If you’re an advocate for Deterrence Theory raise your hand. ✋ DPRK’s nuclear capability war deterrent is what’s preventing the US from taking aggressive military action against North Korea. Paradoxically, then, DPRK practicing nuclear deterrence is keeping the ☮️ on the KP.
2/Why am I defending DPRK’s putting nuclear deterrence theory into action?
1) On principle
2) North Koreans whom I’ve seen are super cool and I like them, wish we were friends
3) I love the Moranbong Band and Wangjaesan Dance Troupe
4) I take David’s side in David vs Goliath
3/When I’m convinced there’s a way to living peacefully w/ a normalized nuclear North Korea, but Washington stubbornly stands in the way, it’s infuriating. If the world will be better off living w/ nuclear NK in ☮️ on the KP, then my own country, the USA, is part of the problem.
4/In the interest in finding solutions to our problems, there are times when your home team isn’t contributing to the solution. Then, while showing no disloyalty, you work w/ other countries who can effect a global solution that your own country might even be an impediment to.
5/We really have to transcend our limitations and overcome our irrational fears and paranoia, and reach out to trust one another more so that we’ll increase ❤️ & ☮️ in our human experience. We have to go higher.

• • •

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16 Sep
Kim Yo Jong "compared the North’s officially revealed weapons plans to those that Moon promoted, and accused him of double standards for defending his tests as “legitimate” while refusing to accept the same label for the North’s."
2/Kim Yo Jong "did not directly criticize the South’s SLBM test or other missile developments that South Korea conducted and revealed on Wednesday, but added that Moon’s attitude was a “great regret” and “worrying toward the development of North-South relations.”
3/"Kim Yo Jong took particular issue with the word “provocation..."
I also take issue at the double standard of US, South Korea, UK & Western allies calling DPRK's defense drills/tests ‘threats’ & ‘provocations’, but US-ROK exercises aren't 'provocations'.
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16 Sep
Truth is unpopular in the material world. Of course statement is true 👇. So is “North Korea should always have the right to defend itself.” So is “John Bolton advocated for a preemptive nuclear strike on DPRK in the name of self-defense”. DPRK has the right to nuclear deterrent.
2/It can be argued that the greatest hypocrisy of the modern era is how US, South Korea, UK & Western allies say: “We have the right to self-defend ourselves against North Korea’s ‘threats’/‘provocations’” and: “DPRK doesn’t have this right that we have”.
3/For as long as this hypocrisy continues, as well as the inability to adopt a new negotiating strategy that addresses DPRK security concerns persists, ☮️ on the Korean Peninsula will be elusive, and escalation & an arms race become more likely. If ROK & US “want it all”, i.e.
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15 Sep
Kim Yo-jong responds to Moon Jae-in's criticisms of North Korea's ballistic missile launches last week, saying Moon’s “illogical and brazen-faced” comments echoed the US stance.
North Korea calls president Moon ‘a parrot raised by America’ in new salvo scmp.com/news/asia/east…
2/Moon Jae-in "termed Seoul's growing missile capabilities as a “sure deterrence" against provocations from Pyongyang [when] commenting on Seoul's defence capabilities after Seoul's first successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile.”
3/Kim Yo Jong is reacting against the illogicality of Moon's statement that stems from mislabeling Pyongyang’s recent launching of a “tactical” cruise missile followed by two missiles/projectiles as “provocations”, a term which belies ignorance or willful unacceptable of the fact
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12 Sep
The Doha Agreement was built around 3 strategic objectives. Biden, who said his pull-out was an “extraordinary success”, negated all 3 objectives.
2/There's only one adequate response to this, one which Americans know well:
3/The 3 strategic objectives in the Doha Agreement:
I) The Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan provided for the Ghani government & the Taliban to form a coalition government that would NOT be called “the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (Taliban's "dream-come-true").
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12 Sep
Narrow is the way to Peace on the Korean Peninsula
Where’s the Roadmap to the Peace Treaty? Right now the US has none, which is unacceptable.

Since the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, US’s North Korea policy has been premised by this conditional:
2/If (North Korea has nukes) then (US won’t sign a Peace Treaty). The contra positive of this is:
If (US signs a Peace Treaty) then (North Korea doesn’t have nukes).
Up until DPRK’s 2013 April 1 Nuclear Law (passed a month after Kim Jong Un heard from Dennis Rodman that Obama had
3/refused to call him by phone to talk), FFVD was in the cards for DPRK. It hung by a thread since then up to KJU’s 2020 NYD Address, whence FFVD/CVID were permanently removed from the table in accordance w/ DPRK’s “new road” that has “absolute deterrence” as its theoretical
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11 Sep
What was Jesus Christ doing & where was He from the time He was 12 to 29?
Unknown years of Jesus
“The 18 unknown years:
Following the accounts of Jesus' young life, there is a gap of about 18 years in his story in the New Testament. Other than the
2/“statement that after he was 12 years old (Luke 2:42) Jesus "advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men" (Luke 2:52), the New Testament has no other details regarding the gap.

Claims of young Jesus in India and/or Tibet:
In 1887, Russian war correspondent
3/“Nicolas Notovitch claimed that while at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, he had learned of a document called the "Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men" – Isa being the Arabic name of Jesus in Islam. Notovitch's story, with a translated text of the "Life of Saint Issa",
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