i am gonna turn this one into its own thread:

you know how i've had like, seriously declining mental health lately?
it is incredibly difficult, personally, to put a lot of volunteer work, heart, and soul, into doing something for a project, and then to have others malign it
i can handle heat from random people. that's fine. people can disagree with things. that's also fine!

but some of the stuff being said and done has just... it's tremendously painful. i've cried a lot. some actual friendships destroyed at this point
i have *never* suggested that other teams are not doing the work. i have always tried to talk up others' accomplishments. i've always tried to do what's right for rust, as best i can.
but seriously, at this point, all of this stuff has *majorly* broken something inside of me.
i have not been talking about this publicly because frankly, the concerns i have with my rust team member hat on are independent of my personal sadness at this stuff.
and i have been concerned that me being vulnerable and public about this will cause some folks to say that my actual, level-headed concerns are just a ruse because im upset about personal friendships broken.

but that's not the case
at this point, the best thing i can do is to just be public and straightforward to you all with the best of my ability. i cannot share everything that has happened. that's just the reality of private situations.
nothing more painful than realizing some people you thought were your friends are not your friends

and some people you've been friends with for years decide you're not any more

• • •

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