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1/ long thread & worth reading. Sharing this from a sister nurse. #GetVaccinated Quotes from the COVID-ICU over the last 72 hours. All 20 COVID patients currently in our ICUs are unvaccinated. 17/20 are on life support & these numbers change daily based upon deaths/transfers/
2/ admissions.

“He got COVID from our 13 yr old son who now thinks he caused his father’s death.” - the wife of a 42 year old. “We weren’t against the vaccine. We just never thought this would be us.” - the husband of a 52-year-old.

“Code Blue.” - hospital operator
3/ “Happy Birthday! I hope you’re having a great day!” - the text that I saw on the 41-year-old’s phone just before intubating her.

“We can’t lose him. We just lost our other son 2 months ago.” - the parents of a 24 yr old.

“All of this happened to me just because of COVID?
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1/2 With the avalanche of news about #Omicron I can't help the sense of impending doom that I felt early in the pandemic. This is compounded by knowing that this was totally avoidable. Rich countries have mismanaged most aspects of their pandemic response....
....allowed uncontrolled spread within and outside their borders, hoarded vaccines and test kits, relaxed other measures prematurely, fed us with empty promises, opposed #TRIPSwaiver, let vaccines expire and many other questionable decisions...i
Will #Omicron finally unlock some sense in the leadership of these countries? Will rich countries finally see how pointless this all is?
Or are we going to see the same old, same old racist measures of travel bans, drip drip donations and other nonsense??
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Lots of people who don’t remotely mind terrified, freezing refugees drowning in the Channel will shortly appear here, incandescent with rage that they may be required to wear a piece of fabric over their nose & mouth for 15 mins when they’re in a shop.
#BrexitBritain #Omnicron
Someone just told me that their ancestors fought for their right not to comply with mask mandates, and now I want the earth to swallow me. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #covidiots #covidvariant #COVID19
If anyone has lost their crystal meth lab I know who stole it. #covidiots #covidvariant #Omnicron #idiocracy
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I’m just too exhausted for the world tonight
Anything you got that would make me smile?
BTW when I’m that tired, I often give (static, I guess) electricity discharges to anyone who touches me (sorry, kids)
It’s not just me right?
And does anyone know how come?
Oh gosh to uplift my spirit I made the deadly mistake to type “fun” in (French) Twitter search bar
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"Hi Alex. My (5 to 11) year old just got their 1st #COVID19 vaccine dose. Yay! Should we wait 8 weeks for the 2nd dose as recommended, or should we just get a 2nd dose ASAP at 3 weeks?"

No clear answer, but my wife & I WILL WAIT 8 WEEKS for our 5 year-old son.

Brief 🧵. (1/9)
A longer duration between 1st and 2nd doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been shown to increase antibody levels and makes COMPLETE SENSE from the immunological perspective given our experience with all other vaccines in both kids and adults. (2/9)…
Lots of clinical data now available suggesting extended-interval dosing for #COVID19 vaccines improves overall protection against COVID-19 infection versus shorter manufacturer recommended dosing intervals. Here's an example from Quebec. (3/9)…
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SO @POTUS Biden & the Dems have had enormous successes, that the media ignores. WE MUST CELEBRATE & TOUT these WINS! Don't let the #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy control the narrative.
Save & share then volunteer or donate!
Please save & share these graphics & facts across platforms and with everyone you know! Please use the hashtags
#DemocratsDeliver &
Day & night so we can spread the good word &manifest 2022 wins! Recruit friends to help!
Here's a partial list of Biden Thanksgiving talking points please save and share!
The infrastructure Bill-
$110 billion into roads, bridges and other major projects.
$42 billion to modernize ports and airports.
$66 billion in freight and passenger rail.
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#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself a #Christian and promoting hate, violence and unlawfulness.
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself an #AmericanPatriot and not abiding by the U. S. Constitution. 2/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Zack Marshall on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself #ProLife and supporting the death penalty. 3/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash
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Covid-19 Anti-Vaxxer Education Thread:
There is one major misconception at the root of most anti-vax rhetoric I see and hear online and in real life: The idea that viruses work like bacteria. We’re going to tackle this one now.
If I don’t provide a link, it’s due to Twitter character count, so please just use your browser’s search engine.
Try to engage anti-vaxxers online and you’ll quickly be inundated with misleading headlines from irresponsible media outlets like these. Anti-vaxxers are notorious at this point for only reading the headlines.
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Discovery medical scheme analysis in South Africa

