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For those who argue we're not talking about the vaccinated who get COVID, here goes:

I saw a frail elderly couple in my clinic, brought in by their son. They both had significant health problems, 'comorbidities' if you will. They and their son were fully vaccinated.
I am fully vaccinated, as is my clinic staff. This was a long appointment, we spent a lot of time in close proximity (masked, of course).

The next day, the son notified us that he had come down with COVID symptoms. His test came back positive.
His symptoms resolved the next day. His parents did not get COVID. I did not get COVID. The clinic staff did not get COVID.
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From the mouths of teachers at #UAlberta under #COVID19AB. Quote RT to add your own:
"I saw 14 people not masking yesterday on my way to a meeting. 14. I couldn't throw out my garbage because there were 3 unmasked students beside it."
"I went through Humanities Centre yesterday yelling "mask" but the unmasked can't hear me cuz they have earbuds in, doing their online classes in the hallway." Unmasked while doing so, obviously.
"We are so screwed. Abandoned .... There are no adults on duty."
ie) administrators @BFlanaganUofA and central admin all working from home and have no idea what's going on in classes and hallways.
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Do I know anyone, or does anyone know someone that has special knowledge of vaccine reactions? This is really important!! Please retweet! As this could help more than one person!! Thank you! #COVID19AB #COVIDAB #CovidVaccine #VaccineSideEffects #VaccinePassports #Vaccines
It could help get a few more people 2nd doses!!
Or more!! There's quite a few that reacted, not allergic, but inflammatory lasting awhile and they are scared and their doctors don't know what to do and @AHS_media is giving ZERO advice or help, even with adverse reaction reports.
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You can now download a vaccine card from @YourAlberta but what’s the point? The document is so easily forged it completely undermines the legitimacy of the vaccine passport system. #ableg #abpoli #COVIDAB #KenneyResign
In addition, for someone that was opposed to vaccine passports for privacy reasons, why does this @jkenney and @shandro solution include birth date and gender?
Finally, in a world rife with identity theft and fraud, why is the system for accessing this card hosted on a random domain name rather than the official Government of Alberta website? I have no doubt that knock-off websites will soon be phishing for Albertans’ sensitive data.
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The Restriction Exemption Program CMOH order (43-2021) is out and the drafting is impressively poor, which is saying something given the history of AB's order.…

#COVIDAB #abpoli #AbLeg
First, it seems to ban businesses from going beyond it: "3.1, A discretionary business, entity or event which chooses to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program must do so in accordance with this Order."

So you have to accept negative tests to be part of the program.
If you'd prefer to limit entry to your business to those who are vaccinated or have a valid exemption, then it appears you'll need to follow all the new exemptions.

I'm sure all the businesses that have announced vaccine mandates will be thrilled to hear that.
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The 3-day finale of #yyccc 2017-2021 was lit!!! It’s hard to believe the writers were able to get so many great things resolved. Also, so many cool things have been set up for the next show: 2021-2025 (which will start filming on Oct 18). Here’s my recap of the highlights: 1/24
The finale opened w emotion: 1) #yyc-based members of the #TokyoOlympics/#TokyoParalympics #teamcanada were honored. 2) tributes to the retiring members of #yyccc, @DruhFarrell @EWoolleyWard8 @ChahalGeorge @Ward4Ward1 @CouncillorKeats & @nenshi, induced tears & good vibes. 2/24
After almost exactly 4yrs of work initiated by my learning about #BenefitDrivenProcurement @FCSSAAoffice’s AGM right after the 2017 #yycvote, getting an NoM passed by #yyccc, & development shepherded by @momentumcalgary’s @HareCourtney, we’ve approved a great policy!!! 3/24
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Letter to my MLA, Josephine Pon (also Minister of Seniors & Housing), abbrev. version:

In Alberta, rodeos (not a sport, by the way) and churches are specifically exempted from any restrictions intended to slow/prevent the spread of COVID-19.

#ableg #abpoli #COVIDAB

In Alberta, we had the Best Summer Ever at the Calgary Stampede because… pancakes (and donors).

In Alberta, over 100 people have died from COVID since the Stampede, which begs the question: was your pancake breakfast worth it?

In Alberta, the pandemic was basically over because… BEST SUMMER EVER!

In Alberta, COVID only spreads in bars & restaurants after dark. Therefore, last call is at 10pm.

