.The vaccinations are going to be tested. THE EUA WILL BE THE TEST. Based on what little we know now, the results will be very bad for some children, especially boys.

This is one of the reasons I keep talking about World One, World Two, and World Three.
The parents clamoring to get their children enrolled in these trials are operating in World Two, the world of belief and emotion. They are terrified of the Great Killer Covid Virus®, and believe the Great Savior Vaccinations® will slay the evil virus monster.
Behind this is a belief, that it is possible to go through life without taking risks.

But the #CCPVirus is in World One, the world of physical law. In World One, the vaccinations have risks of harm, and will till we know far more about them, probably for decades to come.
Taking the Sabin polio vaccine risks catching polio FROM THE VACCINE. But Sabin's vaccine has eliminated the chance of catching polio "in the wild" here in the U.S.
The only thing parents can do is choose whether to REDUCE the risk of their child being infected by covid by having them vaccinated, or ELIMINATE the risks of vaccination at the cost of increasing the risks of harm from a covid-19 infection.
In World Three, the world of logic and reason, the goal of minimizing the risks to children can only be minimized by very careful, unemotional evaluation of the incidence of the two risks, and their magnitude. But that careful, rational evaluation will mostly not happen.
I'd die in a shoot-out with the police before I'd allow any child of mine to receive this vax, given what we now know. Others have already made a far different choice, and their children will be the test subjects.

"Hard old world we live in. Things are tough all over."

• • •

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13 Sep
I DID click the link, and noticed that the article defines the "fully" vaccinated in such a way as to minimize deaths from Covid after vaccination. Somewhat dishonest, that.
Reading further, there is this (my additional text highlighted). That's 11,037 deaths not mentioned in the part they wish to play up.
Further down, we find the following information.
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12 Sep
A quick perusal of Wikipedia reveals:

a) At peak, less than one in 12 Israelis lived on kibbutzim; many of the kibbutzim were basically military settlements at the border. Today, only about 1 in 45 are kibbuzniks.
b) Only 9 years after Degania was founded, the first moshav came into existence (moshav being farming communities with some socialist features, built around family farms).

c) Moshavim outnumber kibbuzim around 450 to 270; people prefer their own homes & land.
d) 15 years after Degania was founded, the first kibbutzim economic crisis hit; they have recurred frequently.

e) The socialist egalitarianism of the kibbutz movement has been very badly eroded over time.
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11 Sep
Most roads belong to the public, which has appointed the govt. to build and manage them. The right to set rules for their use follows from their public nature.

You are, however, free to drive drunk on the wrong side of the road on your own property.
Vax mandates expand beyond public property to all of life, and impose on people far beyond what is necessary to stop the spread of disease. The govt. arguably has the right to require tests, and to quarantine those that are infectious. It does not propose to do this, though.
Why it doesn't propose to do this I can't say. Perhaps it has something to do with its own statements that the vaccinated can still be infectious?

But whatever the reason, the claimed power needs legal justification that it very probably lacks.
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7 Sep
This is true, but there is a deeper truth. Some parts of reality are NOT subject to social decision, but some are. "World One", "World Two" and "World Three" were what Karl Popper called these areas. It is important not to confuse them. Keeping them straight can be difficult.
Worse, these areas interact. How does the covid virus spread? How does it act in the human body? What percent of cases die? What actions will lower the spread? What treatments make the disease less lethal? All those are in World One, physical reality not subject to opinion.
But what actions we choose to take to control the spread of the disease, what treatments we choose to explore and employ, they are all part of World Two, social reality. And they affect how many people catch the disease, and how many die of it.
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4 Sep
#ThisIsHilarious There are no changes to the story, although the headline has been altered (what was once a "Transphobic Hoax" is now an "Alleged Transphobic Hoax".) Instead, the "corrections" consist of adding new information. The first "update", at the end of the story,
says "Update, Aug. 2, 2021: On July 30, Los Angeles Magazine reported that five women, including the one who initially posted the Wi Spa video, have filed police reports alleging to have witnessed “male genitals” exposed in the women’s section of the spa on June 23. . . .
This does not contradict previous reporting by the Los Angeles Blade that LAPD sources suspected the incident to have been a hoax. This post will be updated if that assessment changes." The second update, at the top, says "Update, Sept. 2, 2021: The New York Post reports . . .
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3 Sep
So, it was "awful" of us to push education for women in #Afghanistan. We should have sought the elimination of the Taliban & the terrorists, and the establishment of a society the #Afghans would support. The results couldn't have been worse for women than Young's approach.
In the end, this comes back to the different approaches I mentioned in the first tweet of my response: 'Ought' implies 'can' on my part, something else on Young's part.
Over 6,000 U.S. service people died in the Afghan debacle, and perhaps as many as 150,000 #Afghanis. Trillions of dollars have been wasted. Perhaps I misread her, but Young doesn't seem to give a shit. The U.S. tried, and failure and its costs are irrelevant. So is the prospect
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