A thread 🧵

Unvaccinated South Africans have a 5 times higher risk of
COVID-19 infection and 20 times higher risk of dying from
COVID complications than people who are fully vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination.
People who had received 2 shots of the Pfizer vaccine had a 92% lower risk of hospitalisation and 94% lower risk of death from COVID than those who had not been vaccinated. This was up to 3 months after the two shots.
A single shot offered significant protection, reducing the risk of hospitalisation and death by 73% and 79% respectively after 14 days.
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Minnesota now has the highest number of cases per capita in the country. Florida, the lowest. But don't rush to conclusions. Florida paid a price with a high loss of life in its recent wave, the highest since the start of vaccinations. #GetVaccinated
Vaccines are highly effective. Deaths are mainly in unvaccinated.…
Breakthrough cases are occurring and people who are eligible need to get boosters. But once again, the vaccines are highly effective in preventing serious disease and deaths.
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💡BEST. VIDEO. ALL. YEAR. Please share with friends how the mRNA vaccine works to fight the coronavirus.

📌NOTA BENE—The mRNA never interacts with your DNA 🧬. #vaccinate

(Special thanks to the Vaccine Makers Project @vaccinemakers of @ChildrensPhila). #COVID19
2) This Family Guy video explainer is more rudimentary but also very effective vaccine explainer. Thx @SethMacFarlane
3) The other BEST mRNA vaccine explainer video is this amazing epic one by @ScientistSwanda. Really good technical details that’s easy to understand.
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Hi @JenSiebelNewsom - just a heads up, your husband is engaged in #WarCrimes and #genocide. You're starting to look like a mob wife at this point.

When does Gavin think the #GuillainBarre symptoms will go away? #WheresGavin
#GetVaccinated #vaccineinjuries #VaccineMandate Image
🧵Do you see what I see? #WheresGavin
Pre-Disappearance: Post-Disappearance: ImageImage
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Live at RGM International Airport


Arrival of Comrades and dances awaiting the Arrival of His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde E.D Mnangagwa.
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🧵Breaking: #Vaccines now the #1 cause of #coincidence. November Edition.

Kids having heart attacks is the new normal, don't forget. Purely coincidence. #GetVaccinatedNow…
🧵Did @zillow overpay, or do the #vaccinated no longer need their homes to live in for some reason?

Could it be so many of them are now dead that the market has more sellers than buyers? 🤔

Meh - #coincidence I'm sure. #GetVaccinated
🧵They know. They're hiding the truth because they're complicit in genocide.
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I get asked a lot "How well are the #COVID19 vaccines working?" I'm going to try and answer that as best I can with what data we have. The numbers here are for #Indiana, but are going to be very similar in other states. [THREAD]
2/ First, rates of #COVID19 cases and deaths in #Indiana are (and have always been) much lower among those fully vaccinated vs those not fully vaccinated (controlling for the size of each population group at a given time, which you have to do).
3/ If you feel these reductions are less than you were promised, remember that the population groups differ widely in demographics. For example, in #Indiana:
Average age of someone fully vaccinated is 50.
Average age of someone not fully vaccinated is 29.
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im officially rather ill from my pfizer booster dose (chills, exhausted, woke up with a stye for some reason?) send silly / spooky movie suggestions
*ignoring all your suggestions* The Princess Diaries it is
Netflix and chills
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Vaccines protect better against COVID than prior infection. Let this please end the "natural immunity" talk. #GetVaccinated…
Infection with Covid does give some protection. But getting vaccinated after will augment that protection and make it more durable.

For more read my prior thread on why it's important to get vaccinated whether or not you have had COVID.
It really doesn't matter whether vaccines protect 5 times more than prior Covid, to the same level, or even a lesser degree than prior infection. Vaccines are a far safer way to get immunity if you haven't had Covid. And if you already had Covid, vaccines augment that protection.
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🚨BREAKING: #Fluvoxamine—a cheap drug for #depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder—reduced the need for hospitalization among high-risk unvaccinated adults with #COVID19 in a large placebo-controlled randomized study.…
Among ~1,500 #COVID19 patients in #Brazil randomized for #fluvoxamine or placebo, #fluvoxamine reduced the need for hospitalization or prolonged medical observation by 1/3.

