1. MANUSHI Vindicated yet again.
On Sep 13,2021, I had published an article addressed to the Home Minister:
"Dangerous to Outsource Police Reforms to Foreign Funded NGOs".
In this I focused on two major NGOs: Indian Police Foundation & well-heeled #CHRI
2. Thankfully, MHA has suspended FCRA approval of #CHRI which is also linked to Urban Naxal news portal,The Wire.
Read, opindia.com/2021/09/mha-su…
Apart from getting crores from dubious foreign agencies, #CHRI is a sepoy of The Open Society set up by notorious tycoon,George Soros
3. Let's pray, the suspension is just the beginning. The activities of CHRI deserve to be investigated and due action taken. The leading light of CHRI is Maja Daruwala, daughter of the highly venerated former army chief cum Field Marshal, Sam Manekshaw!
4. Foreign agencies have for decades been enrolling as their sepoys the wives, sons, and daughters of the army & naval chiefs, senior IAS, IPS officers, and even blood relatives of judges and ministers.

This is a cause for deep concern @HMOIndia @AmitShah

• • •

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5 Sep
1. जब से हमने #गुरुपरम्परा त्याग,teachers से सीखना शुरू किया, तभी से हमारे देश की आध्यात्मिक,scientific, सांस्कृतिक,राजनैतिक,आर्थिक,सामाजिक और धार्मिक दुर्गति शुरू हो गयी।
पूरी ज़िंदगी किसी teacher ने ज्ञान प्रदान नहीं किया हालाँकि मैं elite स्कूल्ज़,कॉलेज,universitiesमें पढ़ी
2. सरकारी curriculum ने जो भी मस्तिष्क में कचरा भरा उसको ख़ुद ही निकाल फेंकना पड़ा।
और किताबी ज्ञान की बजाय common sense, folk memory और जीवन ज्ञान का सहारा लिया क्यूँकि सरकारी मान्यता प्राप्त किताबी ज्ञान तो ज़हरीला निकला।
Teachers का भी दोष नहीं। वे भी system के victims हैं
3. #TeachersDay की मुबारक अखरती है क्यूँकि हमारे देश के teachers या तो unemployable lumpen फ़ौज तैय्यार कर रहे हैं या elite institutions में #DeracinatedMacualyPutras_Putris

बिन गुरु ज्ञान कितना कठिन होता है और कितना संघर्षमयी, इसका जीता जागता उद्धारण मेरा स्वयं का जीवन है।
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16 Aug
1. Exchange with doctor during viral fever:
Dr: For fever take paracetamol.
Me: But paracetamol is banned in US etc
Dr. Do u live in the US?
Me: No, I live in Delhi
Dr. Then why worry? It's banned for America coz they've gastritis problem.
Me: But I too have acidity problems
2.And these acdity problems were caused by allopathic medicines.
Dr then names another fever reducer.
Me: But u just told me viral runs its course in 5-6 days. And I've heard leading heart surgeon Dr BM Hegde warn against pain killers & fever downers
Dr. Then do as you will
3. Moral of the story:
Most doctors feel compelled to prescribe.medicines even though they know the medicine will.only do harm, no good.
Never take any medicine without checking on its adverse reactions.
Millions of people world over die from adverse drug reactions.
Be vigilant
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30 May
1. Why no protest from 3 lakh members of #IMA against #DrJayalal who regards the Indian Medical Association as springboard for him to share “love of Jesus Christ”& be “living witness to God & encourage young medical students & doctors to receive Jesus as their personal saviour”
2."Christian compassion, Christian doctors & churches relieved world from lethal maladies such as leprosy, cholera & other pandemics in the past. "

Will #IMA members remind them of epidemics used by missionaries to wipe out native populations in N America,New Zealand,Australia
3. How did 3 lakh #IMA members accept evangelical speech from Jayalal after he was elected president & his brazen proslytization activities using IMA?

“…I firmly believe what I'm today is Gift of my almighty God Jesus Christ & what I become tomorrow will be my gift to God."
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11 May
1. Too many naive #Libtards have started projecting #JihadiMamta as best one for PM candidate to trounce @narendramodi in 2024
This amounts to ballooning in cloud cuckoo land.
She is too parochial. Her appeal can't go beyond lumpenized youth & Macaulay Putras &Putris of Bengal.
2. After watching several of his interviews, my gut feeling is:One who can give tough challange to @narendramodi in 2024 &may even bring him down is @PrashantKishor
My reasons:
1. He is very earthy &yet very sophisticated.
2. Is outperforming Modi in tuning to pulse of people
3. Many CMs are already obliged to @PrashantKishor. Will gladly accept his candidature;
4. He doesn't use bluster nor loud boasts. Believes in meticulous planning unlike Modi. Is clear sighted
4. Unlike Modi &Shah he never underestimates his adversary nor over estimate himself.
Read 8 tweets
10 May
1. Knowledgeable people describe the secret of #MamtaDidi's winning formula in #BengalElections
"Club Culture of Bengal"

There is a club in almost every village & urban locality in Bengal whereby a group of 20-25 unemployed youth is formed; Each one gets 3000 ₹ month from TMC.
2.Most of these clubs act as gambling dens. They also have indoor games like carrom, ludo, playing cards etc.
These games are used for attracting the youth of the area.

Lotteries also sold thru these clubs.
Every year ₹ 50000 given to every club in the name of "cultural work"
3. On behalf of TMC government, these 25 boys keep an eye on 200-300 houses;
Each boy monitors at least 12 homes.
Each youngster gets party flag & keeps hawk like watch to ensure that others in team not bought over by rivals.

Swift punishment if anyone found shifting loyalty
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1 May
1. Whoever wins or loses #BengalElections2021, consequences likely 2b cataclysmic

If #JihadiMamta loses, Izlamists, Commies,X'tians with full backing of Deep State &hostile foreign powers may create mayhem,riots & blame @narendramodi for #Genocide

#GenocideScript already honed
2. If #JihadiMamta wins #BengalElections2021, Bengal will be another #Papistan in 10 years
She will facilitate further Islamization in the name of #Sickularism & defeating "Hindu Fascism".
Kolkatta Bhadralok too Dhimmified to offer resistance.
Will quietly follow Paki Agenda
3. Most worrisome of all, if #JihadiMamta loses, her handlers may get more ferocious & desperate.
@narendramodi @AmitShah @myogiadityanath are already on their hit list.

They will need Divine Protection to survive their fury.
Forces that drove #DonaldTrump out are after Modi
Read 4 tweets

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