertainment (show trials, scandals, click bait).
People can’t even be bothered to fact check a scandal. They accept as true anything they’re told by demagogues and populist leaders.

Principles, truth, facts & expertise are devalued & traded for in-group status within a mob; absence of character & values to belong to a tribe.
Here the author describes how the demagogue operates.

Make promises. But don’t deliver to soon. Let the angry mob demand their just deserts so they believe they’re invincible when you deliver.

Left and right libertarians in Canada are demanding anarchy, freedom & liberty.
The fickle crowd has a short memory. They have no recollection of past bad behaviour.

O’Toole as a fake moderate & the fantastical utopian promises of Singh, all forgotten in the hoopla of demanding change, hating PMJT and the use of intimidation.

This is what we’ve become.
So who is in control of the “rabble”? Who is commanding the will of the mob?

It’s not Maxime Bernier. It’s not PPC. They are convenient scapegoats.

So who is it?

Who and what is behind the mob demonstrations and violent intimidation?

That is the primary question.
It’s media. Of course. Canadians are being radicalized by the millions using military grade PSYOPS designed to shape thought & behaviour, voting behaviour.

It’s the people who throw the most money at media who control its narrative.

So how does media make money?

Ochlocracy is used to pave the road for oligarchy.

Somebody paid off NDP election debts. I’m not even venturing a guess who.

But there is a reason BC is almost as bad as AB in covid chaos.

There’s a reason PMJT called an election.
FN rage over TRC, MMIWG, Water Safety, FN CW compensation. All legitimate issues lost in lies amongst the truth.

NDP & Con Premiers receive a pass for negligent social policy decisions so Singh can score points blaming PMJT & LPC.

O’Toole uses China, covid response, & budget.
Someone is paying for the coordination of this organized take down of legitimate authority. All those slick web based propaganda sites cost money to run. Who is paying for opinions vs investigative journalism? Who owns MSM? Who has placed lackeys at Twitter Canada & Facebook?
It’s not hard to figure out where this is coming from. It’s not hard to figure out the foreign adversaries helping them.

Can I get an “I” a “D” and a “U”?

There’s a reason I used a Russian article to describe Ochlocracy. It’s how Putin took over Russia & how US got Trump.
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More from @sunnshiiny

15 Sep
I think the horror of what is being done is beginning to sink in.

Covid has been weaponized by right wing politicians. A bio weapon meant to hurt, harm, kill and disable.

That’s an act of war.

It’s not a mistake or accident.

These con govts are choosing intentional harm.
Asking why we have a snap election when conservative governments are intentionally exacerbating covid and willingly harming the populations they are sworn to protect, is denial that this carnage is intentional.

There is no way to rationalize these decisions.
Hinshaw, and certainly Kenney & UCP will use denial to escape culpability. They’ll call it a mistake, and accident. A miscalculation.

That’s a lie and an example of UCP gaslighting.

Global condemnation for this decision came immediately after it was announced.
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15 Sep
Short explanation of gaslighting technique.

Operate under the assumption that verified facts have been established when they haven’t been.

Same technique used with “fighting children” narrative.
When you assume a defensive position to an unverified narrative, you make the underlying narrative appear to be true.

Stop defending Trudeau and attack the people spreading false narratives.

That’s the dirty trick being played on Canadians.
It’s the NDP, CPC and MSM acting in bad faith. Make them answer to their malfeasance and manipulation of truth. It’s not up to Trudeau to prove innocence. It’s up to the accuser to prove guilt. And they haven’t. They just pretend it’s an established fact.
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14 Sep
Please listen to this podcast. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Every time you’ve wondered how well known politicians and controversial yet popular provocateurs get away with posting clear violations of Facebook policy, is explained here.
The white list.

A list of people who have no restrictions on anything they write, broadcast, create, post, etc. Including revenge porn and incitement to hatred and violence.

Now consider the current Canadian federal election.

And view it through the lens of Bill C-10.
Why are we having an election?

Did CPC and NDP block Bill C-10 from being approved? Yes. Enormous effort was made to spin the bill as an attempt to block user generated content.

But the bill was actually intended to monitor Social Media owners enforcement of their own rules.
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12 Sep

I spent some time thinking about all the resisters to the narrative I published a couple days ago.

I believe I’ve figured it out.

Blackstock and Singh have manufactured a “Big Lie” as egregious as “Stop the Steal” in 2020-21 or “Crooked Clinton” 2015-16.
Let’s deconstruct the Big Lie and how it works. It’s not just repeating a lie. There’s strategy behind it.

First some background.
I’ve had hundreds of trolls making exaggerated accusations attacking my integrity & reputation. So I spent time analyzing the content & strategy.
A few themes emerged.

Identity attacks on my cultural heritage and accusations of being a colonizer.

Accusations of racism against FN people.

Accusations of Partisan hackery or propagandist employed by LPC.

Accusations of derailing FN.

Accusation that I’m conservative.
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12 Sep
A while back (2019) I did a deep dive about Jody Wilson Raybould.

I found a lot. So many people believe she is an ethical indigenous woman.

She is indigenous and she is a woman, but she’s as crooked and corrupt as they come. And it breaks my heart to reveal that.
I wouldn’t want people getting the idea that all indigenous women are crooked and corrupt.

But it’s not just Jody. There are a few others with a hidden agenda that have captured the ears and hearts of many Canadians.

What’s ironic is none of them consider themselves Canadian.
Every indigenous person in Canada has their own reconciliation hopes and a backstory to make it necessary to reconcile. Jody and her faction of First Nations have every right to be angry, bitter, vengeful and full of contempt.

But operating with a hidden agenda is wrong.
Read 21 tweets
12 Sep
I had a brief exchange with one of the lawyers who works with Cindy Blackstock about the FN Child Welfare CHRT orders.

If you really want to know what this is about, please read the embedded thread.
Note that Ms Leveque has not yet responded. I believe she may have presumed I couldn’t accurately interpret legal documents. I’ve read legal decisions for years to research indigenous issues. Kinda learned a few things along the way.

I’m not a lawyer.
But I can read and appreciably understand legal documents just fine. Including constitutional law. Since it very much impacts indigenous peoples rights, freedoms and political agency.

To be an effective advocate, you need to understand how people are being exploited or tricked.
Read 5 tweets

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