Encouraging results, but please still #GetVaccinated!

#coronavirus #SARSCoV2…
Researchers tested #fluvoxamine because it reduces inflammation, likely blunting the downstream effects of #coronavirus infection.

Several earlier, smaller studies showed promising results, but none was as large or persuasive as this randomized placebo-controlled trial.
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Wir sehen und hören Querdenker überall, sehen wie die Politiker sich zT sogar nach ihnen ausrichten, Maskenpflicht aufweichen etc
Was wir nicht sehen und hören in den Medien ist was medizinische Fachkräfte leisten und was es sie kostet, was sie für eine Rechnung zahlen für andere, die gleichgültig sind, die Impfungen u Schutz verweigern, die auf Solidarität spucken.
Wir sehen den Schmerz und das Entsetzen nicht, die Müdigkeit und Erschöpfung, die sich ausbreitet, wenn der Stress nicht nachläßt, der Kampf um ein Leben ein ums andere Mal tragisch endet.
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🧵I posted this yesterday after I heard the devastating news at 8am, I gasped feeling such sadness. Like so many, I didn't always agree with General Powell however I,like many,had the deepest respect for this man who was the first of so much,lived with such integrity & grace
RIP General Colin Powell, thank you for your service. I may not have agreed with many decisions, however I am thankful for your service to our country. My deepest condolences to his family. May your memory be a Blessing.
"Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US
secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19"
And before the nut jobs go on a rant about the vaccinations not working, let's remember something,although fully vaccinated, he was 84 with comorbidities, he battled& Multiple Myeloma & Parkinsons however
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RIP Colin Powell

More than 6 decades of service to the USA.

A Vietnam War veteran (2 tours).

Only gained full civil rights age 31.
When Colin Powell was dating his future wife Alma, he had to travel from NYC to Alabama, during the Jim Crow era. Almost everyone reading this has no idea what that was like for a black guy and girl.

84 years old, so can remember the end of WWII.

Worked for 5 US Presidents.
NB I haven't fact checked that - Powell worked for Nixon, then Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and, I assume, Obama. Whether it was 4, or 6 presidents, his experience at the top levels of the federal government was almost unmatched in our time.
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As NSW prepares for it’s grand re-opening tomorrow & VIC abt 2 wks behind, I wait cautiously with bated breadth. As I write this thread, the backup area for COVID pts in one of the places I work at has hit capacity. The docs are apprehensive at what the night will bring 🧵1/n
& tomorrow, we will execute the next stage in our surge plan. I want to talk to u abt #Moral_injury. As a HCW in this pandemic, I have been thru the highs & lows of everything my state has borne witness to thru the lens of my work. 2/n #Covid19Vic…
I have worried, angry, hopeful & now concerned. Everyone deserves to come out of lockdown & continue with their lives in the new COVID normal. We have sacrificed so much, Victorians more than any other for the gains we hope to reap in a few weeks. 3/n…
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A short thread about #vaccination & #pregnancy.

In early 2009 I got pregnant - then came H1N1 flu. Data soon made it clear that pregnant women were among the most at risk from severe complications if they got H1N1 flu
My ob didn't have the vaccine available.
Soon the public health department started vaccinating children & other at risk populations.
I called my obstetrician again. No doses.
I called every ob in a 100 mile radius. No doses. Finally an ob in a teaching hospital told me why.
All the ob's had ordered Thimerosal free H1N1 shots and those were delayed.
Because they knew pregnant people would ask for them.
Was there data showing the shots without Thimerosal were better or safer than those without? No.…
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Today my housekeeper asked for a day off next week to go & #GetVaccinated. I told her it takes 5 minutes & that I would drive her to the nearest health centre myself so that she could get the shot. She said yes please & so we headed to Chilenje Level 1 Hospital ImageImage
We got there around 14:30 & found zero people in the queue. They gave “us” three options: Astra-Zeneca, SinoPharm, or J&J. Naturally, she opted for the one-shot J&J.
I think we’re underselling the appeal of a single shot here.
I asked her why she was only now getting vaxxed and she said she was scared of taking it & dying. I asked why would you think the vaccine would kill you? She said because of all the people who were dying after getting the vaccine.😳I said, but they died because they had Covid
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