The rarely seen reverse slippery slope argument

"you agreed to all these intermediate steps, why object now?"
The actual answer is that this is a valid measure for a sane, responsible government and it would get compliance - but what we have is an insane malicious government.

You can't import hundreds of thousands of Afghans *and* believe the next measure isn't done out of malice too.
You don't get to have your government run by people who gloat about how angry this measure makes people - revealing that their real motive is the anger - and also have people not notice.
People see things like this - they remember.

"Oh, but he doesn't represent the whole side"

Does he get pushback then? Of course not.

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23 Aug
It's hilarious hearing people talk about "rescuing" women from Afghanistan when the place is revealed preference female paradise.

The men fight to the death leaving only winners who marry women and produce lots of kids. As a bonus they clamp down on ♀️ intrasexual competition.
Do these women worry about "society's expectations about appearance" or that b next door trying to catch her man's eye? Image
Women in Afghanistan be like

Western women be like

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1 Aug
Great thread (as always) by 17c here but I disagree with this assertion.

The "problem" with evolution is that it has the ability to get trapped at local maxima - as long as a solution is good enough, it suffices.

Progressivism is strengthened by evolved adaptations to it.
Look at criminal justice as an ex.

Initial state - cops on beats have personal executive authority

Progressive attack - only priestly judicial authority can legitimize punishment

Evolved solution - cops can that authority only on a "suspect" who "flees" or "resists"
This evolved solution works for a while but the progressives start getting itchy - there's power out there and people unwilling to defend it.

Video cameras in private hands mean *every* incident can be reviewed by priests - the adaptation fails.
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14 Jul
Listening to the Curtis Yarvin interview on the Fire Down Below podcast and there was an interesting point of disagreement that wasn't explored.

At around the 45:00 mark Curtis describes how to replace the current regime - a true election.…

"If someone was elected on a platform of 'I will take command of the executive branch entirely and rule' and the candidate who ran on that won, USG would give up and collapse due to preference falsifications and guilty knowledge of having ruled badly"
One of the co-hosts (the one who speaks less) points out - "no, they would not lose hope and give" - *and he's right* - and the matter is dropped.

The things you think are being done badly aren't flaws, they're features to the ruling class.
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13 Jul
Read this thread.

Read the quoted passages.

None of this was "by accident" - this was systemic ethnic cleansing done informally and therefore with plausible deniability.

This is a horror of the 20th century and the criminals who perpetrated it have never been held to account.
Blog post linked here by a teacher who lived through this

Often people get to the right conclusion but can't imagine the actual cause.

Lack of respect for property goes back further than welfare - it goes back to a tropical evolutionary environment where there is no durable property.
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21 Jun
Everyone is focused on the spectators in this (and what a joke commies who brought starvation in the name of eliminating capitalist exploitation are) but the logical endpoint of this view is that no one is watching the game anyway because it elevates the athletically talented
Finding baseball talent and arranging games and leagues that people are intensely interested is just gibs from the gibs tree and will always be there.

In reality it's more and more of a taboo to even imagine finding talent ... if the means of finding it has ... Disparate Impact
The meme only exists in a (literal) boomer context that is long gone.

Stadiums used to be in cities where gangs of white kids would live who would all be interested in baseball as entertainment and try to catch a glimpse of the games.

Future paying customers.
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27 May
Nice summary by Roko - agree on all points except one.

They don't do GoF research for any rational reason.

They do it because it's a procedure that can be followed that produces results that can be published.
The other side of the "reason" for it are the bureaucrats who approve the funding / steer the grants - they have equally insane reasons. Those people do it because they want to control flows of funds and no one will question funding that goes towards "pandemic prevention".
It doesn't need to actually prevent pandemics, merely be plausibly connected to implant fear in anyone approving the funding - "what if I cut this off and there is a pandemic?"

One formula piece the press always produces is "budget cut causes disaster".
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