Short explanation of gaslighting technique.

Operate under the assumption that verified facts have been established when they haven’t been.

Same technique used with “fighting children” narrative.
When you assume a defensive position to an unverified narrative, you make the underlying narrative appear to be true.

Stop defending Trudeau and attack the people spreading false narratives.

That’s the dirty trick being played on Canadians.
It’s the NDP, CPC and MSM acting in bad faith. Make them answer to their malfeasance and manipulation of truth. It’s not up to Trudeau to prove innocence. It’s up to the accuser to prove guilt. And they haven’t. They just pretend it’s an established fact.
Don’t accept the narrative without proof. Which includes MSM reporters who amplify bullshit on behalf of CPC and NDP.

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17 Sep
My husband and I were discussing this issue this morning.

Neither of us could figure out why leaders who are intentionally putting lives at risk are not being charged with crimes against humanity. This is the equivalent to mass murder.
If leaders ordered police to shoot & open fire in a crowd, it’s qualitatively no different than how covid has been handled by many on the far right.

We know shooting bullets into a crowd will kill some, injure others and terrorize the population.
Refusing to use actual science to make covid mitigation decisions has the same effect. Except covid is a more targeted attack. People who are unvaccinated are more likely to be affected. That includes all children under 12.
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15 Sep
I think the horror of what is being done is beginning to sink in.

Covid has been weaponized by right wing politicians. A bio weapon meant to hurt, harm, kill and disable.

That’s an act of war.

It’s not a mistake or accident.

These con govts are choosing intentional harm.
Asking why we have a snap election when conservative governments are intentionally exacerbating covid and willingly harming the populations they are sworn to protect, is denial that this carnage is intentional.

There is no way to rationalize these decisions.
Hinshaw, and certainly Kenney & UCP will use denial to escape culpability. They’ll call it a mistake, and accident. A miscalculation.

That’s a lie and an example of UCP gaslighting.

Global condemnation for this decision came immediately after it was announced.
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14 Sep
Please listen to this podcast. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Every time you’ve wondered how well known politicians and controversial yet popular provocateurs get away with posting clear violations of Facebook policy, is explained here.
The white list.

A list of people who have no restrictions on anything they write, broadcast, create, post, etc. Including revenge porn and incitement to hatred and violence.

Now consider the current Canadian federal election.

And view it through the lens of Bill C-10.
Why are we having an election?

Did CPC and NDP block Bill C-10 from being approved? Yes. Enormous effort was made to spin the bill as an attempt to block user generated content.

But the bill was actually intended to monitor Social Media owners enforcement of their own rules.
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12 Sep
Now look at the content of each scandal. The combined narrative. The sum of the lies.

•Criminally corrupt
•Influence peddling
•Sacrifice innocent men
•Conspiracy with China
•Abandon allies
•Criminal cover ups
That’s the description of a corrupt tyrant.

There are also accusations of removing liberty and rights, forced experimental vaccinations, continued torture and genocide of FN indigenous, etc.

The meta narrative portrays the image of a fascist tyrant.
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12 Sep

I spent some time thinking about all the resisters to the narrative I published a couple days ago.

I believe I’ve figured it out.

Blackstock and Singh have manufactured a “Big Lie” as egregious as “Stop the Steal” in 2020-21 or “Crooked Clinton” 2015-16.
Let’s deconstruct the Big Lie and how it works. It’s not just repeating a lie. There’s strategy behind it.

First some background.
I’ve had hundreds of trolls making exaggerated accusations attacking my integrity & reputation. So I spent time analyzing the content & strategy.
A few themes emerged.

Identity attacks on my cultural heritage and accusations of being a colonizer.

Accusations of racism against FN people.

Accusations of Partisan hackery or propagandist employed by LPC.

Accusations of derailing FN.

Accusation that I’m conservative.
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12 Sep
A while back (2019) I did a deep dive about Jody Wilson Raybould.

I found a lot. So many people believe she is an ethical indigenous woman.

She is indigenous and she is a woman, but she’s as crooked and corrupt as they come. And it breaks my heart to reveal that.
I wouldn’t want people getting the idea that all indigenous women are crooked and corrupt.

But it’s not just Jody. There are a few others with a hidden agenda that have captured the ears and hearts of many Canadians.

What’s ironic is none of them consider themselves Canadian.
Every indigenous person in Canada has their own reconciliation hopes and a backstory to make it necessary to reconcile. Jody and her faction of First Nations have every right to be angry, bitter, vengeful and full of contempt.

But operating with a hidden agenda is wrong.
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