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Hey AB, we need to talk about rationing care. Right now it's scheduled surgeries and procedures. It will soon be emergent & critical care. Judging by my shifts this weekend, we are in for some shocking #COVIDAB numbers today. 1/
In the spring, @AHS_media released a doc that included "Public awareness of the triage protocol is an important part of pandemic readiness. AHS in collaboration with Alberta Health (AH) will develop and release public notification." Anyone seen anything? 2/
Triage decisions CANNOT be downloaded to the front line workers in the moment. I have faith in my colleagues and consultants - but we need to be supported by the system. The public needs to know what to expect. 3/
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Met some thoughtful, beautiful souls this week in clinic. All pregnant. Sadly only a few vaccinated. In our discussions, a lot of misinformation was dispelled. Thought I’d share some of it here. #COVID19AB
1. People have a false sense of security that because they didn’t get COVID during waves 1-3 that they can just hunker down at home and wait for wave 4 to pass. Wrong: Delta will find you. Many hospitalized patients were hunkered down and have NO idea where they got it.
Next, patients are confused. They’ve told me that they don’t know what to believe. The government of #AB #AbLeg has told them to worry, to not worry, we’re closed, we’re open…basically, communication and messaging has been a debacle. An utter and complete DISASTER.
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Anyone catch the gong show with Shandro and Hinshaw this afternoon? Asked flat out whether AB would get a vaccine passport program like other provinces, Shandro refused to answer. Several times. "It's not simple" he said. #ABhealth #COVIDAB 1/16
He offered up a word salad about inputs and managing things. A vaccine passport program is so darn tough to figure out that BC, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec have put together some form of vaccine passport. 2/16…
Asked why the much-touted models have proved to be so wrong, Hinshaw said she's doing her best. Asked why Albertans should still trust her, she said she can't control other people's trust. 3/16
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Chris Scott from the Whistle Stop Cafe spoke at this packed unmasked “Alberta Unity Project” event in Grande Prairie this weekend where they discussed Alberta becoming its own country. It was live-streamed on the cafe’s FB page. #covidab #gp
They had a bus to the event. Because why not share confined spaces for hours during the explosion of new cases of “the flu.”
Dennis Modry makes it clear the Alberta Unity Project is about a pipe dream: Alberta becoming its own country.
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Hey Twitter of #Alberta. Doctors just finished a town hall with Dr.Hinshaw about the new policy changes. I tried my best to take notes on as much as I could. So here's what I have.

*Pls note: I am NOT endorsing anything, this is what was said from Dr.Hinshaw ONLY*

She recognizes that communication last week was not sufficient or complete and they are going to try to send us more info. They are working on a document with cited evidence to explain their decisions that is coming end of this week or next. 2/x
Her bottom line that was said many times: We need to learn to live with COVID, we can not eradicate it and that is the basis of these decisions/policy changes. 3/x
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Despite my many concerns, I’m listening to @CMOH_Alberta on @CBCHomestretch and honestly appreciate her description of a surveillance plan and willingness to corrective actions if needed.

To be determined I suppose this grand experiment

To clarify. @CMOH_Alberta outlined “a” surveillance plan which is far better than the “zero” plan I understood from yesterday’s announcement. That said:

1. I am still incredibly concerned for the 660k unprotected children in #AB including mine

2. Not isolating + cases = lunacy
3. We will get to a “post-pandemic” world, but our current Vax rates are nowhere near enough. ~1.6M unvaxed now

4. #DeltaVariant is a different beast. New data shows increased breakthrough infections despite vax

5. Wastewater surveillance helps but has no accuracy
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“I actually left a message at the premier’s office. I got our MLA [@DevinDVote] and they just said Alberta Health Services had to deal with it and amazingly enough it went ahead. I just don’t understand,”

—Bowden Mayor, Robb Stuart

#ableg #FiretheUCP…
“There are no excuses, and if you’re flouting the law you should be held accountable.”

—Bowden Mayor, Robb Stuart, on the rodeo held outside his town this past weekend.

#FiretheUCP #ableg

“AHS says it is exploring its legal options after hundreds attended a #rodeo near Bowden, about 30km south of #RedDeer, to protest #COVID19 restrictions. It took place on private land after the town's agricultural society revoked its permit.” #ableg…
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Just got the call. Fml.
My small child a close contact. 14 days.
BTW @AdrianaLaGrange when a teacher's child is a close contact it is two classrooms down.

99.6% just fine is a complete and utter embarrassing lie.
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Nobody likes lockdowns but you can't say they don't work. In Alberta we lived through the proof of it. The failure lies in what sectors we choose to reopen & when & in not adopting a #ZeroCovid strategy like some much smarter places have adopted, saving lives & economies. THREAD Image
If it feels like our leaders don't know what they're doing it's because they don't but you can't blame that on lockdowns. There's no avoiding lockdowns when our hospitalization numbers rapidly approach a rate our hospitals can't manage. Other jurisdictions aren't failing. /2 Image
I tried to share this article with a "Conservative" friend who assured me we had to do things the way we did or our economy would fail. When I told him that just wasn't factually accurate he refused to read it & the chat ended in acrimony. Okay then. /3…
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.@jkenney is still hiding from the public and dodging questions about the resignations and demotions of many of his closest UCP colleagues. This act of political cowardice wasn't the first time he's gone missing.

A few examples:

THREAD 1/ 6 #Ableg…
At the end of 2019, the UCP fired the election commissioner who was investigating the UCP's own leadership election. One of the most brazen acts I've seen in my time in politics.

