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We suffer from various injustices in Kenya. This is because one is murdered and the case goes cold. Dead men tell no tales. That's why it is the responsibility of the alive to tell the tale because we will die in some way. A tale of John Kituyi.

A thread!!
When the name Kituyi comes up, we all focus on one Mukhisa Kituyi because others are unknown or where done bad. What bothers me with most Kenyans is that we are quick to forget. RIP Kianjokoma Brothers and let justice prevail before we forget. Always and forever.
Lets know familiarize ourselves with John Kituyi. Who was he? What did he do? What was the motive behind his murder? Well, John Kituyi was the chief editor of The Mirror Weekly, and a veteran journalist. The Mirror Weekly is responsible for reporting politics in Rift Valley and.. based in Eldoret. He was a father of seven and aged 63 by the time of his death by "unknown" but known assailants on April 30th 2015. Reason behind his death?
Well, he was working on a case about the ICC Interference of key witnesses, among them, Meshack Yebei, on the ICC Investigation cases on both Uhuru and Ruto back then. Meshack Yebei had gone missing a year prior and his body was found mutilated in Tsavo. Another unsolved case.
A week prior, John Kituyi had done an article on The Mirror Weekly headlined "Now ICC plot to jail Ruto". On that fateful day April 30th, after frequenting his normal joint, The Eldoret County Lodge, when the assailants pounced on him on his way home, beating him with...
...blunt objects on the head. Another narrative has it that, he did not die instantly, but died whilst on the hospital. One witness say, two men in suit were waiting patiently on the lobby until he was pronounced dead and then the hastily left. A case of unfinished business...
..which they wanted to finish or what? Anyway, he had received numerous threats to abandon the cases weeks prior but he was adamant and continued on the case. What did that yield? His untimely death. Violation against journalists. Just as Babu Owino is doing currently on..
..other journalists. Will the Kenyan justice system ever changed? Will brave journalists continue being threatened? All these stories are there for the public but will always be ignored because of fear. Will most cases be solved?
Will justice ever prevail in Kenya? Sewersydaa Mkadinali said "Unarmed and on my knees, tukumuonyesha nmetii,hakubelieve, police waliinsist to kill, ni kaa alimistake katikati jo ya mnisa na thief,as if hawajui madingo origi wako church na seats"
Here is the Link to the stories. It just out there but has gone cold…

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After 15 minutes, the car dispatched and we were on course. Whenever he kept lamenting, i would say "eeeh" to avoid further altercations. I do respect these old fellows so much. After a few kilometers, he told me as a youth, we should use our time well. The current regime...
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A thread!
First Scenario.
A nice loving guy. A guy with a promissory future. A dedicated guy with vivid goals, defined future and a good circle of friends. His life is happy and really going well. He is 23. Pursuing a diploma in civil engineering. He is artistic and skillful.
During his 2nd year at JOUST, he meets some random girl, Mwende, in the library. They undergo the process, i.e..taking nos..texting, meeting again, dates...blah blah. After sometime, they fall in love and become a couple. This is what any man desires. A stable relationship.
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Masturbation and porn. "Kunyonga" in disguise. X rated content and the damage to your ego and masculinity. From a man's perspective, everytime you beat that meat your beat your esteem and self confidence away. A serious addiction.
A Thread.
Like i promised the last time. Everyone has an addiction. Every human has something that keeps pulling him back. Like the last time i talked about alcohol, masturbation is a disease to both genders.
You are probably wondering. Concentrating. Clutching your useless dick on one hand. Probably in the most deplorable conditions. Imagine yourself, you are 21 years of age, no, most probably almost 25, no life no girlfriend, no savings, no respect, hiding somewhere, focused..
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30 Dec 20
It is 30th December. What I have observed with KoT since January since I have been online most of the time. Kenyans on Twitter are bitter, Shitty and jealous. Also, Social media gives us a false sense of importance. Lemme speak my mind.

A Thread!
Scenario 1.
You post your girl or post your vacay, pass through the replies, you will be thrilled with how much venom is spewed, I have been participating too. Someone from mandera or kajiado or awasi , with his or her own insecurities will decide to pass it on to you.
Scenario 2.
Why would someone contact your boss because of a tweet?? Cancel clique, a certain lady came hard on Drey. Tagging his brand. Mental illness. Unloved creatures since birth. Shitty sisters to someone. Egocentric mfs with a bleak future. I wish them well
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