Can you trust Erin O'Toole and the CPC to do the right things for Canadians? He promises the gun lobby to roll back gun restrictions to pre-1977 levels and then says he will maintain the Liberal restrictions to the general public. 1/
He says he is pro-choice, but allows his caucus to introduce and vote for anti-choice bills. And he has backing from pro-choice groups. 2/
He says he is progressive about LGBTQ issues, as if that should even be needed in 2021, but allows his caucus to vote against banning conversion therapy. 3/
Look at his leadership platform that he presented to the CPC, then look at what is is pretending, oops, presenting as his position on issues in the federal election. 4/
He says "trust" is the big issue here? How can you trust someone who says one thing to one group and says the complete opposite to another group? O'Toole is saying what he feels will be most advantageous to him. Who knows what he even believes? 5/
He seems like an empty vessel, ready to be filled with whatever ideology is most advantageous in the moment. How can you trust such a man?

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13 Sep
This will not come as a huge surprise to many Albertans. The UCP's slush fund... I mean War Room... I mean Canadian Energy Centre Ltd - that corporation set up by the UCP to suck $30 million dollars a year out of Alberta's economy... 1/5…
without allowing anyone to see where the money is going - has been paying for advertising, etc for the CPC this federal election, without being registered as a third party under Canada's Elections Act. 2/5
Also, there is the not insignificant ethical and moral sketchiness of Albertans' tax money going to pay for promoting a particular political party which not all Albertans support. 3/5
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13 Sep
There are >16,000 active cases of #COVID & close to 700 people in hospital with COVID in Alberta as of yesterday, 169 of whom are in ICUs. The UCP contract tracing is a joke. Kenney wouldn't let us use the federal app. AB Health got overwhelmed and quit tracing for awhile. 1/4
With the highest rates in the country, Alberta is not a model of anything except how NOT to govern during a pandemic. 2/4
Tracing... What tracing? Many school boards aren't even informing parents when there are active cases in their childrens' schools! 3/4
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10 Sep
We really need to start thinking of things like a place to live, personal security, food, healthcare, medication if needed, quality education, as human rights, not rewards for being some sort of model worker. 1/10
We have been trapped in the bizarre notion that people's value is entirely based on their ability to contribute to the wealth of a very few. Is that really a valid ideology? 2/10
Some vestigial morality, or maybe the fear of public outcry, is all that prevents some from calling for the elimination of the "unproductive". But maybe you can let a virus or opioid crisis take care of that, right Doug Ford and Jason Kenney? 3/10
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10 Sep
They see JWR as Trudeau's Achille's Heel. They tried very hard to make blackface stick and it didn't. This is the new shiny object. 2/20
Make no mistake, for the most part, people on the right do not care about women in politics. They would generally rather women didn't "worry their pretty little heads" about important stuff. 3/20
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10 Sep
Anyone catch the gong show with Shandro and Hinshaw this afternoon? Asked flat out whether AB would get a vaccine passport program like other provinces, Shandro refused to answer. Several times. "It's not simple" he said. #ABhealth #COVIDAB 1/16
He offered up a word salad about inputs and managing things. A vaccine passport program is so darn tough to figure out that BC, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec have put together some form of vaccine passport. 2/16…
Asked why the much-touted models have proved to be so wrong, Hinshaw said she's doing her best. Asked why Albertans should still trust her, she said she can't control other people's trust. 3/16
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1 Sep
Honestly, I am hitting the WTF barrier. Why should I be fighting to keep people who don't give a f^ck about anything but their bank accounts alive? They don't care enough about their kids or grandkids to adopt a sensible attitude towards vaccines. 1/7
They are A-OK with hatred based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation running rampant, yet start waving the flag of their rights at the drop of a hat. Your freedoms matter when other people's lives do not? 2/7
I think there is a word for people like that... Hmmm. Is it heartless? Yes, but that doesn't encompass all of it. Soulless? Getting closer. Uncaring, inhumane monsters? Warming up. 3/7
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