Before crazy took over, Fauci suggests that masks and social distancing are paranoid stuff, and that the best way to avoid suffering from an infectious disease is to have a better lifestyle. The stance that can get you suspended from social media for spreading “disinformation.”
Twitter suspended an account with a video of Fauci saying in May 2019 (!) that masks and distancing from coughing people are “paranoid” stuff.

Here is a link to the source and a video embed with Bloomberg markings to avoid copyright and context claims.…
Suspending an account after posting Fauci (not Alex Jones) in context shows again that gaslighting hacks regulate this platform at will; which is their right but they should stop pretending that there are is a legit rule system where if you follow it you are good to go.

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14 Sep
Why would Trump want to do that?

Also, this a clandestine military coup.

Go ahead Libs. Cheer it because it’s tRumpf.
The latest news about Milley, if true, reflects bad on him and his accomplices. They are self-aggrandized clowns who apparently watch @maddow and @JoeNBC too much so they believe the worst on Trump.

BTW, if it came to a head, Milley would be out in a second on Trump’s orders.
In the summer of 2020, the insurrection at the White House caused 60+ USSS agents to be wounded; 11 hospitalized and POTUS with family to hide in the bunker for an hour. Milley later apalogized for the military’s role in protecting DC.

After Jan 6, he/other generals wrote this:
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9 Sep
Why not regular testing at all places where parents/teachers spend their time in off school days?

What’s the obsession to disrupt life of an age group who unvaccinated has less deaths than vaccinated adults? An age group where 99.3% deaths the last 18 months is NOT Coronavirus?
.@HeidiNBC You write “Children now make up more than 26% of new Covid-19 cases.”

If you test children at a disproportionate rate you will find there more cases.

BTW, from 1/1/20 through 9/4 of this year, 55,352 US kids age 0 through 17 died of all causes.

412 with Coronavirus.
Children age 0 through 17 are 22% of the US population, but since the start of last year they are…

1.00% of all US deaths.

0.63% of all US Coronavirus deaths.

What’s more: CDC said that 35% of children Coronavirus deaths last year is not plausible to have been Coronavirus.
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9 Sep
771: The 7-day average of Coronavirus deaths in the US last year September 8th.

1,199: The average on the same date this year.

A 55.5% jump, yet the clowns who are running COVID-19 policy for 18 months pretend that they have a clue.

Biden is getting a pass for this mess. Cool.
I told you last year August during the campaign (and during the transition) that Biden’s plan to tackle COVID-19 is filled with things that flopped elsewhere.

Indeed, current US Coronavirus deaths is up 55.5% from the same time last year despite 8 months of vaccination.
Really amazing to be a Dem POTUS and his @WHCOS and @PressSec:

COVID-19 deaths are up 55.5% from the same date a year ago nationwide despite 8 months of vaccination, yet the POTUS does not just get a pass on it by Big Media but they help him blame GOP Governors for the mess.
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5 Sep
Vaxx fanatics cannot address the tweet below except to yell “ANTI-VAXX” despite the fact that the tweet merely shows Fauci in full context as well as data from key countries.

Since I am not yet a zombie, I noticed the data/video and I am open for explanations.

2/15 Most of the COVID-19 mitigation debate is divided between vaccine fanatics and anti-vaxxers.

The former acts as if the vaccine is fool-proof, and the latter mocks the vaccine’s value.

The FACT is that in raw numbers and in relative terms, there are more Coronavirus deaths
3/15 in the unvaccinated than in the vaccinated. However, within a half year of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, deaths spiked among the vaxxed which is why Israel is pushing boosters and the US CDC Director said hat it’ll be needed. Israel is studying the need for another booster!
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2 Sep
Headline: “Fact check: Biden honored service members killed in Kabul, checked watch only after ceremony.”…

Eye Check: Biden looked at his watch as everyone was still in formation = not when people mingled about as the headline suggests.
USA Today changed its ratings on the Biden watch Fact Check from “false” to “missing context” despite their added context saying that “Biden checked his watch multiple times.”

Most stories reported that he looked at it only once so the Fact Check should have been ruled as TRUE. ImageImage
The “Fact Check” by @dpfunke should have led to a “true” ruling based on their finding that “Biden checked his watch multiple times,” which is more than what most stories said he did (they said he looked once). This besides the point that our lying eyes don’t need a fact check.
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2 Sep
NYC is in a hell of water.

Sandy, in terms of the geographic area having been flooded, is a child’s play compared to this.
Car garages, apartments, streets and buildings that had no flooding during Sandy, have now 2 feet of water or more from end to end.
Sad and somber moment in Brooklyn as 4 Torah Scrolls (the 5 books of Moses written on parchment and considering the holiest item in Judaism) are removed from a synagogue submerged in water.
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