Notes from Global-E's last earnings report:

1. Value prop is making cross-border e-comm easy
2. Shopify is ramping
3. Expect acquisitions
4. Merchant growth is good
5. Gross margins continue to scale
6. Retention is 98%

Quotes below...⬇️

"We use a proprietary built localized pricing engine to present prices in more than 100 currencies & support different pricing structures based on the shoppers’ location, local market conventions & the merchants pricing strategy"
2a/ On Shopify

"Now referring specifically to Shopify, we are seeing already an increase in the -- in our pipelines and the sign ups of especially on the SMB front, kind of the smaller size merchant...

...we do expect, as we guided before that we will see more movement on the pipeline with larger brands probably towards next year, in the beginning of next year as we complete the new integration that we mentioned in our comments...

...In terms of financial impact, as such, we do expect, as we guided before the main impact to kick in only next year towards the second half of the year."
3/ Acquisitions coming soon, especially with the recent capital raise

"I would say in terms of timing, you should hopefully, expect to see us do, I would say at least one or maybe two transactions this side of Christmas."
4/ New merchant growth last quarter carried over into GMV

"I would say a couple of reasons for that, the first one is that we had very successful launches of new merchants in Q1 that contributed significantly to our GMV growth in Q2."

"We believe that the gross margin expansion is structural and basically, we expect the same trend to continue into the future, not in every quarter, we will increase the gross profit that as much as we did this quarter, but we certainly expect the trend to continue..."

"Our GDR numbers are sub 2% historically here on an annual average, so we don’t actually lose business we have, we win, much more business coming in and we grow the business that we already have in and the combination of it allows us to grow very fast even at this scale..."

Global-E solves a very important problem that e-commerce merchants don't want to deal with. That shows up in the strong merchant growth and low churn.

And the Shopify partnership seems to be helping a bunch.

• • •

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14 Sep
Notes from Affirm's earnings call:

1. BNPL value prop
2. Very excited about the new debit card
3. New savings product
4. Decrease of Peloton concentration
5. Not as many multi-year 0% APR deals
6. No Amazon GMV embedded in guidance
1/ "Our core insight was that the generations coming of age after the financial crisis of 2008 were no longer willing to tolerate getting into permanent debt by putting it all in the card, or getting burned by late fees and deferred interest"
2a/ Affirm Debit Card

"The next frontier of unbundled payment is daily spent, groceries restaurants, incidental purchases. This is why we're so excited to be rolling out the very first card of its kind, the Affirm Debit+ card."
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31 Jul
Just a few interesting sections from Twilio's Q2 2021 earnings call:

1. On IoT

"As you imagine, you've got an IoT humidifier, or truck, or garbage dumpster, or trombone, you don't want to have to remanufacture that thing every time you get better connectivity technology...
...You want to be able to continually silently upgrade it in the background. That's what Super SIM enables companies to do because their connectivity is not something that is set into the device, and it's something that they can continually evolve in the cloud."
2. Reddit as a reference customer

"So Reddit wanted to add a voice talk feature into their communities. And so they used Twilio Live to do that. And so those are -- that was one of the reference customers at the time of launch."
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7 Jul
I've recently taken a small position in Doximity (DOCS), violating my rule of waiting until at least the first earnings report for a recent IPO.

Here's how I'm thinking about it and the risks involved. Would love some pushback!

1/ Doximity (a combo of doctor and proximity) started as a LinkedIn for doctors but has really evolved into more of a productivity suite for medical professionals.

Connecting with other physicians is important but the company also offers HIPAA compliant e-fax, voice dialer, etc
2/ Basically, Doximity does a lot of little things that help doctors save time and improve their lives.

The 1.8 million doctors using Doximity are the cornered resource. And the company monetizes that attention through advertising.
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29 Jun
1/ Some random things I've learned about the auto industry value chain recently...
2/ Car dealerships typically don't have the capital to outright buy all of their inventory so vehicle manufacturers will provide "floorplan facilities".

This is a type of loan that allows dealerships to hold inventory and pay back the loan as cars get sold.
3/ The higher the inventory turnover, the less the dealership has to pay in interest expense and depreciation.

So inventory turns are crucial.

Ok, that's for new cars.
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24 Jun
1/ "The map is not the territory" is a very interesting mental model.

The idea is that abstractions aren't the real thing.

Well, duh! But there are actually a lot of applications...
2/ An obvious one is that stocks are abstractions of businesses.

A stock is not a business.

Even the concept of a business is an abstraction.

No two businesses are the same. A business is just a collection of people doing things and making decisions for others (customers).
3/ The application is that when a stock price is extremely volatile (the abstraction), the underlying business is likely not nearly as volatile (the territory).

And we can take advantage of these dislocations (@ Mr. Market)
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23 Jun
1/ Investing is hard because it takes the perfect balance of conviction and humility.

For instance, a stock you know well has gone up a bunch.

Do you trim because the forward return is lower than alternatives or do you hold?
2/ On one hand, the decision seems easy. Lower forward return -> trim.

On the other hand, there are lots of considerations:

• Are you adjusting for taxes?
• Are your forward return assumptions are too low?
• What about when adjusting for your level of company knowledge?
3/ If you're rotating into a company you know fairly well instead of really well, what's the risk that your conviction gets shaken?

How much of a premium should you place on this? Should there be any premium at all?
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