Affiliate marketing is an easy & cheap channel to grow ANY business.

Many startups try it but they struggle to scale.

Here are 15 tactics that nobody told you about growing an affiliate program:
1/ Consider your affiliate program as a product.

It has an offer, value proposition, and lifecycle.

You need to make your it stands out compared to others.
2/ Your customers will be your best affiliates.

Make sure you make it easy and accessible on your website/emails.

Too many brands do a bad job at it.

Continuously promote it. Add it in your lifecycle emails too.
3/ Educate your affiliates.

Not every affiliate knows your product top-down.

Offer them ideas about where & how to promote it.

Launched a new feature? Train them.
4/ Think about how they could "win", not you.

How does your product solve their audience?

It has to fit their audience's needs.
5/ Instead of just chasing macro affiliates, find micro ones.

Look for affiliates in different languages, topics, niches, and sub-categories.

We made more money with French & Russian affiliates than the popular English-speaking.
6/ Don't be afraid to pay a small amount upfront.

If some folks are true believers. Be nice to them.

Offer some cash for their hard work. Remember, it's a long-term partnership.
7/ Affiliate swaps.

It's crazy to me that businesses are okay to share some leads, but never thought about affiliates.

Sharing best affiliates and creating a co-marketing program with other companies are the lowest hanging fruits.

But do it with taste, & win-win for everyone.
8/ Run Google Ads on popular affiliate programs in your niche.

Be in the consideration set for affiliates who are regularly looking for such programs.

I 3x-ed my affiliate leads by just bidding on them.

The CPC was so low.
9/ Rank on affiliate keywords and offer your program as an alternative.

Once you see Google Ads are working.

You'll easily rank on the "X brand affiliate program".

You'll keep getting inbound affiliates from search.

There is not much competition or keyword difficulty there.
10/ Do things that don't scale.

Instead of automated messages, send them personalized videos.

@bonjoroapp has 30% of its revenue coming from videos.
11/ Consider your affiliate as partners & creators.

Run a webinar & podcasts, offer dedicated landing pages, discounts & unique URLs, work together to educate with newsletters, courses, and books.

Affiliates are true believers, unlike influencers. Treat them the right way.
12/ Reaching out to big affiliates.

20% of the affiliates bring 80% of the revenue. You might need big affiliates but it takes 8-12 months or longer to close them.

You should have a specific idea, low effort & high impact project to work with them.

Most fail at the offers.
13/ Sign up for an affiliate program yourself.

Be an affiliate to really know how hard it is.

You'll also learn how others are doing it.
14/ Continous promotion and viral giveaways.

Offer bonuses & gifts, special discounts, and run specific campaigns each month.

Nurture the affiliates with different "to be good to be true" offers.
15/ Last but important, not so obvious - have a killer product.

Nobody wants to promote sub-par products.

Our affiliates love to promote our product because our product offers so much value to their audience.

An affiliate program acts as a booster to your word of mouth.
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