"covered head-to-toe in accordance w strict new dress policies for education"

This is in fact not true
They wore it of their own agency

Afg gov already has announced they will not mandate women to cover their faces or wear anything in addition to hijab that is already normative
When media publish slanted pieces of not even verifying facts like this, it makes it incredibly difficult to have integrity.

Is women's rights are afforded to everyone except for women who wear hijab and niqab?
If a woman is free to wear whatever hijab she would like people also should have tolerance in their perception of these women's choices and not be bigoted.

IEA gov already has announced they are not mandating women cover their faces. People seem to not care about facts.
Islam does not dictate that all women dress this way, and forcing women to do so isnt what wearing hijab entails

A number of female Afg professors said theyve taught women or have family who chose to dress this way That is their choice

Regardless of it being Afg culture or not
The issue of a shariah defined understanding of hijab mandating this type of dress is a conversation to have among scholarly.

Why is this deemed the most appropriate from a shariah perspective by some?

Why only the color black which is foreign to Afg culture?
We must differentiate between the very real and bigoted anti Islamic sentiment we see on display (and yes unfortunately coming from even Afghan women!) and the discussion of what the gov policies are regarding women's education etc.
People engaged in doctoring images & cutting them to intentionally to exclude the women who were there not even wearing niqab and had normative hijab on, is incredibly shameful and loses integrity.
When Afg diaspora made dehumanizing comments about women that dress like this like:
horror movie
repressed women
not Afghan
go back to whichever Arab country you came from

This shows more the normalized anti Islamic sentiments than "fighting for women's rights"
When journalists dont actually report the facts, it harms in actually educating ppl

"This time around, Taliban officials have not decreed the burqa as mandatory — only hijab, or modest Islamic dress including a head covering and non-revealing clothing."


• • •

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More from @hasibmn

11 Sep
I find it problematic we as a community demand qualification while we have twitter users and entire platforms regularly speaking on Islam without said qualification.

It's not a selective process.

Ask literally anyone what their qualifications are to make x comments.
If someone's qualifications or teachers are "unknown" then dont learn or listen to them about what Islam means until you do

Abdullah ibn Al Mubarak:
Isnad is from the deen. If it were not for Isnad, anyone would say what they wish. Image
Muhammad Ibn Sirin:

"This knolwedge is deen, carefully look whom you take your deen from" Image
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19 Jul
Du’ā of the Righteous: ‘Arafah

Prior to every day of ‘Arafah I would sit and read of some of the stories of the righteous describing their spiritual state and the du’ā they would make in ‘Arafah. It would serve as a motivation. ...
Their stories would be a form of inspiration from the righteous of the past who came before us and traversed this life. Our Lord in His divine decree had their mention documented. ...
Such moments of their spiritual states were passed down for the divine wisdom of benefiting from them. A human being seeks comfort in knowing that there are guides on the path they traverse. ....
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6 Oct 20
Some thoughts on:

"How it started
How it ended"

1. Hasan AlBasri said
"Jealousy will burn your faith faster than a body decays after death."

- If you feel jealousy pray for them instead
- know God has something in store for you as well
2. Be happy for people finding love.
Dont sit there and judge them.

It has become increasingly harder to find someone compatible because of people's ever changing expectations and wants, the internet doesn't help, and true compatibility takes time and doesnt have a formula.
3. Save your criticism commentary :)

Everyone always has something to say. Keep it to yourself.

"Whoever believes in God and the last day, let them say good or keep silent"
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5 Oct 20

We are enraged that the forbidden satanic music we are listening to mocks my faith.


Make it make sense.
This music is itself offensive

Let's get to that core point and not talk past it. :)
"We are enraged that Quran or Sunnah is used for music in a 'degrading' way"


This is another point:
The music itself is degrading and against Quran and Sunnah.

Remember that when Muslim musicians use Islamic phrases as well.
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26 Sep 20
A reminder for whoever needs to hear it:

Finding someone compatible has become even more more complex & difficult in age of social media

There's a ton of factors including personal struggles people are battling

Dont give irrelevant advice if you're not going to be a help 😉🌹
Some factors that make it difficult:

People's standards have changed from the days of random proposals coming to your house.

Social circles *in person* have become smaller

Covid hasnt helped

The internet in general is untrustworthy and to navigate it gives people anxiety.
Maturity has become a disaster

Mentorship isnt sought nor enough qualified to give it.

Islamic concepts of Manhood and womanhood is under crisis and developing later

Gender interaction is falsely understood between two extremes of hyper sexualizing or overt laxity.
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25 Sep 20
Many theological concepts are taught to your average Muslim in a decontexualized ahistorical ideal

It becomes detrimental in lives of average Muslim who tries to make sense of how it applies in modern daily lives

Archaic elements of Kalam theology
Al Wala wa Al Bara'
Reliving in the shadows of our tradition or the confines of books that we constantly regurgitate without articulating a theology that responds to the issues of our time becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of stagnation and what AbulHasan Nadwi refers to as "intellectual sterility"
My respects to all those who are excited & rep

Ashari or Maturidi kalam, or Athari stances

But reliving the theologies that answered problems of 10th or 13th cent isnt exactly called progress

Let's stop with lazy scholarship :)

Develop something *founded* on our tradition.
Read 6 tweets

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