Where was @jkenney? Hiding in Texas. Silent, cowardly. #ableg 2/6…
As the second wave of #COVIDAB hit, @jkenney went missing for 10 days. Silence. No leadership. During that time, 73 Albertans died.

#WhereIsKenney trended for days. #ableg 3/6…
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While the #UCP were on vacation, we #HealthcareWorkers were getting crushed in hospitals short-staffed, exhausted and frustrated b/c of staff exposures & infections.

NOT seeing family, parents, friends or enjoying our “traditions”

WITHOUT our #vaccines!!
I had to return to hospital today, because in my delirium yesterday I forgot to sign 2 more death certificates

Fams can’t visit pts., no time to call every fam, palliating pts. alone, through a tablet or limited to only 3 ppl. Traumatizing 4 all

But I’m glad they got their rest
On behalf of all of #COVIDAB physicians, nurses, RTs, OTs, PTs, porters, lab/DI/pathology, unit clerks, cafeteria staff, cleaners, and paramedics and their families

@Albertadoctors @AB_MD_WarRoom @JillianRatti
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“I’m almost done w this garbage...we take all the risk and get zero help...good luck running this hospital w/o us...”

An emerg colleague last night re: our lack of vaccinations

#COVID19 #COVIDAB #AbLeg #abpoli

At the end of 96h in 8d on service and have been all over ED and multiple COVID units. Anger/frustration increasing daily from all MDs, nurses, staff in here at lack of vaccinations while watching others w no #COVID19 exposure/risk getting theirs.

We spent months in the Spring working w many Dept. of Med colleagues working on an #MD workforce expansion plan specifically b/c there are not enough #hospitalists and #internists to handle pt. volumes.

Each day of delay further demoralizes an already exhausted workforce.
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🚨🎄#Christmas #Help🎄🚨

We only have 2 #families left 2 be sponsored for this #HolidaySeason

If you want to help a #family be #sponsored, please call the HHCC team at 403-608-7224 for more info!

Family information for each family is below!

#PleaseDonate #AlbertaCares #YYC
Family 1:

#FrontlineWorkers #Mom is on the #Frontline at a local #Hospital.

#Dad is a maintenance worker that worked for #WestJet, he was laid off. (He’s been #LaidOff since May of #2020.

This #Family has 4 #Children & #Pets.

They are looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas
Family 2:

#Dad is a #FRONTLINE #Worker.

#Mom was a #Waitress until she was laid off in #April of #2020. The #restaurant #ClosedDown

There are 5 children ages 7 months to 8 years.

They too are #Looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas this #HolidaySeason.

#CalgaryCares #YYC
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Who’s bankrolling the yahoos organizing this #spreadneck parade? Who’s paying to print their protest signs?

#ableg #ycc #MaskUp
.@robbpettit noticed someone walking past the camera at about 0:10 who appears to be John Carpay.

Maybe Carpay knows who’s helping to finance this operation?

#ableg #covidiots #spreadnecks ImageImageImage
If Carpay’s “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms” (JCCF) is in fact helping to fund this #spreadneck parade, then it makes sense to look at who funds them....

#ableg #COVIDAB…
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When a patient decides not to vaccinate, I don’t give up and say “you’re on your own, treat yourself.”

When a patient decides not to treat awful diabetes, I don’t say “fine, you can deal with the consequences yourself.”
...Instead, I say to my vaccine hesitant patients:

“I will be here for you every step of the way, readdressing how to help you make the decision to vaccinate, and if you come in with a fever & rash, I’ll come in and treat you for whatever it is.”...
... and for my patients who don’t want to treat diabetes, I work on what they do want to do (lifestyle is huge!), & i reassure them as their family doctor that I will continue to check their kidneys, their eyes, their feet, their heart, and prevent and treat what I - we - can....
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My beautiful brother has Down Syndrome. I've been taking care of him since our father was hospitalized with heart failure. He has #COVIDー19 and today he struggled to breathe. I brought him to the hospital and he was taken in without me. I've never been more worried. 💔 #COVIDAB
Got an update from the hospital. They said they might need to put him on a ventilator. I'm breaking down. I'm not even allowed to be with him.
We always wore masks. We always washed our hands. We did our best to limit our exposure and ordered in just about everything. I love him more than anything in the world. Please, anyone, send my beautiful brother positive vibes. He needs it.
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BREAKING: How many times have we heard the UCP accuse its critics of not respecting or listening to Hinshaw? As it turns out, it’s the UCP itself who hasn’t been respecting or listening to her. Bombshell report on secret recordings. #COVIDAB #AbLeg #abpoli…
In early June, against Hinshaw’s advice, the government shifted away from orders to “education.” 'We need to be leading Albertans where they want to go, not forcing them where they don't want to go,’ was the way Hinshaw characterized the UCP’s position.
While other provinces were cracking down on businesses and individuals who violated COVID guidance, the UCP refused to support consequences for offenders. “They don’t want us to enforce anything.”
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